Dr MediocreMan
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???-???? worn by a man

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
???-???? is kept in a airtight and waterproof case which is locked with 2 electronic seals.The case is held in a storage room in Site-██. ???-???? is fed an amount of hair from D-class personnel every week to keep it sustained

???-???? is a standard fedora which when placed on a head will start to consume the hair on the head. If let to stay on the head for a long period of time the head will be rid of hair and the fedora will start to consume the skin and blood of the person.

???-???? was found by local police of ████ County, NY, USA when many people in the county reported many people missing hair and eventually tracked it down to the fedora in a headwear shop. A Foundation operative nearby retrieved the hat from the station and all officers and civilians who were involved in the incident wer given Class-B amnestics.

Addendum ????-1
Date: 2015/15/8
Case at Site-██ starts shaking vigorously when opened ???-???? jumped out and started eating the researcher's hair. Later analysis found that the hat had not been fed the researcher tasked with getting a Class-D person to feed it was fired and the earlier researcher was left Bald. Now a note is left on the new researchers desk to tell them to feed it.

Addendum ????-2
A Clearance level 2 Junior Researcher tried ???-???? on thinking it was a standard fedora and started prancing around the offices saying 'Hi I'm Mr Fedora how you doing'. The researcher was then fired, debriefed and delivered Class-A amnestics.