Dr Mem
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Item #: SCP-7125-J
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7125-J is too widespread
and too contagious to possibly contain, although some subjects carrying
SCP-7125-J are contained and are interviewed, euthanized, and possibly


Description: SCP-7125-J is an EXTREMELY common disease that
affects one in three gamers. SCP-7125-J is gotten from playing video
games too much and forgetting about your actual life. Symptoms include:

- Rapid growth of hair around neck and under the chin
- Development of acne/pimples
- Poor self-hygiene (brushing teeth, showering, etc…)
- Changed diet (commonly of only cookies, pizza, and other fatty foods)
- 'Gamer Paralysis' or when you completely ignore everything around you and just focus on whatever you are playing.
- Increased weight, causing double, triple, and quadruple chins.

Subjects infected with this disease are extremely hostile when they
are forced off the gaming system they are using. In most cases, they
will scream or insult whoever turned off the system and rarely they will
get off their lazy ass and do some exercise, geez. off what they are
sitting on and assault who turned off the gaming system. Subjects infected
with SCP-7125-J also appear to sometimes suffer massive depression
when they've gone multiple hours/days without gaming.

Addendum: If you game only a little bit at a time, you won't catch this disease.

Interviewed: Subject D-████ (infected with SCP-7125-J)

Interviewer: Dr. L███

Foreword: D-████ is attempted to be spoken to in attempt to cure his disease.

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Dr. L███: So, have you realized you have an extremely lethal disease?

Dr. L███: Please answer the question.
D-████: [Begins to cry like a little pussy] I just want to play… my video games…
Dr. L███: I understand, but you have a disease and it's because you play games too
Dr. L███: You also need to shave that ████ off your neck, daaaamn…
D-████: [Still crying like a █████] I never realized how I turned out… I just couldn't
stop like I was under some kind of… trance…
Dr. L███: It's a deadly disease, it effects a lot of people. You're one of the only people
to actually be cured. Well, almost cured…
D-████: [STILL CRYING GAWD DAMN] I'll never play video games again…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [D-███ was found in SCP-173's containment cell playing video games with SCP-173. He was later euthanized. Harshly.]

I think you focused too much on just insulting the gamers instead of actually explaining the SCP. - Dr. T████