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SCP-XXXX at the time of recovery.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be placed in locker #1205 in Site-██'s East Wing locker containment area. A surveillance camera monitors any activities inside SCP-XXXX's locker. In order to prevent SCP-XXXX from triggering its anomaly, two steel brackets are to fasten the object in place. In order to schedule any and all testing concerning SCP-XXXX, authorization from at least one Level 3 Personnel is required. Foundation Hazard Suits are to be supplied to personnel who are working with SCP-XXXX during said tests, in order to avoid direct contact with the object. Researchers executing experiments regarding SCP-XXXX are allowed to request for ██████'s assistance as research subject. (See addendum-03)

Description: At rest, SCP-XXXX appears to be a six sided die with numbers one to six engraved on each side. SCP-XXXX is made out of silver fragments, granite, rusted metal, rhodium and pyrite crystals. SCP-XXXX is also identified to have twelve (12) different blood samples, in which one is from ██████, filling up its core. When activated, SCP-XXXX's numbers appears to change when the dice is rolled by subjects. Up to date, the highest number recorded is the number twelve. When SCP-XXXX settles on a flat surface after being rolled, the subject who had induced last physical contact will be teleported to the designated location depending on the occupation’s nationality. (See Experiment Data Index: SCP-XXXX)

During transfer, tracking devices and attached cameras in possession of the subject will be discarded giving no possible way to track the subject through GPS. Subject will be terminated after one week after being under SCP-XXXX's effects with no memory of past life, the only subject that has opposed the death hypothesis is ██████ ████. The only acceptable explanation for this phenomenon is due to the blood placed in SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX was found in ███████, New York in ██/██/██ in ██████ Storage Company #147 when a personnel of the company reported ██████ ████, owner of locker storage #147, suddenly 'disappeared out of thin air' after dropping SCP-XXXX. MTF went to the location for retrieval operation. Agent Tim mishandled and activated SCP-XXXX, said Agent had not reappeared after a whole month and is now classified deceased.

██████ reappeared 3 meters away from SCP-XXXX exactly one (1) week after disappearance, thoroughly confused at the situation, and was send to interview.

Interview Log 01: SCP-XXXX
Dr. ████: ██████, exactly where ha-
██████: ██████? Who is ██████?
Dr. ████: ██████, this is not the time to fool around.
██████: What are you talking about? Where am I? This isn't the hospital. (appears uncomfortable)
Dr. ████: ██████, are you not a college professor in ███████ University?
██████: I'm not a professor, I'm a student, a high school student.
Dr. ████: You must take this interview seriously or else you will be reprimanded with detention and-
(At this time, ██████ fell off the chair unconscious)
Dr. ████: Someone call the medic!
(Level 3 Medical Team arrives and takes ██████ to infirmary)

After recovery from Interview Log 01: SCP-XXXX, ██████ now acts normally and has no recorded memory about past interview. A follow up interrogation commenced:

Interview Log 02: SCP-XXXX
Dr. ████: ██████, do you remember who you are?
██████: Yes, of course, sir.
Dr. ████: First, what were the things you said at our last interview? Please, explain.
██████: Last interview? We had an interview before this interview?
Dr. ████: Yes.
██████: I don't remember anything else after my recovery.
Dr. ████: You have no knowledge about being a high school student?
██████: High school student? I'm 33, why would I- (pauses for 5 seconds) college student… The dice! Where's the dice?!
Dr. ████: Calm down, ██████. It is safely stored at Site-██'s locker containment area.
██████: No one touched it, right? No one disappeared while I'm gone, right?
Dr. ████: Unfortunately, we lost contact of Agent Tim at the retrieval operation when you were identified missing, the dice has its faults.
██████: Oh no…Oh no…Don't tell me-
Dr. ████: ██████, what is the problem?

When asked about the origin of the creation of SCP-XXXX, ██████'s reply was, "It was supposed to be a sample project for my students, it wasn't supposed to act like that, and about the extra components? I'm pretty sure that wasn't my doing."

Experiment Data Index: SCP-XXXX
Dice numbers are arranged on the sequence of selection pattern in the experiments.

Dice Number Occupation Cause of Death # of Times Acquired
#7 Canadian High school Student Car accident 10
#2 Italian Mafia Member Tortured to death 3
#3 English Cult Member Sacrificed by cult 2
#8 American Gambler Assassinated 6
#10 Spanish Teacher Suicide 1
#6 German Double Agent Death sentence 9
#5 French Motivational Speaker Alcohol poisoning 4
#4 Austrian Composer Cancer 8
#9 Japanese Singer Suicide 7
#1 Chinese Citizen Old age 5
#11 Russian [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] 4

Although dice roll #12 has appeared numerous times, there has been no experiments that reports of acquiring this number. No theories has been proven due to lack of research mechanism and such. -Dr. █████

After ██████ reappearance when the one week period passed, ██████'s memories still contains what has occurred under SCP-XXXX's effect. ██████ unceasingly reappear a few meters away from SCP-XXXX in a comatose state before regaining consciousness.

Reminding subject of past life memories will appear ineffectual and will instead generate false memories in return. The cause of death cannot be avoided or altered by any terms. Also, subjects physical properties, identification and language modifies according to the occupation acquired in the dice number.

Addendum-03: Experiment Abortion
As of ██/██/██, experiments involving SCP-XXXX with assistance of ██████ is now prohibited. After the aftermath of Experiment-062-XXXX, ██████ has displayed continuous revoke of involvement with SCP-XXXX and severe psychological trauma, and such, had committed suicide. Discontinue of experimentation declared and can only be resumed until further notice. -Dr. ████

Subject: ██████
Dice Number: 11
Date of Experiment: 09/15/14
Experiment log in: 16:44
Foreword: Experiment focusing in acquiring dice number 12 of SCP-XXXX. Experiment initiated by Dr. ██████ and Research Assistant ██████.
Experiment execution:
<16:44> ██████ rolled SCP-XXXX, acquiring dice number 11 for the fourth time; ██████ disappeared to Russia.
<17:01> Russian Branch of the SCP Foundation informed of experiment; Search and Rescue Operation followed.
<09/16/14> <11:12> Mobile Task Force found no trace of ██████ in Moscow; Search Operation still functioning.
<09/17/14> <18:34> Mobile Task Force reported no progress in search of ██████'s location; Mission disabled.
<09/22/14> <16:44> ██████ reappeared five (5) meters away from SCP-XXXX's containment area; Staff recovered ██████ and was brought to her quarters.
<17:44> Estimated time of awakening; ██████ remains in comatose state, medical procedures ensued.
<10/22/14> <16:44> After one month, ██████ recovered from comatose state, psychological hysteria evident.
<17:00> ██████ partially calmed by personnel;
<23:15> ██████ came to emotional breakdown, murmuring unidentified.
<10/23/14> <01:32> ██████ was sedated after assault towards Dr. ██████.
<10/24/14> <13:31> ██████ disallowed contact with SCP-XXXX; Committed suicide after an hour by asphyxiation.
<██/██/██> Refer to Addendum-03: Experiment Abortion.