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Picture send to the Foundation depicting top part of SCP-TRUE

Item #: SCP-TRUE

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-TRUE is currently standing in staff room on Site-03 for common use. Since incident SCP-TRUE-A, when the ████-mutilated bodies a group of researchers were found in site-03 staff room, immediately followed by incident-B, SCP-TRUE must be kept in a locked container in safe storage. Key to said container is to be kept with Dr. Moeller at all times. Other low-risk, non-sapient objects may be safely stored with SCP-TRUE.

When item is not in use it is to be covered with any opaque material to ensure personnel safety. Storage is to be guarded by two (2) armed Security Personnel (SP) at all times. Aggressive force is authorized if necessary to deter unauthorized people from entering storage area. Sapient beings, "subjects" are not to come in contact with SCP-TRUE except during testing conditions with a minimum of two (1) clearance L3 researchers and two (2) SP armed with non-lethal weapons. All handling staff must wear standard anti-cognitohazard eyewear. When transport is required, covering material is to be fastened tightly to prevent visual contact with SCP-TRUE-1B.

Description: SCP-TRUE is by itself an empty, unlocked, free standing cabinet with a mirror door. In spite of a keyhole in the right side mirror door there is no lock mechanism. Sepia tint discoloration on the mirror glass, jags and dark circular spots in the frame and scratches around the keyhole and the corners may indicate testing prior to Foundation retrieval. A key (designated SCP-TRUE-1A) is hanging on the side of the cabinet on a brightly colored yarn string (designated SCP-TRUE-1B).

Initial testing showed regular material compositions with no abnormal properties. Examination by an antique items expert revealed that while the cabinet itself is a fairly modern piece of furniture, the mirror glass with its unusual tint could not be satisfactory assessed. One significant finding were pointed out; the mirror was formerly part of one or several other frames prior to current cabinet.

SCP-TRUE-1 came into Foundation custody at a later time and is comprised of two parts. SCP-TRUE-1A is a key made of iron, is simple in design and show signs of wear and tear. SCP-TRUE-1B is made from wool, is brightly orange and seem to function as a visual “lure”; the workings of this is not yet fully understood. Attempts to remove SCP-TRUE-1B from SCP-TRUE-1A have been fruitless (see Test Log). Fibers may be taken and has revealed to contain minute concentrations of a pheromone primarily found in urine of the female Ovis aeris (Scottish Dunface sheep; extinct since 1800's). String does not appear to lose any mass from loss of fibers and carbon dating have repeatedly come back inconclusive.

Anomalous effect: When potential subjects stand in close proximity to SCP-TRUE they will feel a compulsion to look at SCP-TRUE-1B and if possible, grab SCP-TRUE-1A and use in the keyhole. Though no sounds of a lock unlocking is heard, when the mirror door is opened, the cabinet seems to contain a different variety of accessories depending on subject opening it. When subject tries on one or several pieces of the contents and looks in the mirror, the anomalous effect is provoked.

Subject will look at their reflection as would a normal person. After a few moments the reflection starts to distort and subject will see a reflection that is not of their current physical shape but of someone else; this causes different emotional, physical and/or psychological effects in the subjects, instantaneously or progressively over time.
One fixed occurrence is the inability to step away from the anomalous reflection willingly. Experiments have proved that only the current subject can see this alternative reflection or the contents in the cabinet; (see Experiment Log) to all others, the reflection is that of the person in front of the mirror. In 100% 91% of testing done, all subjects must be forcefully removed from the mirror in order to break visual contact.

Note from Dr. Moeller:

Due to rumors floating around regarding the nature of SCP-TRUE, I will only say this; it is not a jewelry box, not a fashion store and most definitely not an object to use for checking make-up or flex your muscles - there are regular mirrors for that. I request that SCP-TRUE immediately be reclassified as Euclid due to incidents-A and -B and moved to a safe storage at Site-19. Lingering effects must be studied further.

Requests approved by Site-19 director.

Acquisition: SCP-TRUE first came to the attention of the Foundation due to a string of unusually high admittances to local mental institutions in the tri-state area of █████████, ██████ and █████ during the 19██’s, culminating in crude, unusual and █████ ████████ in 80% of those cases. A Foundation agent investigated the occurrences and traced them to the renowned █████████ Theater in ███████, WA. Item recovered without incidents. It was noted that the key was missing as well as the theaters history of interior remodeling.

Approximately a year post-acquisition an unmarked package arrived at one of the Foundation facilities with a key in it, a partial picture of SCP-TRUE and a short message:

the key to personal transformation

Running the given information through Foundation channels discovered that the key most likely belonged to an object acquired a year prior and was eventually forwarded to site-03, provoking incident-A.

When the Foundation agent brought SCP-TRUE to site-03, no apparent effects or anomalies were detected. Item was classified as Safe in spite of it being connected to several odd suicides and Dr. Moellers objections, until 2███-██-██ when SCP-TRUE-1 was brought to staff room on site-03 and used in SCP-TRUE’s keyhole during a ████████████ █████ (Incident-A).

Site-19 director