item number: SCP-3135

object class: safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3135 is to be kept in a solid steel box exactly 20 cubed inches big with a sliding panel. SCP-3135 through the box containing SCP-3135 is to be kept on a table in a 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 containment cell.

Description: SCP-3135 is a standard 12 inch by 6-inch piece of paper with a stick figure smile drawn on it with pencil and a second unknown substance on it.
It is unknown whether this substance is the cause of SCP-3135's anomalous properties research is ongoing. Upon viewing SCP-3135 for a minute the subject will begin to smile uncontrollably regardless of their mental state.

After 5 minutes of continued viewing of SCP-3135, the subjects face will be slightly distorted into an even bigger smile reaching half way to the eyes of the subject. Subjects that undergo this transformation report it to be uncomfortable yet not painful.

After 15 minute the subject will become an instance of SCP-3135-1 as their smile will now stretch from ear to ear there flesh around that area will rip tare and distort to achieve this the subject will laff wildly at random intervals and claim that SCP-3135 is talking to them. Subjects seem to lose some cognitive function at this point as well. The few subjects who survived this describe it as the most painful thing they have ever experienced.

After 20 minutes of viewing the subject seems to lose all will to look away from SCP-3135 along with most cognitive function. The subject's skin will begin to rot away twist contort and bleed for the smile to reach the back of there head at this point they become an instance of SCP-3135-2.

After 40 minutes of uninterrupted viewing, the subject will turn away from SCP-3135 and seek out any living being, forcefully grab them and give them the same afflictions the subject has. This transformation takes only 20 seconds. this will cause extreme amounts of pain in the creature or human being captured by SCP-3135-3. The subject will have become an instance of
SCP-3135-3 luckily instances
SCP-3135-3 can be terminated with relative ease

instances of SCP-3135-3 are said to resemble instances of SCP-049-1 and even share some of the same chemicals found in both creatures genetic makeup.

If a creature that does not have a mouth to smile with is brought before SCP-3135 a mouth will seemingly be carved on the face of said creature and the same transformation will take place

scp-3135 was found in ████████ ████ after reports of swarms of scp-3135-3 wear spotted in██████ Germany