Dr Nikolai Ivano's Proposal

Item #: [SCP]

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: [SCP] must be contained in solid 18m X 18m X 18m cube of titanium, save for a 1m X 1m X 1m space that houses the object itself. The cube is to be contained in satellite [Redacted] in orbit of the moon [Redacted] of the planet [Data Expunged On O5 Request]. It may not return to Earth without the unanimous agreement of the project heads and at least a 3/4 vote of the O5 council. Once annually, an unmanned shuttle will be launched and inspection will be carried out. If any damage is found on the containment, it will not be returned to Earth, instead, repair work will be carried out by the androids onboard.

Description: [SCP] is a standard A4 leaflet Binder manufactured by the ███████ corporation and widely used across the planet. Across the front of the folder is stamped ‘конфиденциальный’. Inside the folder are a seemingly unlimited amount of design documents and notes about Soviet Union weapons, armour and defenses, in chronological order and in sections, i.e Aeronautical, Land Units, Naval Designs, until December 26th 1991, upon which, a number of experimental designs that could theoretically never work, are presented in their place. Upon removing a sheet of paper and closing the folder, the sheet will be duplicated and replaced inside the folder. The folder and its contents suffer damage, yet has an ability to regenerate the damage in a very short period of time.
When a sheet of paper is removed from the folder and placed within a space that the design could fit, the aforementioned design will appear, with the sheet of paper in the precise center of the design (See test logs for further details). Testing has shown that when the paper of the design is damaged, the design suffers the same damage. When the paper suffers around 50% damage, the design will vanish. This also applies to tearing the paper in two, no matter the size of the tear, as long as it results in two separate sheets.

Addendum [SCP]-1: In response to incident [SCP]-7, security has been updated to remove potential security breaches. This incident also proved the indestructible nature of when the design document for the ‘████ █████’ thermonuclear device was removed from the folder and was found to be live, shortly before detonation at Site-182, resulting in the destruction of the facility. The resulting detonation caused █████ casualties and was covered up as a meteor strike. Class A amnestics were distributed to ██% of the surrounding and surviving populus. Classification upgraded to Euclid.

Addendum [SCP]-2:After the events of [SCP]-23-A to [SCP]-23-F, where upon instances of SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███ and SCP-███ were produced by the folders diagrams (from the notes that were confirmed to be taken from the Soviet Union ███ service’s encounters with said SCPs), Site-191 was heavily damaged as a result of the damage caused by the SCPs, resulting in the on site nuclear warhead being detonated. Reclassification to Keter approved.

Addendum [SCP]-3:After the events of ██-█-19██, the decision was made to adopt current security measures and suspend testing indefinitely.

Containment Notes:

[SCP] was discovered after a section of the defense lines from the battle of █████, complete with weaponry and hostile soldiers, appeared in the middle of the Siberian wilderness overlooking a road and town, causing ███ casualties, mainly from mortar fire. The Russian military was summoned and fire bombed the area, destroying the sheet of paper and the target along with it.

[SCP] was contained ██ months after the initial surface of its anomalous properties, when a ██-█ Bomber was reported taking off from a civilian airport, almost two decades after said plane was decommissioned. The Russian military intercepted and shot down the aircraft, killing the person in possession of [SCP], and thereafter, [SCP] was taken into foundation custody.

Testing Log:

Item: Sheet No. 2163 In The Naval Section (Gnevny-Class ‘Gremyashchiy’)
Location: ██████ ████████, Pacific Ocean.
Result: Page was thrown into the ocean, where upon hitting the water, a complete destroyer (Henceforth [SCP]-N-2163-Alpha) and compliment (Henceforth [SCP]-N-2163-Beta collectively) was summoned. High speed camera showed [SCP]-N-2163-Alpha appearing instantly with no delay. [SCP]-2163-Beta immediately manned their battle stations, resulting in the destruction of SCPS-Anthony B. Georgeson through a torpedo hit. [SCP]-2163-Alpha was sunk from gunfire from the SCPS-James S. Stevenson, where upon it vanished, however it was unknown through what means as the paper was not recovered

Item: Sheet No. 371 In Land Forces Section (T-34-85-D5T)
Location: [Data Redacted], Foundation Testing Ground
Result: Page placed on the ground, D-Class (D-283913) backed away. When D-283913 reached the end of the barrel, the design was summoned. The commander's cupola opened and the commander ([SCP]-G-371-Alpha), yelled ‘[Expletive Redacted].’ D-283913 was fired upon by the machine gun operated by the radio operator, resulting in his death. Design was destroyed by Anti-Tank fire, whereupon the paper was found with a hole dead center

Perhaps we should exercise some more caution next time.
~Dr. █████ Nikolai

Item: Sheet No. (Unknown), (Unknown)
Location: Site-191
Result: Unknown party opened the containment cell and took to the cafeteria, where upon the folder was tipped into the room. Limited security footage recovered shows what appears to be SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███ and SCP-███ appearing and causing major structural damage to the facility. SCPs summoned had their anomalous properties as listed by the ███ agency, and not the full extent of the abilities they have been shown to have in official foundation records, and in some cases, a wider variety of abilities. On site nuclear warhead was detonated, resulting in the loss of the site and all personnel. ███ anomalous objects contained onsite survived, [SCP] among them.