Dr Noon

Item number:SCP-■■■■


Special Containment procidures:Due to the scale at which this phenomenon manifiests itself, an effective way of containment has not been developed yet.(Pending for improvement)

Description:SCP-■■■■ is an interdimentional phenomenon that only seems to affect insects from the family Culicidae, commonly reffered as mosquitos.

There are 2 main conditions that need to be met in order to trigger the manifestation of the phenomenon: the first one being that the SCP:XXXX entity has to feel threatened, and the second one being specifying that the entity cannot in be the field of view of any sapient entity.

When the conditions are met, the entity will open a small interdimensional rupture that leads to what is theorized to be a pocket dimension. This rupture is invisible to the naked human eye and can only be monitored due to an increase in electromagnetic waves. This means that for a human being it would seem like the entity just dissapeared from plain sight, just to reappear mere seconds or even minutes in the same space or general proximity.

Due to the worldwide scale at which this phenomenon manifests, an effective containment procedure has not been developed.