Item #: SCP- 3431
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3431 is kept in a 6 by 6 by 7 meter room on a mahogany door, the room is secured with sequential Retinal scanner locked doors. It is contained on site-39, no personnel whom have not been granted prior use of SCP-3431 are to come in contact with SCP-3431 unless otherwise stated.

SCP-3431 is a Victorian style decorative door knob, with a keyhole in its center and can be placed on most segmented walls, doors, cabinets, dressers, closets, and hinged boxes. once attached SCP-3431 can only be removed by the destruction of the "door" or by someone with a key. SCP-3431 creates a sub dimension with access to any existing door it has been connected to before. Anyone who does not have a key shall find that occupants experience time faster by a factor of 130000(time to be fixed) times, occupants with keys do not experience the temporal distortion.

The the floor consists of oak floor boards 12cm by 3.6 meters, the walls are covered in a light grey acrylic paint, there is 3.7 meters between each door in the room, exact dimensions of the room change with the addition or subtraction of every door.

SCP-3431 will make a bond with certain subjects, (what qualities allows certain subjects to bond to SCP-3431 over others have yet to be identified) Once bonded SCP-3431, SCP-3431 creates a key for its new user, there are currently 13 keys in existence and they have been classified as SCP-3431-A-M ,more on those on addendum 1. Only those with keys can safely use SCP-3431. SCP-3431 is currently bonded to 3 containment specialists, 2 guards, 1 Dr Ocx, 6 class D personnel and one unknown. All doors or entries by SCP-3431 are closely monitored by staff, or destroyed. any affected door or entry not currently connected to SCP-3431 directly can be used as an access point if SCP-3431-a-m are used. SCP-3431 will not bond to any aperture consisting of bars, plastic mesh, metal mesh, bronze, gold, or effected by other SCPs.

SCP-3431-a-m vary in make and model, each key is unique and if any other subject is to interact with the key the key gives off sufficient heat for third degree burns. SCP-3431-a-m can be used to access almost any lockable door with few exceptions. This includes electronically locked doors, and those with a keypad or card reader, one of those few exceptions include retinal scanners, furthermore SCP-3431-A, and -H can be used to unlock computers. SCP-3431-I can bypass about thirty percent of all exceptions it encounters.

>Interviewed: [D1-23455]

> Interviewer: [Dr Ocx, lead researcher on SCP-3431]

[The following is an interview of 1 class D personnel following the recent experiment in which the door was unexpectedly closed with the subject inside, for safety purposes the subject was provided with 2 months worth of rations]
<Begin Log, [5/9/20█]>
> Dr Ocx: [So, we understand that you kept track of your time within SCP-3431, please elaborate]
D1-23455: [ I spent nearly three months in there, probably would have been longer if that man hadn't shown up.]
Dr Ocx: [what man?]
D1-23455: [The one with the key, about 6 weeks in he just opened a door all casual. Noticed me gave me some food, I tried to have him take me out a there, but he wouldn't listen, then he left and I as alone for the rest of the time.]
Dr Ocx: [ could you describe this man? ]
D1-23455: [ 'fraid not, was a while ago, and I nearly went crazy wait'n, then that light started flickeren out, and a wall opened up.]
Dr Ocx: [ another door way?]
D1-23455: [ no I said a wall, right between two doors, like a hallway, had books an' a armchair]
Dr Ocx: [ did it look like someone had been here recently?]
D1-23455: [ no didn't look like an'body been there for a couple a week or so.]
Dr Ocx: [ Are you inferring that someone lives within SCP-3431?]
D1-23455: [maybe, could be that guy that showed up.]
Dr Ocx: [thank you for your time, you shall be processed and may continue your work here.]

> Closing Statement: [After the interview finished the foundation administered Class B amnesic to D1-23455 and sent them to the rehabilitation wing of site-39 an investigation was held into this opening wall, more info in addendum 2]

Addendum 2:
recently an investigation was held to the possibility that SCP-3431 may not be limited to the confines of the "door room". Using X-ray and sonar techniques, it was discovered that more rooms are shifting about just beyond the walls, it would appear that all necessities for living are contained within. But access to these rooms is currently undergoing testing, SCP-3431-B and -C are being used in attempt to access the rest of SCP-3431s spacious living area, to no avail. It would appear as if someone or thing also resides within SCP-3431, evidence of its presence has Been found in the " door room" and with X ray equipment, however no encounters so far.