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Item #: SCP-3595

Object Class: Euclid


Three (3) SCP-3595-C individuals encountering Expedition 3595-4. SCP-3595-4 is visible in the background. Image taken from video feed of Agent ██████.

Special Containment Procedures: As of 20██/██/31 SCP-3595 is currently contained at Armed Research and Containment Area-3595, following the destruction of Provisional Research Area-3595 - See Addendum 3595-24.

All expeditions into SCP-3595 are to be recalled and expeditionary activities are to be suspended, per the request of Director Sandberg and O5 Council. Site ██ - from which operations relevant to SCP-3595 were temporarily based following the destruction of Provisional Research Area 3595 - successfully recalled all expeditions into SCP-3595 on 20██/██/13, with the following exceptions:

• Expedition 3595-14 is exempt from this recall due to their roles in preventing numerous QK-Class Societal Collapse Events within SCP-3595 - See Expedition 3595-14 and SCP-3595-K "Sleepers".
• Expedition 3595-17 were issued their recall code via secure transmission on 20██/██/13 and responded with their confirmation call. Thus far, Expedition 3595-17 has not emerged from SCP-3595. Due to the nature of the environment beyond SCP-3595-17, this eventuality was expected.
• Attempts to recover Expedition 3595-22 and SCP-████ have officially ceased, as agreed by Director Sandberg, Director Sandberg-22, and O5 Council.

Due to immobility, SCP-3595 is to be contained at its present location within Area-3595. Area-3595 is a purpose-built containment facility, housing both the entrance into SCP-3595 as well as a small portion of the surrounding jungle area. Within Area-3595, a perimeter of electric fence five (5) meters tall must surround the entrance of SCP-3595. The gate of this perimeter should be stationed with four (4) armed personnel at all times, with two (2) similar groups patrolling the interior of the fence.
The "portcullis" - See Addendum 3595-12 - should be closed at all times until O5 Council approves the resumption of expeditions, or a valid access code is received from within SCP-3595.

Following the events of 20██/█/04 - See Addendum 3595-24 - Researchers G. Gallway, P. Nayhew, and Q. Latcham requested an on-site nuclear device be included in the then-under-construction replacement for Provisional Research Area-35951.
The request has been denied by O5 Council, citing the substantially increased armoury and "portcullis" already included with the then-under-construction Armed Research and Containment Area-3595 as sufficient security precautions. Researchers G. Gallway, P. Nayhew, and Q. Latcham were offered an extension to the psychological treatment following the events of 20██/█/04. All three accepted and were subsequently re-assigned.


SCP-3595 as first observed from Outpost-3595. Photograph taken by Researcher Nayhew.

Description: SCP-3595 is a cave mouth situated beneath the roots of an above-average sized member of █████ ███████, a tree common to the area.2 The area surrounding the cave mouth, and the initial four (4) feet of the cave itself display no anomalous effects.
However, after that point, an unseen threshold is crossed; the crossing has been described as feeling similar to passing through smoke, fog, or a light mist - See Expeditions 3595-1, 3595-5, 3595-12. The implications of these subtley different sensations are unknown, and do not appear significant.
Upon passing through the threshold, one enters the area designated SCP-3595-1.


SCP-3595-1, after initial scouting by Expedition 3595-1. Lighting was installed to signpost tunnels connection SCP-3595-1 with SCP-3595-4.3

SCP-3595-1 is a network of subterranean tunnels accessable only via SCP-3595. Attempts to dig into SCP-3595-1 from any other direction has failed due to enountering a material visually identical to the █████ ███████ seen above the cave mouth; it is currently unknown whether the two entities are one and the same as the material preventing access to SCP-3595-1 via digging has proved perdurable4.

SCP-3595-1 has been noted to possess numerous anomalous qualities. The first of which is its aforementioned inaccessability, the second of which is its atmosphere, and the third of which is its non-euclidian structure.

The atmosphere of SCP-3595-1 appears to be absent, though prior to expeditions being equipped with Hazardous Environment suits the interior of SCP-3595 proved completely hospitable to human life without inhibiting or replacing respiration. Samples taken of the air content within SCP-3595 display an absence of any element or compound within, and so the current belief is that SCP-3595-1 supports any form of life within it in an imitation of its standard respiratory manner. This conclusion is supported by experiences with SCP-3595-B and -D. Interactions with SCP-3595-F implies that fluid is still required for gill-based aquatic respiration.


Initial attempt by Researchers Sandberg and Luther to map the tunnel system of SCP-3595-1 during Expedition 3595-5. Photograph taken by Agent █████.

The tunnel system of SCP-3595-1 has been observed to not conform to euclidian geometry to such an extent that it is no longer believed to exist entirely within our reality - the current theory regarding the true location of SCP-3595-1 is entirely based upon its networked connection with SCP-3595-2 through -26.

SCP-3595-2 through -26 are cave mouths similar to that observed on the border of SCP-3595-1. These cave mouths are not observed anywhere in the vicinity of SCP-3595, Area-3595, or the nation of ███████ in which SCP-3595 was found. After geo-location and tracking devices proved the emerging
Foundation expeditions to no longer be present on Earth, the hypothesis put forward by then-Researcher Sandberg was that SCP-3595 - via SCP-3595-1 - acted as a conduit between our reality or planet, and other realities or planets. Following Expedition 3595-6, the Woods Between Worlds Theory has been accepted by the Foundation as the most probable explanation for SCP-3595.

For details regarding initial attempts to map SCP-3595-1, see Expedition 3595-1.
For details regarding the discovery and exploration of SCP-3595-2 through -26, see Expeditions 3595-2 through 22.
For details regarding the species encountered with SCP-3595-1 through -26, see Inhabitants 3595-A through -K.
For details regarding events involving SCP-3595 that the Foundation did not incept and/or intend, see Addenda 3595-1 through -25.

Recovery Log: SCP-3595 became known to the Foundation on 199█/██/██, though it is believed that a nearby discontinued investigation by the Foundation into believed-anomalous animal maulings and ritualism in the area can now be traced to members of SCP-3595-A who emerged from SCP-3595 around 18██.

The means by which SCP-3595 became known to the Foundation