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SCP-3991 with its single controller. Photographed shortly after initial recovery (see Addendum 3991-01 for details).

Item #: SCP-3991

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3991 is to be kept in a standard secure locker at Site-77 when not in use. Testing of SCP-3991 must be approved by two personnel with minimum Level-3 clearance. Due to Incident 3991-1, testing of SCP-3991 is to be suspended until further notice.

Description: SCP-3991 is a European version of the SNES Classic Edition video game console with one controller. Closer inspection reveals a small stylised 'X' etched into the centre of the console's bottom panel. When SCP-3991 is plugged into a HDMI TV, it will manifest its anomalous properties. When a person continuously plays SCP-3991 for 15 minutes, the controller will secrete a clear resin that forcefully adheres the user's index, middle and ring digits on both hands to itself. Closer analysis of the controller indicates that the resin originates from the L and R shoulder buttons. Strangely, this resin has no adhesive effect on people other than the subject themselves.

The subject will then be unable to halt gameplay, whether or not this is a psychological effect from the resin or the console itself is undetermined. After using SCP-3991 for approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes, the subject will begin to undergo drastic physical alterations. These transmutations will be unique to each game played (see Testing Log for further information) and are irreversible to the affected subject, who becomes an instance designated SCP-3991-1. During the transformation process, the adhesive effect of the resin will slowly wear off and evaporate.

Addendum 3991-01: SCP-3991 was first discovered on 10/12/2017, when local authorities at W████, England were alerted to a suburban house, where the owner claimed to have seen a giant bipedal fox with metallic legs escape through the back sliding door. This occurred when the owner had apparently returned home from work. Authorities found a large puddle of blood and liquified flesh between the sofa and TV in the living room, with a pile of discarded clothing. It was at this point when Foundation agents were contacted, after authorities found a still-recording camera on a tripod, aimed to record the TV and part of the sofa. Analysis of video footage revealed the anomalous nature of SCP-3991 through both the timestamps and gameplay. The owner stated that he bought SCP-3991 as an early Christmas gift for his 25 year old daughter, A███ T████. Agents noted that the game 'Star Fox 2' was still paused on the TV, the owner responding that his daughter was looking forward to playing the previously unreleased game. The owner was given Class-A amnestics and released from custody.

After recovering SCP-3991, agents unsuccessfully searched the house for the second controller, which is deemed lost. A███ T████ was confirmed as a missing person afterwards. Search for the escaped fox-like humanoid, now designated SCP-3991-X is still currently ongoing. Researcher Boyd's request to test SCP-3991 with a non-anomalous second controller was denied by O5 Command.

Addendum 3991-02: