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SCP-361 being held by SCP-361-1

Item #: SCP-361

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-361 is to be kept inside its case and locked within a secure metal safe at Site-45 under armed surveillance at all times when not being studied. Approval of at least one (1) Level 4 personnel is required for the removal of object from its containment area.

Description: SCP-361 appears to be an ornate brass conductor's baton, 26.7 cm (10.5") in length. Aside from weight stemming from its brass composition, no physical difference between SCP-361 and a standard conductor's baton is reported. When SCP-361 is held by a human subject and directed towards organisms capable of locomotion, the subject(s) in question will cease all movement and become rigid, eyes focused on the object and the wielder, henceforth referred to as SCP-361-1. Subjects will also be mute until SCP-361-1 releases the group or expressly commands a subject to make a sound. SCP-361-1 releases the group under its control by flourishing SCP-361 in a manner reminiscent of the end of a classical piece, setting the object down, or in the event of SCP-361-1's death. All subjects affected by SCP-361 will cease whatever actions they were doing and behave as though nothing out of the ordinary has occurred, although after particularly lengthy performances, subjects have been reported to give a brief applause before resuming normal behavior.

If SCP-361-1 moves the object in a manner befitting normal usage of a conducting baton, all subjects under SCP-361-1's influence will begin to move in a jerky, unnatural manner, reminiscent of a marionette suspended by strings. The movement of the subjects may be directed specifically by pointing the object directly at them and then making gestures with SCP-361. These gestures may be incredibly vague, yet the subject(s) in question will still respond to SCP-361-1's intended movements. As of yet there does not appear to be any limit on the range of the object, so long as subjects have clear line of sight with both SCP-361 and SCP-361-1. Viewing through any medium or through objects that would not normally be able to convey sound also disrupts SCP-361's control.

Subjects exposed to SCP-361 report a complete lack of any sound while they are fixated on the object and SCP-361-1, but also that they are, "waiting for the piece to start." Once SCP-361-1 begins to move and gesticulate with SCP-361, subjects report that they hear an unknown piece of classical music, and that they are acting according to their individual parts in the music. The part that the subject's play in the music seems to vary from subject to subject depending on the nature of their actions while under the influence of SCP-361, but the most common response is that the subjects were dancing to the music. Descriptions of the music in question also seem to vary from subject to subject based on their individual musical tastes.

Subjects under the influence of SCP-361 have been reported to perform feats that are normally impossible for normal human beings to achieve, including jumping over three (3) meters in the air, and moving at supersonic speeds. Subjects still seem bound to the standard laws of physics however, and can be harmed or even killed by the actions they perform while under SCP-361's influence. (Note: D-class personnel are no longer permitted to conduct with SCP-361. See SCP-361 Testing Log.)

Acquisition Log: SCP-361 was first discovered during the performance of a High School orchestra in ███████, California. When conductor L████ W██████ began the performance, the music the group played was not the piece they had rehearsed, and the audience behaved in a manner consistent with the effects of exposure to SCP-361.

The startled conductor contacted researchers at the ████████ ████ ██ ███████. Foundation personnel within the facility proceeded to confiscate the object and administer amnesiacs where appropriate for suitable containment of knowledge of SCP-361.

Addendum 361-1: The possibility of weaponization of SCP-361 is under review following the events of Incident 361-1A.

Incident 361-1A synopsis: During testing of SCP-361, D-3809 was instructed to force a group of D-class subjects to harm themselves in some way. D-3809 jerked SCP-361 in an upward direction, and all subjects under SCP-361's control leapt approximately three (3) meters in the air. Upon landing, subjects were observed to suffer multiple injuries, including various fractures on their legs. Subjects continued to follow D-3809's directions, including movement, with no sound or complaint, often moving their bodies in particularly violent jerks to compensate for the injuries sustained in this way. Subjects did not seem bothered by their injuries until after their release from SCP-361's control.

Test Log SCP-361:

All test results are to be recorded in the following format:
Test subjects:
Test procedure:
Test Results:

Date: ██/██/█████
Researcher: Junior Researcher P██████████
Test subjects: Two (2) D-class personnel
Test procedure: Subject D-2894 is given SCP-361 and instructed to point it towards subject D-4280 and not to move the object.
Test results: D-4280's body becomes rigid and unmovable. Subject's eyes follow SCP-361 however it is moved. Vital signs are unaffected, but subject is non-responsive.
Note: Testing should be carried out on the limits of subject's immobility and possible resistance to pain. -Junior Researcher P██████████

Date: ██/██/█████
Researcher: Junior Researcher P██████████
Test subjects: One (1) D-class personnel, Junior Researcher P██████████
Test procedure: Subject D-1380 is placed inside a soundproof recording studio, Junior Researcher Praxitilies is to conduct subject through the viewing glass.
Test results: No change in subject is recorded.
Note: It would appear that subjects need to be able to hear SCP-361-1 in addition to being able to see it. -Junior Researcher P██████████
Date: ██/██/█████
Researcher: Junior Researcher P██████████
Test subjects: One (1) D-class personnel
Test procedure: Subject D-1380 is to stand in a soundproofed room and conduct without a subject.
Test Results: Subject conducted for fifteen (15) minutes with no result. No anomalous events recorded.

Date: ██/██/█████
Researcher: Junior Researcher P██████████
Test subjects: One (1) D-class personnel, One (1) Labrador Retriever.
Test procedure: Subject D-1380 is to conduct the canine to ascertain the object's effects on non-human subjects.
Test results: The canine was forced into an upright position, with its hind legs straightened out and its joints reversed so as to allow for bipedal movement. Subject did not react to the change in any way. Subject moved in a manner similar to that of a human subject under the influence of SCP-361. Canine euthanized after it became apparent that the animal was in considerable distress after being released from SCP-361's control.
Note: It would appear that animals can be controlled too. Recommend using bipedal animals from now on to avoid this kind of incident in the future. -Junior Researcher P██████████
Date: ██/██/█████
Researcher: Junior Researcher P██████████
Test subjects: One (1) D-class personnel, One (1) Chimpanzee
Test procedure: Subject D-1380 is to conduct the chimpanzee to study effects on a bipedal animal.
Test results: Chimp moved in the same awkward, jerky manner as a human. No ill effects were observed in the animal.

Date: ██/██/█████
Researcher: Junior Researcher P██████████
Test subjects: Two (2) D-class personnel
Test procedure: Subject D-1380 is to conduct subject D-5822's movements to test limits of physical control.
Test results: