The digital universe

Item #: SCP-2124

Object class: safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-2124 is to be kept in a standard wall safe at site 12, and is to be inserted into a computer and have the program run monthly to keep track of the inhabitants of SCP-2124-1. SCP-2124 may be run at any time by level two personal and above.

Description: SCP-2124 appears to be an ordinary USB drive, slightly larger than the standard. Observation has shown that it is not of standard build, and is thought to have been constructed by Dr.█████. Abnormalities begin when SCP-2124 is run by any computer. The program on the drive appears to be a 3D model of a system of currently twenty-three (23) planets and two (2) suns to date, one of witch is inhabited and two of which where not present when the foundation obtained SCP-2124. The system can currently only be observed.

The inhabited planet, which will be refered to as SCP-2124-1 from this point on, is vaguely similar to Earth and has a current count of one hundred fifty seven (157) species to date, none of which look anything like our own species, including SCPs. These entities will henceforth be referred to as SCP-2124-1-A. All attempts to create contact with anything inside the program have been unsuccessful,but SCP-2124-1 appears to have several intelligent species, including one that is vaguely humanoid. Evolution and time appears to take place at a much accelerated rate inside the program of SCP-2124, and personnel have already witnessed the creation of a planet.

The foundation obtained SCP-2124 through recovery from one of Dr.█████'s known labs through a raid in [RETRACTED]. Personnel have nicknamed SCP-2124 as 'the digital universe', and have named the planets and some of SCP-2124-1-A. Further updates will ensue.

March/23/████:A huge leap forward in A-17's technology, allowing space travel. At this time there are twelve (12) planets in the solar system, not including it's two suns.

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