Dr Rasmussen
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a durasteel hangar that is 50 m in length, 25 m in height, and 20 m in width. The hangar should include an observatory that is attached to the hangar wall. A doctor and an agent should posted in the observatory at all times. It is to be monitored by camera at all times. An animal approximately 70 kg in size should be brought in every 12 hours to feed SCP-XXXX. Should SCP-XXXX exhibit any aggressive behavior, a small amount of anesthetic gas should be fed to it through the air cycling system within the hangar or a loud high pitched wine should be played through the speaker system. Should SCP-XXXX exhibit any other unusual but non-aggressive behavior, it should be reported for later study.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the shape of a small blimp that is 35 m in length, 15 in height, and 10 m in width. It appears to be made of a flesh like substance, however several attempts to puncture it have resulted failure to do so. It has a mouth sans teeth and tentacle like appendages located at the end of its blimp like structure. It does not appear to have eyes, however located just above the mouth are two small cavities that are believed to have ear like properties. It is highly suspected that SCP-XXXX is blind and uses sonar to interact with it's surroundings.

SCP-XXXX appears to be very sensitive to sound as a high pitched wine is enough subdue it. However it will resist at times and it is sometimes necessary to use anesthetic gas to subdue it as SCP-XXXX is also very sensitive to anesthetics as well.

SCP-XXXX uses its tentacle appendages to pick up organics. Upon picking up the organic SCP-XXXX will swallow it whole. If it finds the organic inedible, it will regurgitate it. If SCP-XXXX finds it edible it will enter a cavity in its structure and will be digested. SCP-XXXX will expand to fit more food and it is unknown to how large it can expand. Digestion takes anywhere from █ to █ hours and organics in its cavity do not seem to affect the way it floats. SCP-XXXX can go approximately ██ hours without food, but also seems to get weaker and slower.

SCP-XXXX uses a combination of helium, carbon dioxide, and oxygen to stay afloat. If one is taken from its cavity it will deflate a minor amount but continue to float lower to the ground. SCP-XXXX will begin to die if none of these gas components fill its cavity.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX was recovered at [DATA EXPUNGED], USA. It was reported by an airbase that claimed to have seen a strange looking blimp on the horizon as well as an unidentified object on the radar. They described it as creature like and not metal in structure. This was swiftly brought to the Foundation's attention. The Foundation did not attempt to capture it until the airbase reported the strange creature attacking and devouring several men.

The Foundation dispatched 5 agents. Agents ██, ██, ██, ██, and ██ were sent to detain and capture SCP-XXXX, but upon arrival the personnel at the airbase had abandoned it. Upon attacking they had no success shooting it down. Even using explosives were of little success. The agents then decided it would be easier to contain on site. Two agents lured SCP-XXXX into a nearby hangar while the other three locked it in. Unfortunately the two agents ██ and ██ were unable to escape and were reported to have been devoured.

Upon containment the airbase was then known as [DATA REDACTED]. It was eventually abandoned and SCP-XXXX was moved to [DATA REDACTED] for further testing.