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# Item: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-B1 through 17 are contained in individual, standard humanoid cells, in Site 16's holding complex (Section B). Each instance of SCP-XXXX-B1/17 is to be escorted daily to an adjacent complex to indulge in 2 hours of their preferred leisure activities, while supervised, to maintain levels of contentment and cooperation. SCP-XXXX-B1/17 are allowed to coexist between themselves at certain periods of the day, in a shared courtyard, while under supervision. Any interaction between SCP-XXXX-B1/17 outside of testing environments is strictly prohibited. No sharp objects are allowed nearby SCP-XXXX-B's containment zone at any times.

SCP-XXXX-B18 is kept in a holding cell in Section D. No knowledge of SCP-XXXX-B18 is to reach the other instances.

Personnel interacting with SCP-XXXX-B instances are never to give or discuss viable information on the Foundation and its methods, no matter how seemingly trivial or inoffensive it might be, should they be inquired about it. However, to maintain the interest and cooperation of SCP-XXXX-B, personnel with a Level 2 security clearance should attempt to give false information to appease them, and subsequently inform other personnel involved in their containment and research of the information given, so that a coherent act can be maintained.

Biopsy tests conducted on the brains of SCP-XXXX-B have determined a key protein specific to the structure of SCP-XXXX, allowing the use of a spinal tap test to identify infected individuals. This information has been divulged to public health authorities, under the pretext that it is a method of detecting a variant of CJD. Surveillance for more public cases of SCP-XXXX infection, as well as investigations on point of origin are ongoing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous strain of malformed prions that, having infected a live human, are able to deconstruct and rebuild brain tissue in various areas of the host's brain. Current research suggests SCP-XXXX is transmissible mainly through ingestion of infected tissue and bodily fluids, especially blood and lymphatic organs (all infected subjects prior to containment are thought to having contracted the disease from consuming certain brands of previously contaminated beef), but also through blood-to-blood contact and transplant of infected neurons onto healthy brains.

SCP-XXXX was first identified by the Foundation in [REDACTED], USA, after reports surfaced of subjects infected with an unknown pathogen undergoing rapid neurological degeneration and lapsing into comas, followed by awakening of said subjects, who displayed extreme changes in personality and intelligence. Said subjects were collected by the Foundation, using misinformation teams to stage their disappearances as accidents, and although investigations on nearby slaughterhouses are being carried out, the infection's exact point of origin is unknown at this time. Individuals in close contact with the infected subjects prior to containment were watched closely for the following weeks, none revealing symptoms consistent with an SCP-XXXX infection.

When a subject is infected (hereby referred to as SCP-XXXX-A, or individuals in the first stage of the disease) with a sample of SCP-XXXX, the prions travel to the brain through the circulatory system, where they (like other prionic diseases) catalyze the subject's healthy prions into their malformed shape, creating more instances of SCP-XXXX. These will begin to agglomerate in certain areas of the brain, specifically the cerebellum, hippocampus, motor and cingulate cortices, putamen, and the frontal and temporal lobes, destroying neurons through apoptosis.

Instances of SCP-XXXX-A typically start to display symptoms in the first 72 hours after infection, such as insomnia and slight forgetfulness, which quickly evolve during the following week(s) into fast progressing dementia (similar to Alzheimer's), dystaxia and finally cerebellar ataxia, before falling into a comatose state, the second stage of the disease.

MRI scans show that, once at the comatose state, the prions retreat en masse to the affected hippocampus and the subventricular zone, returning afterwards to their previous locations, where they trigger extensive neurogenesis, rebuilding the areas damaged. This process appears to be completely controlled by the pathogen, specifically the improvement of the number of neurons and connections between these in the frontal and temporal lobes, cerebellum, motor cortex and putamen. Most of these newly formed neuronal connections are completely different from the host's original ones, notably those concerning procedural memories and the neural pathways that allow the body to perform them1.

After this process is complete, subjects (referred to as SCP-XXXX-B) awaken from their comas and enter the third stage of the disease, displaying extreme change in personality, partial or total loss of personal memories, improved learning abilities and ability to process semantics in both speech and vision, improved decision-making, augmented reaction times, sense of smell and sound and ability to consciously regulate the display of emotions at a physiological level.

The Foundation has secured 8 instances of SCP-XXXX-B (off-site) and holds 9 more instances originated from testing, performing a total of 17 instances of SCP-XXXX-B in containment as of this entry. There are currently 18 instances of SCP-XXXX-B in containment.

Furthermore, SCP-XXXX-B appear to become proficient in specific practical skills, in an apparently random fashion, mainly determined only by SCP-XXXX-B's physical health (e.g. a subject paralyzed from the waist down prior to infection will not acquire any skills that require a body in average physical condition, such as most sports or almost any form of combat) and possible effects it may have on the ability to utilize said skills. Notable cases include:

SCP-XXXX-B personalities are very divergent from one another, but ranging from subtly condescending to visibly arrogant, they all demonstrate some sort of superiority complex when interacting with personnel or otherwise non-infected individuals. They all exhibit extreme curiosity towards new information as well, and will drop their previous attitude when presented with an opportunity to know more about the Foundation in general.

Additionally, SCP-XXXX-B seem to recognize each other as infected subjects instantly upon meeting, adopting a friendly and caring attitude towards other instances.

Exactly how SCP-XXXX is capable of carrying out this "reprogramming"4 process is unknown. Most prionic diseases are still incurable and difficult to understand, and SCP-XXXX is the most complex strain found yet. Due to this, finding and containing further public instances of SCP-XXXX-B is of utmost importance5.

Addendum XXXX-01: Interview Log XXXX-B2-02

Interview # XXXX-B2-02:
Interviewed: SCP-XXXX-B2.

Interviewer: Doctor Kurt, encharge of psychological evaluation and mapping of SCP-XXXX-B1/17.

Foreword: Prior to this interview, SCP-XXXX-B2 had arranged a scheme with SCP-XXXX-B1, B13 and B3 to cut out the electrical power of the complex while he was being interviewed. It is believed that at some point SCP-XXXX-B overheard personnel discussing a malfunction of the breaker box, gathering enough information to know how to reach it and operate it.

<Begin Log, ████████>

SCP-XXXX-B2: Nice cup of coffee you've got there. So, what are we doing today, doctor?

Doctor Kurt: Well, let's start with some writing, shall we? Here have this pencil and paper. Since you became so interested in the field of theoretical psychology, would you be willing to write what you think on the predictive mind and the experience of visual art work?

XXXX-B2: Good choice, mister Kurt.

Dr. Kurt: Please, just Kurt. By the way, do you want me to refer to you by any specific name?

XXXX-B2: I don't really feel the need to, but if it makes conversation a little easier for you, you are welcome to call me by "my" old name.

Dr. Kurt: ██████? Very well. I know you don't remember much about your life before the…

XXXX-B2: "My" life?

Dr. Kurt: Well, yes. Whose life would I be talking about? You only have your life.

XXXX-B2: That is correct, good doctor, but that was not my life. This is my life, and I am just at the beginning.

Dr. Kurt: What do you mean?

XXXX-B2: What I mean, Kurt, is that we already know you know we're not who we appear to be. But that shouldn't matter for much longer. After all, we make much more good use of your lives than you.

Dr. Kurt: Wha-

<Log Interrupted>

At this point in the interview, security personnel in the nearby courtyard was briefly distracted by a staged fight between SCP-XXXX-B1 and B13, while SCP-XXXX-B3 snuck away and turned off the main power switch in the breaker box, cutting down all power in the complex for a total of 17 seconds and stopping the log in the meantime. Security personnel at the door entered the interview room mere moments after the power was out, aiming guns with mounted flashlights at SCP-XXXX-B2 and urging him to put his hands in the air.

<Log Resumed>

XXXX-B2: See? Everything's alright, friends. There's no need for all these theatrics. I finished my interview with the good doctor Kurt, may I go now?

Dr. Kurt: We're not finished here yet, ██████.

XXXX-B2: Oh, but I have nothing more to speak with you, you see? Here, I finished that little "thesis" you asked of me. Unless you give me something more interesting to work with, I'm afraid I won't be joining you for more of these sessions.

<End Log, ███████>

Closing statement: Understanding that the power outage was a result of SCP-XXXX-B instances effectively working in conjunction, they are, from now on, forbidden from interacting in any way with one another unless under a testing scenario. Droplets of blood where found on the floor of the interview room and DNA testing shows they belong to SCP-XXXX-B2. SCP-XXXX-B2 was interrogated, but refused to admit knowing anything about this and has refused to participate in further interviews and testing.

Addendum XXXX-02: Two weeks after the events referred in the first addendum, Doctor Kurt skipped work for three days, and could not be found. He later returned, displaying no difference in his behaviour or memories. However, a spinal tap test was performed on him and it was verified that Doctor Kurt has become infected, and is already in quarantine. People close to Doctor Kurt outside the Foundation are under surveillance for possible infection.

Addendum XXXX-03: A biopsy of the brain confirmed that Doctor Kurt was already in the second stage of the disease before returning to the Foundation. Doctor Kurt (hereby SCP-XXXX-B18) is now being held in a cell in Section D. Interrogation and testing are underway.

Note: Somehow SCP-XXXX reprogrammed Kurt without overwriting any of his memories. Heck, even his personality was on point! IQ tests gave almost the same result! I don't know how it learned to simulate the original host's… everything, but I bet it planned to infect him. It was, or they were, or whatever pronoun I should use, trying to know more about us for a long time, and now it/they managed to. Kurt was Level 2, goddamnit. I don't want him anywhere near the others. - Dr. ███████