Dr. Raye

SCP-xxxx in containment.

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is housed in a standard animal containment cell. SCP-XXXX must be fitted with a standard Foundation GPS tracking collar. Should SCP-xxxx manifest itself outside of containment, a recovery team must immediately be sent to retrieve SCP-xxxx. No personnel, regardless of clearance outside of test subjects are to be allowed to enter the containment cell. SCP-xxxx is to be fed eighty-five grams of Foundation brand animal supplements every six hours, and is to be supplied with water 24/7. SCP-xxxxs GPS collar will be outfitted with a new battery every 6 months, regardless of current function.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a cat of the Balinese breed, measuring 25 cm in height and 46 cm in length. SCP-xxxx currently wears a mask of a middle aged woman's facial flesh, although its properties have changed to that of a currently unidentifiable plastic-like substance, seemingly capable of preserving the flesh beyond its normal decomposition time. Due to the anomalous effect of SCP-xxxx, it is assumed that it wears the aforementioned mask as a a form of identity concealment. Any attempts to remove said mask, have resulted in SCP-xxxx teleporting to a new location.

Studies have revealed that SCP-xxxx can change the properties of facial flesh it has acquired to a plastic-like, semi-functional flesh preservant, often making it appear younger and more "attractive". The skin is able to deteriorate regardless of the material it has been converted to. Foundation psychiatrists have confirmed this to be a form of personality disorder found in humans. Multiple traits of SCP-xxxx suggest multiple personality disorder, although information is limited due to the animalistic nature of SCP-xxxx.

Facial tissue bestowed upon subjects subjected to the ability of SCP-xxxx seem to convert back to the original state it was in, losing all additional features, leaving only decayed flesh.

SCP-xxxx is capable of teleportation, although locations are limited to small spaces in which SCP-xxxx can easily conceal itself, such as an air ventilation shaft. Teleportation seems limited to 80 kilometers, due to the fact that SCP-xxxx has only been found within this distance. SCP-xxxx will teleport to a new location each time it needs to replace its mask. Replacement of said mask takes place shortly after the decay of the current mask. Upon decomposition of SCP-xxxx's current mask, SCP-xxxx will teleport to a seemingly random location to replace it with the face of any human in close proximity to SCP-xxxx. Humans subjected to this event will henceforth be known as SCP-xxxx-1.

Through currently unknown means, SCP-xxxx will trade its current mask with the face of SCP-xxxx-1. Physical contact is unneeded for this process to take place, as SCP-xxxx-1 is completely unaware of the change until it is noticed visually. SCP-xxxx is capable of attaching the disposed mask onto the flesh of the SCP-xxxx-1, despite condition. This cycle is continuous until an effective way to contain SCP-xxxx is found.

Throughout multiple tests with different masks, SCP-xxxxs behavior toward outside stimuli changes.

SCP-xxxx was discovered 3 days after [REDACTED] Hospital was destroyed in a terrorist bombing. The lives of both Agent █████, and Agent ████ were lost in the explosion. Agent █████ recovered SCP-xxxx, despite being in critical condition.

Addendum-xxxx-1: A collar was found on SCP-xxxx with writing etched into the underside. Aforementioned writing is as follows:

Please return Ms. Buttons to █████, Meadow Lane should she get lost -Gracen Sullens

Upon research into [REDACTED], it is confirmed that Gracen Sullens was a patient in [REDACTED] Elderly Care. Sullens was killed during the explosion. Forensics tests on the current mask of SCP-xxxx have confirmed it to be face of Gracen Sullens.

Test #1, █ /█/████ : SCP-xxxx breached containment upon mask deterioration, and was recovered by a specialized recovery unit. Forensics tests taken from flakes of epidermis determine the identity of the victim to be [REDACTED].. Subject is currently undergoing examination. SCP-xxxx was exposed to a loudspeaker freight train horn, and responded with instantaneous teleportation throughout the containment cell. Whether or not sounds at certain frequencies interfere with teleportation distance is under further review.

Test #2, █/█/████ : SCP-xxxx breached containment, although recovery was unneeded as SCP-xxxx returned to the containment cell seemingly of its own free will. Forensics analysis discovered the identity of this victim. Subject is currently under examination. SCP-xxxx was exposed to a loudspeaker freight train horn. SCP-xxxx responded by playfully clawing the wall, and caressing it with its body. SCP-xxxx was then exposed to the voice of Dr. Reynolds via loudspeaker, attempting to coax SCP-xxxx using the phrase "here kitty kitty". SCP-xxxx responded by caressing the loudspeaker and purring, followed by an uninterrupted 3 hour sleep. Whether or not SCP-xxxx inherits the personality of its victims is under further review.

Test #3,█/█/███ : D- Class number 567, was ordered to enter the cell if SCP-xxxx, during its usual teleportation time. D-567 was selected due to his extreme hostility towards the Foundation.