Dr Richards

Item #: SCP-????
"End in Sight"
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is to be kept in a secure steel storage container in the center of a 5X5X10 foot concrete room. Automated sprinklers modified to spray hydrofluoric acid are present on the ceiling of the cell, and maintenance of those sprinklers is to be top priority. Only one Instance of SCP-????-1 is to be present in the room at any time. SCP-???? and subject SCP-????-1 are only to be viewed directly by D-Class personnel for no longer than 5 minutes, and an observation room is to be kept active at all times at least ten feet from the containment room. Access to containment is only to be possible through three steel doors each with a passcode lock that is randomly generated every 10 minutes. D-Class personnel exposed to SCP-????-1 are to be taken for immediate interview and then terminated.

Description: SCP-???? is a pair of Jade Crystal eyes that were found in [REDACTED] by Agent McKinley when rumors of a village that worshiped a statue that told of the end of the world reached the city of [REDACTED]. Once Agent McKinley entered the village it was already in the advanced stages of a runaway event, and special team MTF Eta-10 "see no evil" was called in to safely contain.

When SCP-???? is viewed by a human being, they are filled with a sudden desire to "see what the eyes see". Subjects will do anything in their power to get a hold of the eyes, and once in their possession subjects will begin to gouge out their own eyes. If subjects are allowed to gouge out their eyes, they will immediately replace them with SCP-???? and become an instance of SCP-????-1. SCP-????-1 is categorized as a human whose eyes have been replaced with SCP-????. At this point subjects bodies go through rapid calcification and after approximately 2 minutes are fully comprised of limestone.

After this transformation is complete anyone within 5 square feet of the subject will begin to hear subjects voice in their head. Every instance of SCP-????-1 will talk about the end of the world that they have seen. Subjects exposed to these thoughts will claim that they feel a sense of calm about this knowledge, and will begin to express a desire to see so too. After 6-10 minutes subjects will remove the eyes from SCP-????-1 and become one themselves. Despite no longer being in direct contact of SCP-???? the original subject SCP-????-1 will continue its anomalous behavior. As new instances of SCP-????-1 do not share the same visions this will cause what has been deemed a runaway event at which point the sprinklers are to be activated and any other D-Class personnel present immediately killed.

Addendum ????B: During testing a D-Class was allowed to view SCP-???? and was then restrained so that he could not remove his own eyes. Subject became extremely aggressive after ten minutes in attempts to escape, and after 15 minutes expired. Upon examination of subject [Data Expunged]. Site-██ was contained within 2 hours, and amnesiacs were administered on request by personnel.

"Let's not do that again."
-Dr. Richards.

Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is to be kept in a locked steel box inside of a secure storage locker at site-██. SCP-???? is to be kept covered by a piece of inch thick velvet unless testing is being performed. Personnel moving SCP-???? for testing or any other reason are required to wear standard issue blinders for the entirety of handling.

Description: SCP-???? appears to be a human skull devoid of any eye cavities. Testing has revealed the skull to be around 463 years old, and DNA testing has revealed [Data Expunged]. A large white circle has been painted on the skull where the eye cavities would have been. Testing of this paint has revealed it to be made with crushed bone with similar DNA to SCP-???? itself.

Subjects who view the circle on the front of SCP-???? will begin to suffer anomalous effects within three minutes of viewing. After two minutes subjects will begin to experience a sensation like they are constantly being watched. When questioned Subjects will say that it feels as if thousands of eyes are watching them always. After ten minutes have passed subjects will begin to feel at ease with the sensation of being watched. Subjects questioned will say that they know that the eyes mean them no harm and are "Simply trying to see what I see". Second stage effects will begin between three to eight hours after initial exposure, and usually go unnoticed by the subject.

In Stage two subjects will begin to develop an obsession with eyes. This obsession usually grows over a three day period, beginning with subjects often complimenting others on their eyes, or admiring their own in the mirror for extended periods of time. The end of Stage Two is usually categorized with the subjects obsessing over a particular persons eyes. In most cases subjects will choose someone of the opposite gender that they are close with. If no such person exists in the subject's life they will choose the first person they saw after stage two began. Obsession at this point usually involves subjects expressing a desire to hold the eyes in their hand, or to have the eyes displayed somewhere to be seen by many. Once a target has been chosen subjects will enter stage three.

In stage three subjects will exhibit sudden violent behavior towards their target. They will express a feeling that they have "waited too long" to have their eyes, and will do anything within their power to remove the eyes from the victim. If Subject is successful in removing the eyes of their target they will express a sudden desire to return to SCP-????. If allowed to return to SCP-???? subjects will take the eyes they have obtained and place them in SCP-????'s mouth. At this point subjects will enter a comatose state and SCP-???? will produce an instance of SCP-????-1.

Instances of SCP-???-1 are pieces of papyrus paper with writing in what has been confirmed to be blood. Testing has revealed that blood used as ink on instances of SCP-????-1 is consistent with that of the victim's whose eyes were given to SCP-????. Instances of SCP-????-1 always have a short fortune written on them in the form of a riddle. Each fortune predicts an end of the world scenario written as if to blame the reader. After five seconds subjects will expire suddenly in a fashion matching the end of world scenario written on SCP-????-1. See table below for previous test results.

Test Results
SCP-????-1 cause of death
You thought you could contain the beast, but it had fangs to tear your sheep Bite marks began to appear over subjects entire body. Analysis of bite marks were not consistent with any known animal.
The maker has returned for his toys [REDACTED]
You knew it would happen, the flash that ends it all. Subjects body was vaporized and testing room was flooded with harmful radiation. Ten additional personnel were lost due to radiation poisoning.
You filthy beasts, cough and cling to nothing. Subject experienced sudden lung failure. A highly contagious and previously unseen strain of flu was found in the subjects bloodstream.
You bread them for this, now they do their job. Subjects body began to be destroyed from the inside with [Data Expunged]. In light of this Project ██████ has been put on hold.
You play warden and try to control that which was made to destroy you subject expired in a way that was consistent with exposure to SCP-████.
Drink, drink and be returned to the earth, you who destroy it Subjects body suddenly liquefied, testing revealed that drinking the resulting liquid would cause a similar effect.
You gardeners have let the weeds grow too tall. Subjects body was swiftly covered in vines that embedded themselves in his skin. After two minutes subject stood up and began to attempt to escape containment. Upon coming into contact with security personnel the vines spread and containment was reestablished once all infected bodies had been incinerated.
[REDACTED] Subjects body disappeared before appearing again missing all internal organs.

Addendum A: During testing a subject was exposed to SCP-???? and then kept in isolation. At the point where subject normally would have entered stage three they suddenly gouged out their own eyes and began to write on the wall with their blood. Subject wrote out [Data Expunged] at which point their skull restructured to lack an eye cavity and the subject ceased movement. Subject would not respond to questioning, and after two days began to scream before expiring.