Dr. Rose

The Everafter Stones


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be locked in reinforced titanium box measuring 14"x10"x7" lined with 4" thick standard foam inserts in the shape of each piece of SCP-XXXX. These imprints are to be spaced 3 inches apart to ensure the object does not trigger its anomalous effects.


Retrieved by foundation personnel in a home in 2015 in █████, Japan, SCP-XXXX resembles a pair of trinkets, that when put together form a diamond shape. Each trinket is composed of an outer section made from Larimar, while the inner portions are composed of obsidian, emitting a glow of unknown origin; however further studies have show this to be radioactive to some degree.

Tests have shown that once the objects are within around 2 inches of each other, the object emits several electric discharges between the two pieces, with increasing intensity the closer they are to each other until they meet. When the pieces are met together, the object will trigger a Nonstandard space time. Numerous tests confirm reality will distort around the object measuring approximately 5'0" in diameter, with a swirling vortex of unknown origin and properties forming consuming the user.

Anyone within this proximity is swiftly transported to a dimension with its own universal laws, designated "Nirvana" by foundation personnel. This dimension is said to be the land of the dead, where the souls of the damned are trapped in eternal suffering and destined to relive their deaths repeatedly for eternity. This realm has been designated as SCP-XXXX by foundation personnel. Research shows that method of transportation to the Nirvana have shown to only trigger when the object is held and the following is said, "Urna molestie at elementum eu facilisis sed odio morbi quis", suggesting that the trinkets are imbued with a black magic. Further research has concluded that returning to this dimension from the Nirvana involves the same process.