Dr.Rosethorn's SCP Ideas

NOTE - The following is to be reviewed as a concept, not as a fully fledged SCP file, though after opinions have been gathered, I will gladly make this and the others fully fledged. I know they're not the best, but this is why I'm asking for opinions. - Dr. Rosethorn
SCP - ████
- Resembles that of an albino human somehow meshed with a blue and violet beta fish, somewhat resembling the media's depictions of a mermaid
- Subject appears to constantly be malnourished, seeing as its ribcage and most other bones are somewhat visible.
- Still images of reality become warped and poisonous when in contact with biological matter to a certain extent. (If directly touching, obviously effects within full span of range of effect. If in contact with a computer when viewing a still image on said computer, it will effect within about half the range of a physical picture. Etc. )
- Feeds Approximately 5km under the sea
Sonar required in order to track without the anomaly taking effect
- Direct viewing of the SCP and or viewing via camera causes the subject to freeze up, being unable to move until forcibly removed from direct sight of the SCP. This seems to be a hunting mechanism.
- The SCP seems somewhat aware when someone is affected by its anomaly, staring in the direction of the subject, but not charging, and breaks stare after a few minutes.
- SCP ████ is to be provided with angler fish, jellyfish, squid, eel, and the occasional pufferfish, as its diet must vary in order to keep it alive. Failure to do so will require a suspension from duty for at least three days.
- Containment must simulate the pressure and level of light approximately 5000m under sea level, and allow for surfacing, along with a separate chamber with less pressure for it to rest, as it must be able to breach, as well as hunt in both of its normal pressure levels. Failure to do so has resulted in at least four breaches. The perpetrators have all been suspended or fired following a Class B Amnestic use.