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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No videos or pictures are allowed, xxxx must be viewed directly. Must remain under heavy lock and surveillance when not being tested.

SCP-xxxx Was found in [REDACTED] Texas, when several reports were recieved about mass murder, mass suicide, and terrorism all in the same location. MTF Sent out to investigate and contain, xxxx was found in a abandoned hotel, which was full with dismembered body parts from its victims, such as internal organs, appendex, bones, and eyes scattered all over the lobby. MTF squad leader calls it "sadistic and disgusting". xxxx is a humanoid looking entity. SCP xxxx, now referred to as xxxx, Seems to be 8 feet tall,weighing 60 pounds and has no organs and has bones of unknown material, which leads us to believe that xxxx does not need vital organs and it seems it also wears a black cloak in rare occasions, other then that it looks mostly like a shadow on a wall.

xxxx is to be contained in a 5 x 5 meter cell with a layer of lead in the middle of every door and wall. Five out of reach surveillance cameras must be installed and turned on in the containment cell at all times, with no exception. Due to the incident involving Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED] permission is needed to test and may only be granted by a level four (4) personnel or above. During testing three (3) must guard the cell at all times no matter what the test holder says. xxxx kills in many ways, one similar to 173, and another way is by making them go insane, which causes targeted persons, to turn on each other and try to kill one another. Subject highly active at night and is peaceful with safe class SCPS and spends hours and often has lengthy conversations with them. xxxx has proven to be highly intelligent. xxxx seems to be mostly quiet when alone, and prefers not to talk with humans. xxxx Seems to have a lot of affection for 999, a long with 682. xxxx Has been known to draw pictures of them with him, sometimes stories. xxxx, Whenever its night time seems to stare at the cameras intently whenever someone is watching them. Whenever they blink and look back at xxxx, they have hallucinations and extreme suicidal thoughts. Three (3) Hours before day, personnel report to hear whispering and crying coming from the cell. During harvest moons Every night, Personnel report to see a small sized shadow hunched in the corner. Which appears to kill on eyesight Which kills on contact and possesses the dead body. This shadow, Now referred to as xxxx-2, seems to paralyze it's target before engaging it. xxxx-2 is a 3 foot white humanoid female, and must not be separated from xxxx at ANY times without permission. Anyone trying to separate them will be terminated on sight without sufficient permission.

Unclassified tests on xxxx

3 class D enter the room now referred to as subjects, Subjects asked to approach xxxx. Two obeyed but one didn't. Subject threatened with termination. Subjects obeys. Several minutes later subject has a mental breakdown and rampages, brutally attack the other subjects. One subject survives and xxxx snaps the subjects neck. We are still trying to clean up the mess.
Dr.[REDACTED] Tries to talk with 2916. A few hours later 2916 asks "Why am I imprisoned" Dr[REDACTED] (now referred as [REDACTED[ noted that 2916 sounds like 049. [REDACTED] replies "To protect humanity, and keep their worlds normal" 2916 asks to be freed,[REDACTED] denies. They keep going on the same way, the same answer. 2916 Is enraged by a sudden sound and [REDACTED] leaving.[REDACTED] was a lucky survivor. This is why the door is now made of titanium with thick reinforced glass to ensure safer testing and reduce the chance of breaches. Any other information is classified, request permission from level five (5) council to read the classified information.

We came back a few months later to ask Dr[REDACTED] what he was thinking at the end of the test, he replied "Where is the slug located?"