SCP-2067 (WIP)
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Item #: SCP-2067

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2067-A is to be contained in a storage chamber measuring 6 meters in diameter while secured on a platform suspended 4 feet off the ground. SCP-2067-A must be fed 16.5 liters of human blood using D-Class personnel once every 48 hours to prevent a containment breach. Site staff with at least level 3 security clearance are permitted to access the object. All researchers must wear protective gear covering their entire body when testing with SCP-2067-A. In the event of a containment breach, all nonessential personnel are to evacuate the premises until SCP-2067-B is neutralized and is contained.

Description: SCP-2067 consists of two forms, deemed SCP-2067-A and SCP-2067-B.

SCP-2067-A appears to be a glass sphere, measuring 10cm in diameter. All attempts to permanently destroy SCP-2067-A have failed, since the object seems to reform itself at its original location within the storage chamber. Any live human beings that come within 3.5 meters of SCP-2067-A will be unable to move from their position and the sphere will proceed to drain the blood of all humans within said range via pores and wounds, via a stream. The blood will be then absorbed by the orb through unknown means. SCP-2067-A requires being fed 16.5 liters of blood once every 48 hours from live subjects. Blood that is not directly from a human subject, or is from a post-mortem human subject will not work, and the orb can only feed on 3 individuals at a time before going into an inactive state. If SCP-2067-A is not fed 16.8 liters of blood within said 48 hours, SCP-2067-A will materialize SCP-2067-B.

SCP-2067-B is created if SCP-2067-A has not been fed within 48 hours. SCP-2067-B a grotesque, humanoid entity which resembles Desmodus rotundus. The creature is composed entirely of blood and measures at approximately 8 feet. The entity displays strength 18 times that of a normal human, capable of smashing steel with little effort. SCP-2067-B is extremely hostile and will proceed to hunt down any mammals beings within a 4 mile radius. SCP-2067-B will grow in proportion to the blood volume of whatever it kills. The potential size of SCP-2067-B can be near limitless. (see Incident Report 2067-B-1). Despite the entity being made entirely of blood, it has shown to resist almost all forms of small arms fire. The entity reverts back to SCP-2067-A automatically after approximately 24 hours. Incendiary weapons have been shown to be most effective in keeping the entity subdued. Entity also appears capable of speaking fluent English, indicating signs of sentience. (see Interview 2067-B).

Addendum 2067-1: SCP-2067-A was recovered from a small town near ██████, Germany, where reports of a large, bat-like creature was seen rampaging through said town. Mobile Task Force Upsilon-9 was sent to investigate the situation. Upon arriving at the town of [Redacted], most of the town was in ruins, with only two surviving citizens remaining. Citizens were evacuated and sent to a nearby encampment for questioning. Upon arriving at the town center, a third survivor survivor was seen [DATA EXPUNGED] by SCP-2067-B. Mobile Task Force reportedly opened fire upon the entity, which sent it into a berserk state. SCP-2067-B assaulted Task Force Upsilon-9, killing █ officers before being suppressed by air support. Survivors were administered Class A Amnesiac and were sent back to ██████, Germany via airlift. SCP-2067-A was then recovered and sent back to base.

Test A - 3/14

Subject: D-3856
Procedure: To see if the draining process can be interrupted by pulling out of effect range.
Results: Subject was brought within effective range of SCP-2067-A. Subject was then pulled out SCP-2067-A's effect range after 2 seconds.
Analysis: Draining process started as expected when subject entered effective range. Draining stopped once subject was removed from SCP-2067-A's presence. Subject lost consciousness from blood loss after being pulled out of SCP-2067-A's range. Subject recovered after 2 hours of medical attention. Permission to use Pathogenic SCPs for testing sent to Administration.