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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained inside two areas measuring 500 square meters, centered on each of the two entrances. Due to SCP-XXX's location on an isolated but active public walking trail, foot traffic is common in the area. Ten (10) signs depicting variations of "keep out", "DANGER", "tunnel collapse warning" and "Unstable structure" are to be posted along the road leading to each end of the tunnel. Each entrance is to be kept under video surveillance at all times. In the event that a civilian attempts to enter the tunnel, a single agent from the Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") is to be immediately dispatched to the location under the guise of a Southern Alleghenies Conservancy representative. The agent is to inform the civilian(s) that the tunnel is dangerous and off limits, force may be used, and if necessary, class A amnestics may be administered.

Description: SCP-XXX is a tunnel of indeterminate length located on an abandoned portion of the ████████████ Turnpike called the ████████ Hill Tunnel. Built in the 1940's, the tunnel was designed to be two car lanes wide and 2067 meters long. Satellite, GPS, and above ground measurements confirm this, placing the two entrances to the tunnel at approximately 2 kilometers apart. However, when driving through the tunnel in a vehicle built before 1970, odometer measurements indicate the tunnel is 3 kilometers long (See Exploration Log SCP-XXX-A and B). When walking on foot or driving in a car built after 1970, the tunnel appears to be on average anywhere from 1.5 to ████ kilometers long, with a maximum length recorded appearing to be infinite (See Exploration Log SCP-XXX-D). These spacial anomalies aren't restricted to just the tunnel; the ventilation fan rooms, drainage tunnels, ventilation shaft, office areas and stairways also display similar spacial distortions. It is unknown when its anomalous properties manifested, but it was most likely some time after the turnpike was bypassed and the tunnel closed in 1968.
The tunnel is composed of several areas. According to original design plans, the tunnel itself is a rectangle, 23 feet wide and 16 feet tall. Above the tunnel, separated by a 5 inch slab of reinforced concrete is a half circle shaped maintenance and ventilation tunnel 23 feet wide, beginning 7 feet tall at both ends and gradually shrinks to 5 feet tall in the middle. At each entrance to the tunnel is a small three floor complex with maintenance and storage on the first floor, an office and bathroom on the second floor, and the tunnel ventilation fans/machinery and maintenance tunnel entrance on the third floor. A single staircase connects these three floors.

Mobile Task Force Zeta-9

1967 Dodge Coronet 440 R/T
1967 or 1965 Chevrolet Corvette C2
1969 Triumph Spitfire
1961 Pontiac Catalina
1962 oldsmobile jetfire

Initial containment Log: foundation personnel were alerted to the possible existence of SCP-XXX when stories of "the longest mile tunnel" began circulating among local college students. It had apparently become a practice for fraternities to hold their initiation rituals at the tunnel by having pledges walk through the tunnel without a light source in the middle of the night. On Sep. █, 20██ two students were reported missing after entering the western portal of the tunnel. The following day, local police found both students collapsed from exhaustion 5 meters inside the eastern portal of the tunnel. They were found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.11%, and once they were revived, they claimed to have walked through the tunnel all night, what should have taken half an hour instead taking over 6. At that time, foundation personnel posing as representatives from the college arrived and took the students into custody. Excusing the incident as two drunk college students getting lost and turned around in the dark tunnel.

Interviewer: Dr. Stark
Interviewed: first year college students Ryan S████ and Steven C█████

< Begin Log >

Alright, can you boys tell me what happened last night?

Ryan S: it was just a dumb pledge thing. Get blasted and walk through this spooky tunnel in the dark. It was only supposed to take an hour at most.

Yeah? So why did it take 6?

Ryan S: I dont know man! we were drunk? It was dark? We probably just got turned around.

You got turned around walking in a strait line?

Ryan S: like i said, we were drunk, shit happenes.

Steven C: We didn't get turned around.

Ryan S: What are you talking about man, of course we did! how else could you explain th-

Steven C: [shouting] We didn't get turned around! We went in a straight line! How would we have gotten lost in a tunnel with no curves and no turns? It just kept going!

What do you mean it just kept going?

Steven C: The tunnel! it just kept going! we should have gotten through it in less than half an hour!

Ryan S: Steve-

Steven C: Don't pretend you didn't start panicking too Ryan! After the second hour we both started to run and you know it!

Ryan S: Yeah, and thats when I'm saying we got turned around, when we started to panic-

Steven C: Yeah? Then explain the first two hours! what happened there Ryan? Did we get turned around there too?!

[Both remain silent for 20 seconds]

So let me get this strait, how long were you in that tunnel?

Steven C: I don't know, we went in a little after 1 in the morning. The last thing I remember was seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and sprinting as hard as I could. When did you guys find us? 10:00AM you said? I don't know how long we were out.

And how far would you guess you walked?

Steven C: Shit man, a hell of a lot further than a mile! We walked for the first 2 hours, thats like what, 6 miles? We ran on and off for the next 4, thats another… what, 20 miles? I've never run a marathon, but if I had to put a number on it, I'd say we ran a fucking marathon!

I see, thank you gentlemen.

< End Log >

Exploration log SCP-XXX-A:
Background: Dr. Stark volunteered for the initial exploration along with their personal vehicle, a 1968 Toyota Hilux. The subject was provided with a 30 liter jerry can, 2 days of food, a camping stove, 4 liters of water, a video recorder, two way communication equipment and a directional antenna capable at transmitting to a relay placed at the entrance end of the tunnel. A digital measuring wheel is connected to the back end of the vehicle to measure ground distance traveled. Video and audio feed is transmitted to a temporary mobile monitoring station setup outside the tunnel, being monitored by Dr. ███████.

[the noise of a car starting, the entrance to the tunnel is visible through the windshield of a car]
Stark: alright, lets get this show on the road
Dr. ███████: Just take it slow, a steady 10 miles per hour, if everything goes well, you should be out in about 8 minutes.
[Vehicle enters the tunnel, headlights come on, illuminating about 100 feet ahead]
Stark: ahh, this doesnt look too bad.
Dr. ███████: What do you see?
Stark: the structure looks pretty good, a few holes here and there, and a few chunks of the celing are laying on the ground. Graffiti all over the place. There are regularly spaced holes in the walls that I assume once held lights, spaced maybe, 10 meters apart? Someones spray painted numbers under them… 34… 35… 36…
[1 minute of uneventful silence]
Stark: there's a lot of graffiti in here… [laughter]
Dr. ███████: what is it?
Stark: [chuckling] Oh nothing, gotta love college students though, let me ask you, whats the largest penis you've ever seen before?
Dr. ███████: uhm-
Stark: -Cause I just drove past one that had to be about 25 feet long.
[3 minutes of uneventful silence]
Stark: control, how far should I be from the exit?
Dr. ███████: You should be 2 minutes from the other end
Stark: Then shouldn't I be able to see the end by now?
[2 minutes pass]
Stark: Control, I see no exit
Dr. ███████: Well ill be dammed, the drunk little punks were right
Stark: wait, control, i see light… yeah, there's the exit… whoah, what the, control do you see this?
Dr. ███████: Yeah, yeah we see it, please describe.
Stark: It looks brand new, the lights along the wall are in tact, theres no graffiti, the lane paint is there, the concrete is flawless, this could have been built yesterday, only the lights are off. Control what do you see from your end?
Dr. ███████: No change on our end, the entrance and tunnel look just as old and graffiti'd as before.
[3 minutes pass as the light gets closer and the vehicle exits the tunnel. vehicle video feed shows the tunnel in "new condition" until it goes out of frame when the vehicle leaves the tunnel. video feed from outside the tunnel shows the car leaving an unaltered, old tunnel]

Upon examination of the recording and distance measuring equipment, the vehicle took over 11 minutes to travel through the tunnel and traveled exactly 3000 meters

Exploration log SCP-XXX-B:
Background: The procedures of exploration A where immediately repeated traveling in the opposite direction. Again, results showed a travel time of just over 11 minutes and a distance traveled of 3 kilometers.

Comments: Well, I… im not sure what happened here… We certanly seem to have confirmed this location as anomalous, but im not confident to say its just "a kilometer longer than it should be", especially after those kids testimony, and that last part. So far it seems oddly consistent, either that or I got very lucky twice. Ive already broken enough protocol doing this initial exploration myself, I guess we'll assemble a proper team and continue investigating.

*very very rough drafting below*

Exploration log SCP-XXX-C:
Background: assembled a three man team from the Mobile Task Force Zeta-9; led by Agent Cole {commander, driver}, Agent Harris {passenger seat, communications} and Agent Steven {back seat, mechanic/engineer, science officer}. Agents were provided a White Ford F150 extended cab pickup truck, a 30 liter jerry can, 2 days of MRE rations, 12 liters of water, a video recorder, two way communication equipment and a directional antenna capable at transmitting to a relay placed at the entrance end of the tunnel. A digital measuring wheel is connected to the back end of the vehicle to measure ground distance traveled. Video and audio feed is transmitted to a temporary mobile monitoring station setup outside the tunnel, being monitored by Dr. ███████ and Dr. Stark.

[the noise of a car starting, the entrance to the tunnel is visible through the windshield of a car]
Stark: Communications check
Harris: Check check, crystal clear on this end doctor.
Stark: Great, proceed whenever you're ready.
Cole: We'll see you at the other end.
[Vehicle headlights turn on as it enters the tunnel, illuminating about 200 feet of the tunnel ahead]

Writing In Progress

note to self: alright, new plan with the exploration logs:
log 1: send in a team of 3 (maybe just one?), with 1 day of rations and a fuel tank good for 50 miles, (spooky shit?) then they go missing
log 2: send in a 4 (3?) man team, with a week of rations and fuel good for 500 miles, they are in contact for a week, tunnel never ends, (spooky shit?) contact lost
log 3: send in one last team of 3, rations good for 2 months, fuel for 4000 miles, they get through the tunnel in 11 minutes, 3 kilometers, finds no trace of either team that came before.
log 4: banging sounds coming from ground floor service door, its one of the team members from exploration #1 (2? does it even matter?) tells story of horror. Send in team (fuckin, i dont know how many, ive already sunk too many lives into this) to explore end area (space fuckery, really tall -not endless though- stairs), find the ventilation tunnel, wont end, ceiling keeps getting lower, team turns back, ceiling keeps getting lower, team gets squished.
log 5: ????
conclusion, fuck this place lets never do this again.

How much the distance/space warping effect is perceived is partially related to the individuals knowledge of the tunnels effect. The more an individual knows about the tunnel and its special warping qualities, the more those qualities manifest when they go through it. Therefore the general population is relatively safe (and is why the tunnel is still open to the public)