Dr Ttevol's Personal SCP and Tale Ideas for Later

(Goddamnit, this sounds too much like X-Men)
"So, Mr… Green, is it?" the man checks his clipboard, "An odd name. Five years ago you were found to have custody of fourteen children. Is this correct?"
The man on the other side of the table, Mr. Green, asks, "F-fourteen? I r-reme… oh, r-right. Y-yes."
The man pauses, "Why?"
"I w-was g-giving them a-a home."
"They already had one."
"That place was h-horrible! E-especially to-to-to Seven."
"Seven? The boy we found?"
"N-no, they w-were a-a girl. W-what do y-you mean, a-a boy?"
"According to our records, 'Seven' was a male. Nine years of age at the time. I can double check if that would prove my point."
"That's n-not right, S-Seven was a g-girl."
"Well then, what was she like?"
"She w-was… different. N-not in personality, but in w-what she could do. W-when your p-people discovered w-what she could do, they came and t-took h-her away."
"And who are… they?"
"I don't know, I-I was gone, b-but when I c-came b-back, I saw h-her in the a-armored t-truck, 'Specialized C-Corps. of Protection', they sounded l-like one of y-your guys."
"I can't say I recognize that. So, tell me, what could 'Seven' do?"
"I-I'm not s-sure how to describe it. I-it's been y-years, she can p-probably d-do more now."
"[Under his breath] God, this sounds like some UIU bullshit. [normal] Do more of what?"
"Some w-would call it magic, I-I call it t-talent."
"Tell me, what does she do?"
"M-manipulate life."
"What do you mean, 'manipulate'?"
"She could c-create life

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