JoshDaBoss's Personal SCP and Tale Ideas for Later

Item #: SCP-XXX1

Object Class: Keter (probably)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX1-A is to be monitored for any leaks by the Foundation bot SB-324. If any employees are found contributing factual articles to SCP-XXX1-A, they are to be fired (help with better wording). Any possible evidence as to the identity of the original poster is to be given to a senior level researcher (bad wording).

Description: SCP-XXX1-A is a collaborative writing website under the URL The current version ran by several members of staff, most of which (and several generic members of the site) are being monitored for any suspicious activity.

Several real life events and SCPs have been sighted on SCP-XXX1-A, and all have been attributed to many users that have memories of coming up with them on their own, research into possible memetic or mind-altering attributes is ongoing (possible footnote).

SCP-XXX1-B is an unknown entity leaking real information onto this site. It is unknown

(this is terrible)

If any of these SCPs or tales get on the main site, and it is not by me, tell a higher-up.
Owner: JoshDaBoss