Dr. Tuna's Varietal Braindump

Classification: Drafted and Awaiting Final Review

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a windowless cell of at least 30 meters in length and width, and 5 meters in height to provide substantial room for a blood frenzy with minimal risk of damage to the walls or ceiling. All walls are to be constructed of no less than 30 cm 60cm of steel-silicon alloy, and the doors of at least 10 cm 40cm of tungsten-steel alloy. The entrance of the cell is to use an airlock set of two doors which may not be opened under any circumstances other than the periodically scheduled painting of the room or on direct order from the site administrator. Even in the case of such exceptions, no organism containing blood may proceed past the first door without wearing a disinfected airtight suit. An automatic elevating platform is to be placed in the center of the cell, leading up to the cattle room. This platform is required to have an additional manual control to prevent a failure to feed SCP-XXX during a site-wide loss of power. At least two cameras must be placed on the cell ceiling to maintain visuals on SCP-XXX at all times. If SCP-XXX displays any abnormal behavior a lock-down of the wing housing SCP-XXX is to be initiated immediately until further notice.

A constant supply of about twenty slaughterhouse-bound cattle is to be maintained at all times. A set feeding schedule is impossible to maintain due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-XXX, so SCP-XXX will be fed upon the standard visual cues of restlessness, teeth gnashing, and pacing in the Southeast corner. A single cow it to be fed using the platform when SCP-XXX is ready to be fed. The platform is not to be raised back up until SCP-XXX's bloody frenzy has abated to ensure no damage is inflicted on the platform's support structure. While SCP-XXX does not follow a specific pattern, an average of 2-6 hours between feedings has been noted.

The cell housing SCP-XXX is to be periodically painted twice a week by 5 Class-D's after a recent blood frenzy. The walls do not require a complete coat, but should be significantly covered with paint. The paint used is required to have a lingering, overpoweringly repugnant odor. This is necessary to mask the scent of humans located outside cell from SCP-XXX's superior sense of smell, in addition to dulling it. A more intense version of the paint is to be used on the elevating platform to deter SCP-XXX from attempting to breach containment using the lift. The painting is not to extend over 2 hours, as this is the minimum guaranteed time between feedings. If the painting is not fully completed, it will be resumed upon the completion of the next feeding. If SCP-XXX unexpectedly becomes hostile during the painting, the doors to the chamber are to be locked immediately and are not to be opened until SCP-XXX has finished its blood frenzy. Another, single Class D will be sent in to retrieve what remains of the supplies.

All personnel assigned to SCP-XXX must undergo a regular mental screening to ensure no negative psychological effects of witnessing or hearing a blood frenzy. If any personnel fail to pass the test, they will be reassigned. In addition, any personnel wishing to be reassigned may do so, but only after a replacement is found. All foundation employees assigned to SCP-XXX must be in perfect mental health to quickly and effeciently respond to potential problems. Unconscious fear of SCP-XXX will severely inhibit reaction times in the case of an emergency. If any personnel are detained attempting to release SCP-XXX, they are to undergo immediate termination after interrogation. A replacement is to be assigned following the termination of the previous personnel.

After the events of Incident I-XXX-B, at least eight security personnel are to be specifically assigned to the wing housing SCP-XXX at all times. These personnel are to be provided quarters near SCP-XXX's cell to ensure a rapid response time during breaches. They will be provided tranquilizer guns loaded with appropriately scaled sedative rounds of ammunition. If SCP-XXX breaches containment, all security personnel are to subdue it with any means necessary short of utilizing other non-security personnel as bait. At least two security personnel must be present at the door to the chamber and in the control room at all times. Shift rotations can be decided at the leisure of the on-duty security detail.

In addition to armed personnel, additional blast doors are to be installed in the site wing housing SCP-XXX. The following areas are designated for blast door installation:

  • The staircase leading to the cattle storage room
  • The entrance to the control room
  • The entrance to the security personnel quarters
  • All hallways leading to other areas of the site

All blast doors must have a non-electric manual override of some form.

Description: SCP-XXX was first discovered in 2/15/██ after reports were received that numerous villages on the south border of the Amazon Rainforest were performing sacrifices to appease what they claimed was the physical manifestation of their God of Death. A team of agents was sent out to investigate if there was any possibility of an SCP being involved. During their investigation, the villages informed Agent ██████ that a sacrifice was chosen from the local livestock or villagers themselves and was tied to a sturdy tree for the night, far from the village and close to the forest itself. After a night full of screams and deafening roars, all that was found the next morning was a massive pool of blood and a severed rope. It was considered taboo to attempt to view the deity, as no person who did so had survived the night. On the night of 2/20/██, Foundation agents attempted to make visual contact with the being at night. All contact was lost and the agents have never been recovered. They have since been assumed dead.

9 failed attempts at securing SCP-XXX were performed before Mobile Task Force Zeta-1 was formed for the containment of SCP-XXX, now deemed to be an extreme threat to all biological organisms if it were to ever leave the Amazon. MTF Zeta-1 was given explicit orders to contain SCP-XXX through any means possible, and if deemed impossible, was to be terminated. MTF Zeta-1 engaged SCP-XXX on 5/3/██ at 9:45 PM. After 7 hours of intense combat, Zeta-1 finally manages to fully incapacitate SCP-XXX by igniting the entire village and nearby border of the forest, pinning SCP-XXX under several tons of fallen trees. SCP-XXX's head is severed and placed inside of an armored transport vehicle, with members of MTF Zeta-1 inflicting further physical trauma if necessary to keep SCP-XXX from regenerating. SCP-XXX's head was delivered to Site █ on 5/5/██, where it was contained and allowed to regenerate again. SCP-XXX took only 3 hours to fully reform its body from the remaining head.

SCP-XXX is a massive, wolf-like canid of approximately 2 meters in height and 4 meters in length. Its body is skinless, covered in a reddish flesh instead of fur. Upon further analysis, SCP-XXX's body seems to be made entirely of blood cells, with the sole exception being its teeth and claws, which are made of a very durable but unknown material. How it functions without any sort of skeletal structure or other types of cells is unknown. It also possesses large, serrated teeth and long sharp claws on all four feet. Both claws and teeth are on average half a meter or more in length.

SCP-XXX has no eyes, and has no visible eye sockets either. Instead, SCP-XXX relies on its very powerful sense of smell, enabling it to detect the scent of blood over 20 km away. It is also inexplicably capable of detecting scents through dense solid materials, such as steel or concrete. However, it is susceptible to the normal strategies of scent evasion, including scent masking and remaining downwind from SCP-XXX. The scent being used to deceive SCP-XXX must be powerful, as a weaker scent has been deemed ineffective in all scenarios.

SCP-XXX has a muscular build, and possesses an agility and strength much greater than even its appearance would suggest. SCP-XXX has been observed to cover distances of 20 meters in less than a second, throw armored vehicles with minimal effort, and most notably fully punctured 10cm of steel-tungsten alloy during Incident I-XXX-B. Bullets do not seem to have an effect on SCP-XXX, with all minor wounds scabbing and then healing in seconds. Detached limbs regenerate quickly as well, with the body forming a temporary limb out of solidified blood before flesh reforms over it in a matter of minutes. SCP-XXX has been able to eventually recover from any damage it has received, no matter how severe. While any body part is capable of regenerating the rest of the body, including its head, multiple instances of SCP-XXX will not form from severed limbs. The largest intact chunk of SCP-XXX seems to have the regenerative priority, and it will reform its body from that piece. SCP-XXX's cells are capable of multiplying infinitely at an incredible rate, however this is notably decreased if SCP-XXX suffers massive amount of physical trauma. Tranquilizer sedatives do have an effect, although it takes a significant amount to pacify SCP-XXX during a blood frenzy.

SCP-XXX's most significant behavioral trait is its apparent need to feed addiction to blood. When in the presence of blood or a live organism containing blood, SCP-XXX may enter a highly aggressive state referred to as the blood frenzy. In this state SCP-XXX will mutilate, disembowel, and dismember any nearby organism. This frenzy state has been observed to last as long as two hours without pause. Once the blood frenzy is completed, the only remains of the victims are pools of blood on the floor of the cell. SCP-XXX will then proceed to sniff up the blood systematically, leaving very little left in most cases. Occasionally SCP-XXX will not sniff up all the blood, and will ingest the remainder later. During an indefinite amount of time lasting longer than two hours, SCP-XXX will enter a passive state and will not react to anything inside of its cell during this time. It is never certain how long this passive period lasts and it ends abruptly, making any attempted tests difficult to perform without loss of personnel.

SCP-XXX does not appear to care what kind of blood it is ingesting, as long as it fits into two criteria determined by remote testing:

  1. The blood cannot be artificial in nature
  2. The blood must be from an organism SCP-XXX has killed

If the blood provided does not meet these standards, SCP-XXX will not react to the blood in the slightest. It has been determined that SCP-XXX will ingest aged blood from an organism it killed in the past. There has not yet been a proper test done on this observation, as retrieving a substantial enough amount of blood from SCP-XXX's cell is nearly impossible.

Addendum SCP-XXX: Testing

Addendum SCP-XXX: Incident Reports