The 'Bone' Trickster
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Item #: SCP-3056

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3056 is to be contained in any of its 4: 10x6x10 meter sound-proofed steel habitation boxes. These boxes are to be submerged in sulphuric acid at all times to keep the Trickster in its Brain-Dead state. The 'Bone' Trickster is to be contained at all times and at any cost. Camera's cannot be installed into SCP-3056's habitation zones because of the agitated state it enters. Once in said state SCP-3056 then starts to rip anything and everything it can get ahold of, including the camera. In the event of a containment breach, at least 3 personnel within a 100-meter radius are to check on the containment and carry out the procedures stated above.

Description: After performing SCP-3056's genetic analysis, it seems that it is not chemically human or even terrestrial at all. And in fact SCP-3056's chemical composition isn't based on carbon, it is silicon. After calming from its agitated state it will transition into an almost brain-dead like state. This is when it heals and is most vulnerable. It's 'BD' (Brain-Dead) state is when its muscle, intellect and bone growth increases exponentially. SCP-3056's bone structure is formed. It is malformed and SCP-3056 should be dead along with all of SCP-3056's organs. If SCP-3056 has any. If SCP-3056 gets any type of food, whether human or not, SCP-3056 will continue to find, dismember and decapitate with precision. SCP-3056 can also phase into alternate realities. It's been theorized that it may be trying to. The power and hawking radiation this SCP creates are immense so it is thought to be an "impossible animal" by Head Of Research.SCP-3056 has leathery skin and his bones clearly protrude from the surface of said skin. SCP-3056 facial features are dull. Looking like that of a human male, with his eye sockets clearly piercing SCP-3056's skin. Upon touching this SCP, it will enter an aggressive state. SCP-3056 continuously grow more and more aggressive and seek whoever touched it (from now on that human will be called SCP-3056-1). SCP-3056 will bite SCP-3056-1 anywhere on its body, normally near the oesophagus. SCP-3056 will then drag the body, still conscious, back to its habitation zone and continue to rip SCP-3056-1's chest open and eat the still working organs. It then tears SCP-3056-1's limbs off and 'plays' with them. Murmuring joyfully and using SCP-3056-1's limb(s) for its next trap. In containment, it crawls up the walls, twisting its head to over 360° or more. It has been theorized that it uses this to potentially scare its victims.

Tricking The Prey The 'Bone' Trickster got its name from the way it tricked its prey. It would find scavengers large enough to eat and set out a limb or more from SCP-3056-1. Once the bait has been eaten, SCP-3056 would use its large, bony metasomal-like structure on its coccyx to impale its prey. The scorpion-like impaler will also inject fluoroantimonic acid, dissolving the body and tissue for eating/drinking Tricking the prey requires intellect, researchers have tried to test it, with logic puzzles and electrotherapy. All tests are yet to be conclusive.