Test: SCP-2277

Item #: SCP-2277

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2277 is to be kept in a reinforced steel cell 5m x 5m x 3m at all times. The door must be hermetically sealed, as the entity can slip through the smallest cracks or spaces. The cell is to be kept under 24/7 camera surveillance and guarded by 4 guards, armed with █████ portable radiation emitters. No personnel are to enter the cell without the authorisation of Dr. Bouchard. In the event of an escape attempt, emitters adjacent to the cell are to begin emitting █████ radiation until SCP-2277 returns to a docile state.

Description: SCP-2277 is a non-corporeal entity currently being held in Site 64. The entity is extremely hostile and dangerous. Though sentient and seemingly highly intelligent, SCP-2277 seems to have no interest in peaceful interaction with Foundation personnel. Since the last escape attempt at Site 64, SCP-2277 has agreed to co-operate with Foundation personal, but maintains its arrogant and condescending mannerism when it interacts with anyone. See SCP-2277 Incident 08.

SCP-2277's appearance outside of a host is a humanoid shape, closely resembling smoke or vapor, which is primarily black with streaks of red fading and re-appearing every few seconds in different places, and is around 185 cm tall.
When SCP-2277 possesses a host, it steps "into" the body. The host, thereafter referred to as SCP-2277-1, will begin to convulse for around 10-15 seconds. SCP-2277 will thereafter take full control of the body. This state is easily recognisable, as the host's eye color will change to black with red pupils, and will remain this way until SCP-2277 leaves the body.

Most notably, when SCP-2277 is in control, SCP-2277-1's molecular structure changes dramatically: while it is able to interact with (i.e move or pick up) objects, it becomes impervious to any outside interaction: any object it encounters passes through its body without effect. However, it is unable to pass through solid objects such as walls or floors, unless there is a crack of fissure.
SCP-2277 refers to itself as “Draevan”. Its has a deep male voice, though any who have heard it (either in person or through a recording) agree that there is something strange about it, a rasp just just on the edge of hearing accompanying each sound.

SCP-2277 was brought to the Foundation’s attention on ██-██-20██. After several residents reported disappearances in the town of ██-██████ in Canada, two police officers were sent to investigate the area, an abandoned Asbestos mine just outside of the town. One officer returned to town wounded, yelling about a homeless man that had killed his partner, and how the bullets they had fired had passed through him. Four more officers were sent to the mine but never returned.

Foundation personel were alerted and Mobile Task Force Alpha-5 was dispatched to the mine. At the mine entrance, they discovered the bodies of the five police officers, who all exhibited blunt-force trauma as cause of death. Five MTF agents entered the mine while the other five remained at the entrance. After several minutes, the agents inside radioed that they were under attack by an unknown assailant, and that gunfire was having no effect. After six minutes the radio went silent, and the gunfire from inside the mine ceased.

Just as the remaining MTF agents were about to enter, an agent exited the mine dragging the body of the assailant. The agents recovered all the remaining bodies and put them into body bags, then returned them to Site 64 for analysis. When the MTF agents were removing their equipment, namely their optical equipment, the surviving agents saw that the agent who'd dragged the body from the mine had black eyes with vertical red pupils. SCP-2277 immediately exited the host body and escaped into the facility.

The facility immediately entered lockdown. Fortunately, ████ radiation was discovered as the means of harming SCP-2277 when it passed by the cell containing SCP-████. It immediately began screaming and writhing on the ground. It slowly crawled away from the cell and fled. Foundation personal viewed this through security cameras and armed the surviving members of MTF Alpha-5 with ████ radiation emitters. Thus armed, they were able to force SCP-2277 into an empty cell.

Note from Dr. Bouchard: While humans appear unharmed by ████ radiation, each attempt to subdue SCP-2277 seems to require higher and higher doses of ████. It may be that SCP-2277 will eventually become immune to the radiation entirely.

Document SCP-2277-02