Draft Numero Uno
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Agent █████'s field photograph of SCP-1405, before containment.

Item #: SCP-1328

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1328 is to be kept in a wire cage that measures five (5) by four (4) by five (5) meters when not physically active. The wire itself is to be no less than two (2) centimeters in diameter,with the crate equipped with a heavy iron door outfitted with a combination lock. The single staff member, who is to accompany SCP-1328, should be able to unlock the crate in any instance of SCP-1328 becoming distressed in any form, ranging from a simple whine emitting from it to SCP-1328 attempting to crush parts of its enclosure with its jaws. SCP-1328 may only be taken out of its cage when going for a bi-daily jog around Sector-25's grounds.

Description: SCP-1328 came to the Foundation's attention in 198█ when farmer Alan ██████ was accused of stealing crops from his nearby neighbor. Alan sold four times as many crops that year than he had sold in his twelve (12) years of farming, and his neighbor summoned him to a court case where he was sued for stealing his crops. Foundation agents were monitoring the case, and ██████ claimed that his hunting dog had been the one who had made the crops grow better. ██████ was introduced into a insane asylum, and the Foundation seized the acclaimed 'magic dog.'

SCP-1328 is a relatively large male quadruped canine, of the common dog breed canis familiaris, or Labrador Retriever. SCP-1328 is fifty-nine (59) kilograms in weight, and stands slightly above the American Kennel Club's standards at sixty-four (64) centimeters tall. The chocolate-colored coat SCP-1328 wears is speckled with snow-white discolorations near its rear, that correspond to its current attitude. As Agent Horace put it during his time with SCP-1328, "The more spots there are, the happier the dog is." Dr. ████ monitored the CCTV stationed on SCP-1328 during a period of ten minutes alone, with no playthings or puzzles, and found that the spots seem to mimic a cell's mitosis, and has recorded that SCP-1328 will duplicate its baseline number of discolorations, which is seven (7), within exactly six (6) minutes and twenty-two (22) seconds from desertion.

SCP-1328 testing log.

Test 01 - 5/12/19██

Subject: SCP-1328
Procedure: SCP-1328 was located in a field of barley one (1) square kilometer four (4) kilometers from Sector-25. The field had been dehydrated and severely suffering from a recent grassfire. Dr. █████ had specially checked the area to desert specifications, with a humidity less than four (4) percent.
Results: SCP-1328 frolicked in the barley for approximately five (5) minutes, being examined from afar by Dr. █████ through 5x binoculars. On a notepad he documented his examinations. In his words he reported that, "What resembled green leaves were attracted to SCP-1328, following it as it leaped through the barley. The once drooping crop visually straightened itself, maturing to a harvestable state within a period of roughly three (3) minutes. Topsoil in the field darkened from its original tan state, presumably from an increase in moisture. After a total elapsed time of thirteen (13) minutes, the subject laid down in the field on its side." After the last writing, Dr. █████ approached the subject. He reported feeling a dampness in the air, and the ground seemed to make a slight 'squishing' sound beneath his feet. Mud clung to his shoes and he noticed the barley had greened and grew up to his torso. SCP-1328 was found extremely dehydrated, exhausted and unconscious.
Analysis: The 'green leaves' were pockets of concentrated nitrogen that were attracted to a hydrogen sulfate that SCP-1328 emitted. H2o was attracted to SCP-1328 for reasons currently unknown, and seemed to 'rain' down from the subject when it jumped or sprinted, and a final humidity test revealed that it had gone up approximately fourteen (14) percent, to a total eighteen (18) percent.

Test 02 - 3/18/20██

Subject: SCP-1328
Procedure: SCP-1328 was not given any food or water for one (1) day and left alone in an experimental Foundation garden three (3) by two (2) by four (4) meters. SCP-1328 was recorded as being in distress and unhappy, as it was seen laying down in the exact center of the garden as soon as it was left alone. The garden itself was regularly maintained by Foundation staff, watered once daily and fertilized monthly.
Results: CCTV cameras focused on the subject revealed that the assorted vegetables and flowers in the garden had immediately began to wilt and darken. After an elapsed time of two (2) minutes, the garden's soil began to exhibit cracks from dryness. Four (4) minutes after, the ground resembled that of an Argentinean desert. SCP-1328 progressively grew more anxious and lively, beginning to claw and bite at the remaining healthy plants, throwing clumps of dirt at the garden's easternmost wall. SCP-1328 was returned to containment as soon as it had laid down again, although continued to growl angrily at its holder.
Analysis: SCP-1328 took almost all humidity from the room, and brought it into its own body. Nutrients from the plants did the same, and seemed to fuel SCP-1328 in its angry state. Later analysis proved that a civilian's lawn, thirty-two (32) kilometers from the testing site, exhibited the same dryness and lack of plant health as the garden's.