Dragon496000's Drafting Page
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a modified humanoid containment cell. The bedframe is to be made of platinum and bolted to the floor. The walls, ceiling and floor are to be lined with rubber and fiberglass; the surface of the floor is made of a thin sheet of steel above a larger mass of platinum that leads out of the cell into a capacitor in the site's power supply ("If he's always gonna be giving us power, why not use it?" -Dr. Miller). A multi-meter must be connected to the platinum plate and monitored continuously, if the voltage ever rises above 350v Dr. ██████ is to be contacted to converse with SCP-XXXX to lower the voltage to tolerable levels. If Dr. ██████ is unavailable, then on-site personnel may attempt to calm SCP-XXXX in any way, including sedating it by electrocuting the room. The cell is to checked for damage on a yearly basis, during which SCP-XXXX is given a standard psychological evaluation. Direct interaction with SCP-XXXX must be approved by level 4 personnel, and the wearing of rubberized suits is required. SCP-XXXX is to wear the least amount of clothing, usually a tank-top, undergarments, and a pair of shorts. SCP-XXXX is prohibited from wearing anything on its feet. The cell is to be cleaned bi-monthly. The containment cell of SCP-XXXX is only accessible through a second room, the floor of which is to be electrified to 200,000v. SCP-XXXX is allowed to request three (3) meals per day and any books from the on-site library. Other requests must be approved by the on-site director.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a Caucasian male approximately 1.7 meters tall. SCP-XXXX does not possess internal organs, a nervous system, or a circulatory system, though it can still bleed. SCP-XXXX does not need to consume nutrients1 or sleep. SCP-XXXX 's body generates electricity, though how it does so is a mystery. The voltage produced is constant and kept within SCP-XXXX's skeletal structure, which function as storage capacitors. When at maximum capacitance, SCP-XXXX discharges the excess between approximately 100v and 12mv per second without SCP-XXXX 's conscious effort or control. The amount of voltage discharged is variable depending on SCP-XXXX 's mood: stimuli that cause agitation, excitement, fear, or similar feelings increase the amount of voltage discharged similar to how a human's heartbeat would in similar circumstances. SCP-XXXX reports feeling tired under such circumstances, and will usually sit and do nothing for varying periods of time afterwards. SCP-XXXX's skin is extraordinarily conductive and will take any available electricity from the area into SCP-XXXX. It is estimated SCP-XXXX can store approximately 3.05mf. If SCP-XXXX absorbs between 200,000v and 350,000v beyond this maximum, it will fall unconscious and discharge between 400v and 750v per second until the excess capacitance is lost. Any wounds SCP-XXXX sustains are healed within two (2) to fifteen (15) seconds and tires SCP-XXXX as if it were discharging large amounts of volts. SCP-XXXX has not aged since its acquisition in 197█.

Acquisition: SCP-XXXX was acquired on February ██, 197█ in ████████ ██████████ after agents embedded in the local law enforcement identified an anomalous individual connected to the deaths of two individuals aged ██ and █. At the time the deaths were deemed accidental due to the irregular circumstances, but the husband and father of the deceased remained adamant he had killed the two. The two had been fatally electrocuted while in their kitchen, neighbors had reported a loud argument from the two tenants before the incident had occurred. Foundation personnel concluded that the survivor was anomalous and brought him to Site-██ for research and containment.