Dragonslover's SCP Drafts

Nothing to see here as of yet. Presently learning how to SCP; just making this now so I don't forget to do it later.

Looks like I already flupped up with the coding…dangit.

Small tidbit: pretty much every SCP that crossed my mind so far has been humanoid; research suggests I shouldn't actually make many like that. Thus, until I have some more fitting, unusual or strange objects, just assume the SCP is humanoid (if no object is directly mentioned or described).

Also not going to number my SCPs (yet) on account of I hear there's over 9000? [Meme reference here] Until such time as an SCP of mine is ready (and upvoted enough) to be included on the site, I won't pick a number.

Final note: I try to do a quick search on any SCP ideas I have, both in the main site and the forums, to see if something similar has already been posed. If I do suggest something similar to an existing SCP, it was accidental.