SCP-XXXX Otherworldly Merchant
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a simplified humanoid containment unit since subject lacks any need for water, food or even air. The reinforced walls are outlaid with sensors ranging between motion, thermal and gamma to monitor SCP-XXXX within it's container. Multiple sets of exposed and hidden camera as constantly A bullet and flame proof glass is set at one wall for observation and safe communication. The security door into the containment is a double door airlock requiring double clearance for entry. Doors are designed to bulkhead standards mainly for keeping intruders out of SCP-XXXX containment and to withstand any aggression SCP-XXXX unleashes if provoked. All staff entering must wear eye protection for security and health safety. At least three members of security are to be on watch at all times and apprehend any staff that have not been authorized entrance. Basic level decontamination before and after entry is expected as a hazard precaution. Despite the bare layout of the containment unit, SCP-XXXX can freely change the environment to however it desires. The room has been changed in many different ways yet if request the subject returns it to its original look. No matter the changes there are no negative effects to the sensors, camera equipment, security door or viewing window. For full details for these changes read Addendum-1.

Entrance to SCP-XXXX is highly restricted, requiring Level 4 Clearance by both the Site Director and Security Director. Project, research and security staff of Level 3 related to the study of SCP-XXXX can remote interview subject and collect any merchandise traded with SCP-XXXX. Under no circumstances should SCP-XXXX be left alone with any D-Class personal after the last few incidents of D-Class tried to trade with the subject. If any D-Class tries to communicate with SCP-XXXX then they are to be removed from the Site or terminated immediately. Currently testing is on going to measure SCP-XXXX capabilities with it's willing cooperation. All testing are hold since 201█ after last testing incident. Requests for new testing pending.

SCP-XXXX can make requests for items within regulated list, mainly basic materials for crafting purposes and can be allowed to be toured to Level 0 and Level 1 areas of the Site under heavy watch although with Level 4 Clearance given. Security Director along with Site Task Force are expected to be on escort at all times with staff wearing proper eye protection. SCP-XXXX should not be allowed to be in contact with any other SCPs or should any details about other SCPs unless given by the full authority of Level 5 Clearance.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid figure measured of average height and physical build matching of a male in his late 20s to early 30s. The subject's body is completely in a thick wrappings ranging from hemp, silk and cotton cloth which then varies between deep purple and dark blues in color. These wraps seem to cover over a hooded robe fitting of the ██████ desert region yet its impossible to correctly identify without removing the wraps. Both the wrappings and exposed robe have various symbols matching with many different forms of arcane and occult depictions, ranging from historical, religious and [REDACTED] sources. These symbols glow the same color of his eyes and will change varying on his emotional mood.

SCP-XXXX can freely change it's outfit to a more mundane color and appearance to fit within the ██████ culture and region. Subject can also change the intensity of it's gaze's color to better blend in a public surrounding. Only small samples have been collected of it's clothing yet the material do not seem to contain any abnormal qualities when removed. SCP-XXXX physical form is hidden by it's garb since the wraps go as far as covering every finger, along the feet and all around the face. The only feature that can be openly seen are his eye which are a bright glowing purple, however this color changes based on his emotional mood such a a deep red when angry or light blue when relaxed. Proper eye protection is needed in fear of interviewers suffering ██████ or risk of being ██████. Any attempts to remove any wrappings without it's permission leads to formal refusal although it will use more aggressive measures if pressured, although rarely does it end with any staff fatalities.

From what x-ray scans have shown, SCP-XXXX has no skeleton structure or any internal organs and imaging shows just a clear void. SCP-XXXX require no food or water of any kind and doesn't even need air even though its body movements seem to imitate breathing. Despite having no lungs or organs needed for speech, subject can freely talk yet also can communicated through telepathic means. The energy that makes up SCP-XXXX form is unknown to science even with collected samples of his 'essence' being studied. Thus its speculated that he's a being made purely of █████. Thermal sensors detect the subject's temperature fluctuates between -50 to 100 Celsius yet it shows no physical affects on its clothes, surrounding environment or beings who make physical. Test subjects and interviewers who have touch SCP-XXXX have described that he has a chilly or warm touch yet not to the harmful degrees that are detected. When examined by gamma ray spectrometer, SCP-XXXX detected giving off an unknown similar cosmic background radiation yet doesn't affect the environment or personal since his arrival to Site ███

SCP-XXXX was encountered in 20██ in the small city of ██████ in Saudi Arabia after reports of exotic weapons, arcane items and miracles were being performed in the area. Information was collected through online sources yet were quickly deleted and the sources suppressed with Class-C amnesiacs. Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] is sent it for recovery both of SPC-XXXX and any of items purchased from him by the locals. The following encounter led to the death of two team members and varying injuries by others inflicted by aggressive locals using items or supernatural abilities traded with SCP-XXXX. A mix of melee weaponry, varieties of firearms and ██████ were recorded in the conflict. Subject did not resist capture before being air lifted out. Task Force finishes up eliminating altered locals, confiscating any items bought and administering experimental amnesiacs. Once brought to Site ██, SCP-XXXX was quickly taken for interrogation before revealing it's normal appearance and answering back. The full interview can be read below. Agent █████ suffered mental shock similar in symptoms to [DATA EXPUNGED] after insulting SCP-XXXX and threatening him with his sidearm. Agent █████ is demoted for uncalled for behavior and reassigned to Site ██.

SCP-XXXX has so far proved to have high resistance to physical harm although it does damage it's clothing and seems to 'bleed' as detailed in the interview. Subject's injuries recovered within 24 hours since the encounter with no long-term affects. Once settled into it's containment unit, subject freely answered any question claiming it part of the 'deal' it made with Doctor █████. SCP-XXXX claims that it's named is [DATA EXPUNGED] the Grand Merchant from the world of [DATA EXPUNGED]. It went on to describes [DATA EXPUNGED] which also exist in it's plane as the dominant species along with other beings similar in detail to SCP-███, SCP-███ and SCP-███.

SCP-XXXX says it arrived on early in ████B.C. and has kept to regions that it says 'remind him of home'. Subject has requested aid in being able to return home by saying its powers are limited by a [REDACTED]. In return it has offered to trade it's items and knowledge in exchange along with following with requested testing it's willing to do. The full list of abilities and items tested on in the Addendums.

Addendum-1: SCP-XXXX Abilities Testing
Test 1

Subject: SCP-XXXX and shooting range of targets
Procedure: To see an example of what SCP-XXXX calls a spell
Results: Subject waved right hand before firing a dozen palm sized bolts of bright glowing energy. Scans and slow motion relates energy to concentrated plasma yet the energy output it of marginally low. All bolts hit targets directly in the chest and show signs of first-degree burns
Analysis: Simple results yet proof of subject claims of being [DATA EXPUNGED]

Test 2

Subject: SCP-XXXX and a D-Class personnel
Procedure: Testing SCP-XXXX gaze on a different subject.
Results: D-Class panicked at first glance before suddenly becoming calmly passive. Subject then calm orders D-Class member to follow simple orders such as moving to different spots, answering questions truly and having him dance (with embarrassing results). D-Class ordered to leave test chamber and moments after regains self-control.
Analysis: D-Class is interviewed and details all actions flawlessly, showing his awareness during trance. Is monitored for any long-term affects before terminated at end of the month.

Test 3

Subject: SCP-XXXX and a empty Glock 42, standard issue for Site security
Procedure: Test to see SCP-XXXX understand of modern weaponry
Results: Subject spends an hour study the weapon, easily disabling and reassembling the gun with calculated ease. Once finished it described the weapon being superior to any firearm it's world has. The gun is tested and functions without issue.
Analysis: Subject has innate skill and knowledge to even modern weapons despite never handling one. Requests for expanded testing pending