inception SCP

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: due to its anomalous properties, SCP-[number] has not been neutralized at this time. However preparations are being made to contain the subject.

Description: SCP-[number] is a website hosted at IP address 54.165.148.███. and is accessible through the domain SCP-[number] is a website that leads directly to the Foundation database, however claims that it is fictional writing. The website claims to be hosted by When questioned about the website, wikidot claimed they never have hosted a website with any connection to the foundation itself. Attempts to either shut down the web address, or trace it's address will always result in a spontaneous containment breach within the vicinity, making SCP [number] difficult to contain. The most major concern of this website is the public release of all SCP files on record, and will release information up to class 4 security clearance. at this time the website reveals a new SCP at an average rate of 1 per [REDACTED] days. [[am i doing good so far? cause i'm a noob]][[also there's more to come]]