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Item #: SCP-2524
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2524 is to be contained in a graphite box within a room that must have absolutely no lighting. Guards outside SCP-2524 are to be equipped with blindfolds and motion detectors. All guards of SCP-2524 are to be switched in three-week intervals, and upon exiting a security interval personnel require a weeklong psychological screening.

Description: SCP-2524 is described as an ornately decorated egg, studded with several precious jewels. Those viewing SCP-2524 will begin to hear a voice, this voice is known as SCP-2524-1. SCP-2524-1 will inform the subject that they deserve the riches that could be obtained from SCP-2524. SCP-2524-1 will then proceed to tell the subject that those around them want to steal his rightful ownership of vast wealth. SCP-2524-1 will begin to encourage the subject to confront and murder those around him that are determined to steal their fortune.

Within a week the subject will begin to follow through with SCP-2524-1’s bidding if extreme therapy does not ensue. Subjects that have committed such acts show no remorse, and insist that they were protecting their belongings. Subjects cannot recover from the effects of SCP-2524-1 after a week of initial conversation.

SCP-2524 is able to affect multiple people at once, and does not have any effect on other animals other than humans. Those who converse with SCP-2524-1 show signs of extreme paranoid schizophrenia, severe anxiety, and multiple personality disorder.

Addendum: Interview #2524-A2-1

<Begin Log>
D-2546: Why must you be so greedy?
Dr. ████: I’m sorry, come again?
D-2546: You! You are greedy…
Dr. ████: I don’t know what you mean by that. May you elaborate?
D-2546: I think you know perfectly well what I mean, the voices wouldn’t lie to me!
Dr. ████: What voices?
D-2546: Why so eager? You want to take them away from me too?
D-2546: Absurd! How dare you insult him! He’s my protector, he told me you wanted to take the egg away from me.
D-2546: (Stands up)
D-2546: No more lies! He’s mine! All mine!
>End Log<
Closing Statement: D-2546 was shot 3 times in the head with a .45 ACP handgun by Dr. ████, Dr. ████ recovered from several large cuts inflicted by D-2546 during the interview.