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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX samples are stored within a specialized section of Site-234 designed for cryogenic storage of plant based anomalous pathogens. Standard decontamination protocols should be observed when entering, leaving, or working directly with samples of SCP-XXXX. All resulting SCP-XXXX-1 instances are to be disposed of using incineration.

SCP-XXXX-1 instances discovered in the wild are subject to immediate level 2 quarantine. Other botanical species in direct physical contact with an SCP-XXXX-1 instance should be culled upon identification. Individuals believed to have interacted with an SCP-XXXX-1 instance will be subject to treatment with class A amnestics and level 3 sterilization procedures to prevent further spread of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a strain of single stranded infectious mRNA. It is 300 nucleotides in length, where the entirety of its sequence is repeats of the tri-nucleotide group TUG.1 SCP-XXXX infects a large number of plant species; primarily cone or flower producing species.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

TUG Infected Biological and Ontological Anomalous Terrestrians

I had an idea this morning for a Viroid (A strand of infectious mRNA) that is just the RNA nucleotide sequence TUG repeated over and over again, and when it infects plants it turns them into vehicles or objects used for leveraging/lifting things.

Welcome to the Seas of Orcadia Canon

Does the Black Moon Howl?

Only When 13 are Watching Orkney

So, somehow you've managed to wander into a little thing called the Seas of Orcadia. This is a canon, a small one that is relatively new and hopefully will be growing.

What Exactly Does that Mean?

Well, this is a collaborative effort focused on a single continuity, with a lot of specific elements revolving around Orcadian Mythology.

What are the Themes?

Orcadian mythology heavily borrows from a combination of Celtic and Norse mythology. Tales/SCP's within this canon aren't expected to adhere to any single major theme, but rather are expected to broach/touch on aspects of this particular shared universe. I'll give a brief list of different things that compose the canon, you don't have to cover/include all of them when writing, but at least one or two would be great:

  • Association with or around direct Orcadian Myths, these don't have to be based on the actual mythology, but its recommended some inspiration be taken from them. Inventing new mythology, or folklore that aligns with the existing material is encouraged. Think outside the box.
  • The Foundation is the man on top, they have access to vast resources, a large number of anomalies, and a pool of highly trained and experienced research personnel. Despite this, the Foundation in this canon are hesitant to use anomalies outside of desperate, large scale events. They acknowledge and know magic and magi-tech exists, but they do not have the same level of understanding and utilization that other GoI's may have.
  • Magic, fantasy, and myth are big parts of this canon. The base lore is fairly simple, if you write for the canon please respect it. You don't have to be 100% in line with everything that happens in other tales, as there will be lots of wiggle room given the arcane nature of the Tales and SCPs in this canon, but the base lore is universal.
  • The canon has a pantheon of 13 deities. Each deity was carefully chosen based on their prominence within the Wiki/Orcadian lore. Some of their background tales, and GoI's may not line up 100% with the goals of this canon, and sometimes they may conflict with each other based on other material that's written. This is OK, and somewhat expected as author's headcanons tend to differ.
  • Locations will be primarily focused in and around Orkney. This is pretty obvious. Some tales will connect to other prominent locations for the differing deities, this is OK and acceptable.
  • There is a continuous conflict occurring between The Mither and 7 of the 13.. There will be an introductory tale for the canon that presents the origins of this conflict, and the outcomes of the initial catastrophic confrontation between the participating parties. The primary current participates are The Mither and Terran.
  • The Mither is Chained. She is the oldest of the 13, and was the most powerful, but she has been placed in restrictive chains, limiting her powers to be equivalent to the rest. As you can imagine, she's not happy about this, and has, or was, in the process of hunting down her imprisoners.
  • Natural Cycles are Important. Ebb and flow of anomalies, and interactions play a prominent role in the canon's articles.
  • The Astral Plane mirrors our Own. The Astral Plane is a plane/dimension which runs parallel to ours, reflecting our universe. Its imbued, naturally, with what the Foundation considers anomalous, and froth with demons, monsters, and demi-gods. Tales and SCPs don't have to address it directly, but keeping it in mind when writing for the canon is a good idea. Not all anomalies stem from this plane!
  • The Selkies/Finnfolk are a major and advanced civilization that has hid themselves from humans. Feel free to utilize them!
  • Arcane mystery/mysticism is common among those articles already written! Give the reader a feeling that something is going on, connected to a greater sense of occurrence.

So You Want to Contribute?

Ah, so you've expressed interest in the canon, good! Enthusiastic writers are always welcome. Other than the themes above, there's only really one rule, and that's make sure you run your tale/SCP by one of the main contributors for the continuity. While canons are usually open to everyone, we'd like to make sure there is some base consistency between the articles.

Many thanks to weryllium, Modern_Erasmus, Truffles, Roget, Taylor_itkins, Icepick, Judas, Ninevolt, DrMagnus for both crit and formatting, djkaktus for formatting.

Turtle with biological rockets capable of withstanding the heat of its own propulsion emissions.

Character Profiles

Name: Kyle ███████

Age: Originally 21, now 20.

Height: Originally 190 cm, now 165 cm.

Weight: Originally 99.79 kg, Now 54.43 kg.

Hey folks, so this is a /massive/ project I have spent the last month honing, and crafting, and hammering away at. I have a lot of people to thank for this idea, so bear with me.

For inspiring the idea with his drowned on a train SCP, Mr. Wrong.

For Crit: Roget, Modern_Erasmus, Hippo, Tufto, Anborough, Pedantique, Weryllium, SpookyPizza, Levi, Sirens, Conwell, MaliceAF, Dr0shadow, Icepick/Mortos.

ARD for listening to me constantly talk about this idea for weeks on end and inspiring me to make the Mither more human.

Djkaktus and DrMagnus for help with formatting, and pushing me to fully flesh out and explore this concept from start to finish.

Kath for the photoshop of the Foundation Logo.

The following collapsible has a bunch of extra stuff.