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The following file (SCP-XXXX) is restricted to the following personnel:

  • Level 4/XXXX
  • Level 5/XXXX
  • All personnel exposed to Memetic Inoculant 4-76532-b

Unauthorized access to SCP-XXXX is considered a punishable offense. Disciplinary action will be taken.


The contents of SCP-XXXX can only be viewed by personnel exposed to Memetic Inoculant 4-76532-b. If you are assigned to SCP-XXXX and have not received proper inoculation, click here.

If you have accessed this file in error:
  • Disconnect from SCiPnet servers
  • Completely shut off terminal
  • Alert active HMCL Supervisor and await further instructions

Item #: Funny nonsense words

Object Class: Gibberish

Special Containment Procedures: Would typing all this in wingdings be tacky?

Description: Maybe just black boxes, but maybe not I dunno.