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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor popular social media platforms for activity from SCP-XXXX. Any activity is to be recorded, scanned for cognitohazards, and archived. Foundation personnel are forbidden interaction with social media accounts associated with SCP-XXXX unless otherwise ordered. In accordance with Procedure 24-Lehonot, information damaging to the public image of SCP-XXXX is to be produced wherever and whenever applicable. In the event that Procedure 24-Lehonot were to be rendered ineffective, all platforms hosting active SCP-XXXX accounts are to be taken offline or otherwise rendered inaccessible until containment can be reestablished.

Description: SCP-XXXX is believed to be an entity previously worshipped as a deity at an indeterminate point in the past. Currently, SCP-XXXX is known to the pubic as ███████ █████████, a popular social media advertiser and influencer. SCP-XXXX currently prioritizes the growth its cult-like following known as "The Miraculous Church Gang"1, using its social media presence to do so. SCP-XXXX has displayed knowledge in the creation of cognitohazardous imagery. Testing has shown that the cognitohazards employed by SCP-XXXX do not force the observer to perform an action, instead only acting as strong suggestion. Further testing indicates that a negative perception of SCP-XXXX can counteract the cognitohazardous effects.2

SCP-XXXX was discovered on 1/19/18, when several mp4 files containing level 2 cognitohazarous patterns were detected by Foundation webcrawlers. The files were uploaded to the Instagram and Twitter social platforms by accounts belonging to SCP-XXXX, and featured the entity advertising products from [REDACTED], as well as GOI-XXXX-1 branded merchandise. The cognitohazards found in the files would compel humans aged approximately 12 to 25 to both purchase the featured products and follow the several social media accounts of SCP-XXXX. At the time of discovery, there were no other viewable posts on either accounts.

Investigations into SCP-XXXX owned accounts revealed a number of deleted posts made prior to 1/19/18, with the earliest being dated 11/28/17. Said posts differ from the more recent posts and indicate a lack of understanding on how social media operates. In these posts SCP-XXXX appears to beg for followers on its accounts and ponders why other users have more followers on their accounts.

The sudden shift in post coherency is likely due to SCP-XXXX acquiring representation from social media managing company ████ Marketing3 on 1/3/18. Due to the ages of many staff members of GOI-XXXX-2 falling within the range of the cognitohazards previously employed by SCP-XXXX, it is presumed that the entity utilized similar cognitohazardous effects to acquire representation. Upon receiving representation, most of the posts uploaded to SCP-XXXX accounts were made by GOI-XXXX-2 employee Mark █████4, a 22 year old mass communications major and "Miraculous High Priest"5, which accounts for the increase in post coherency.

As of 4/5/18, SCP-XXXX has secured advertising deals with ██ major brands. It does not appear that SCP-XXXX used its cognitohazardous effects to secure these deals, rather it seems that these companies reached out to SCP-XXXX on their own accord due to the entity's popularity.

Addendum A: On 13/5/18, a detachment of MTF Phi-1 ("Hostile Takeover") infiltrated the main offices of GOI-XXXX-2 in order to acquire documentation concerning SCP-XXXX. A notable document6 acquired in the raid was a pdf file of GOI-XXXX-2's contract with SCP-XXXX. The document shows that GOI-XXXX-2 was under near complete control of SCP-XXXX. Cross referencing Recovered Document XXXX 24a with other recovered contracts shows a number of deviations, such as the term "client" being replaced with "Miraculous Being" and, as previously mentioned, "manager" replaced by "Miraculous High Priest". Other notable aspects include a clause that states the contract can only be altered by SCP-XXXX and no other persons, as well as a separate clause stating that GOI-XXXX-2 reserves the right to retract representation for clients deemed unprofitable or harmful to the image of the company7. Due to the concern that SCP-XXXX could easily influence other companies in a similar manor, Procedure 24-Lehonot was drafted in order to suppress the entity's influence. Procedure approved on 20/5/18.

Addendum B: On 21/5/18, Procedure 24-Lehonot was enacted. A detachment of MTF Phi-1 that had previously infiltrated GOI-XXXX-2 was tasked with replacing key members of GOI-XXXX-2 upper management with Foundation agents in order to gain control of the company. Once the company was successfully under Foundation influence, POI-XXXX-1 was replaced with Dr. Jeffery Burr, who assumed the role of manager for SCP-XXXX. Dr. Burr then made contact with SCP-XXXX and attempted to alter the entity's social media persona to one that would be seen as undesirable.

All further attempts to persuade SCP-XXXX into altering its persona failed. At this point is was determined that SCP-XXXX could only be influenced by someone it perceived as having a better understanding of social media. In order to successfully alter the online persona of SCP-XXXX, Site-72 allowed XXXX personnel to use the social media accounts of SCP-3331-Alpha to contact SCP-XXXX. Dr. Burr was instructed to contact SCP-XXXX posing as SCP-3331-Alpha and alter the entity's perceptions of current social trends.

Following the dialogue, SCP-XXXX instructed Dr. Burr to follow the advice from the SCP-3331-Alpha account regarding the social media accounts, to which Dr. Burr complied. Within two months, the number of visitors to SCP-XXXX run accounts had dropped by 95%. At this point, GOI-XXXX-2 retracted its representation SCP-XXXX in accordance with the company's contract. Following this, SCP-XXXX attempted to contact other social media managing companies seeking representation but to no avail. On of 7/18/18, SCP-XXXX made one final post to all of its accounts, reading "i just wanted followers againn" before deleting its accounts shortly after. No new posts or accounts have been observed since.