SCP-████ Draft, By DrCerrax
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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-████ is to be Contained in a steel chamber, dimensions of 12 meters by 15 meters by 15 meters, with a floor made of basalt, or littered with rocks of basalt. The roof of the containment facility must have a, at minimum, 2 meter by 4 meter skylight. For the connected communication chamber, the dimensions being 12 meters by 12 meters by 12 meters, standard recording equipment should be placed, as well as four six D class personnel present at all times. E class personnel that have come in contact with SCP-████ are to never be within the facility. Every week 2 D class personnel are to be tasked with spraying weed-killer on the walls and floor. There must also be four floodlights shining into the skylight during evening hours.

As of █/█/████: Personnel not allowed to leave the containment area until other personnel arrive.

As of ██/██/████: Present personnel must take shifts patrolling the roof of containment facility, ladder to be installed in communication chamber.

As of ██/██/████: Installation of Caffeinated Beverage machines near posts to keep Personnel awake during working periods.

As of ██/██/████: Appointment of flamethrowers have been added to the communication room.

As of ██/██/████: Those infected with SCP-████ are to be terminated on sight within 30 minutes of infestation


SCP-████ is a species of sentient parasitoid that evolves it's hosts into the life cycle needed to fuel it. At current, four different types of SCP-████, Designated SCP-████-Prime ,SCP-████-Alpha, SCP-████-Beta, SCP-████-Gamma. As of now there are 1 12 30 10 specimens of SCP-████-Prime, 1 6 0 specimens of SCP-████-Alpha, 1 2 0 specimens of SCP-████-beta, and 1 specimen SCP-████-Gamma accounted for within foundation walls.

SCP-████-Prime is vaguely shaped like a serpent, roughly averaged .3 meters long, bears a cone shaped maw decorated with needle like teeth, and has an abdomen covered in light reflecting plates of chitin, The parasitoid takes the form of local flora, however if none are present, it will slink into the darkest corner within sight. There it will stay, until a potential host draws close. SCP-████-Prime will attack any potential hosts that get within it's "Strike Zone" that operates much like a snake's. It will burrow into any bare patches of skin, and slink into the bloodstream. What happens from stage 1 of infestation, the burrowing,to stage 2 is unknown. Stage 2 begins at a minimum of three days into infestation and ends after approximately 6 weeks. It is theorized that it somehow gets to the brain of the host, and then sends the victim into a coma, before exiting through orifices, and coating them in a gelatin that will quickly harden into a shell when exposed to sunlight. For reasons unknown, this does not occur within Capra Aegagrus, and as such it will simply die and be fed upon.

The infected will undergo a change during this period, and the body can be seen convulsing and evolving. The form that reveals itself from the cocoon is theorised to vary dependant upon the host, however the only ones documented come from Human hosts. These have been dubbed SCP-████-Alpha. SCP-████-Alpha is a humanoid being with extra arm like appendages, and a large mouth that curls inward in three separate pieces, which appear to be the former lower jaw of the former host. SCP-████-Alpha will then begin to periodically, every 1-4 weeks, will upheave large round objects and then let out a haunting shriek, much like that of an agitated child. If two SCP-████-Alpha are to come into contact with one another, they will act normally, however during the months of November to January, they will engage in combat, tearing at one another with their mouths and hands, until one falls over dead. From the body of the slain one will emerge 3-7 specimens of SCP-████-Prime. The Corpse of the fallen is then devoured, and then the transformation occurs once more.

Gestation continues for another 3-4 weeks, and the specimen that emerges has been dubbed SCP-████-Beta. SCP-████-Beta retains the humanoid shape of SCP████-Alpha, but now stands quadrupedally, the lower mid section of the trifold jaw is now replaced with a serrated tongue, and its former dominant set of arms have shrunk, and knife like bone protrusions replace the hands. Upon its back is a large bulge of flesh, that within 3 weeks will erupt into a large fungus like cap that lays upon a stalk. Every 24 hours, spores erupt from the cap, and within 2-4 hours, fully alive and healthy grass will coat the area covered in the spores. This also goes for the cap, and back, of SCP-████-Beta. It is theorised that SCP-████-Beta acts as a natural groundskeeper in areas where SCP-████-Prime is prevalent. When coming into contact with a specimen of SCP-████-Alpha, the SCP-████-Alpha will become agitated, even more so if near one of the objects upheaved by SCP-████-Alpha. When SCP-████-Beta is harassed during the months of November to January, it will lash out, stabbing at SCP-████-Alpha specimens with its appendages. After it successfully slays one of the SCP-████-Alpha Specimens, it will once again go into a chrysalis.

After the gestation period of 1-4 weeks, a new lifeform will emerge, dubbed SCP-████-Gamma. It is a further evolution of SCP-████-Beta, but the jaw no longer existant, A chitin like shell covers most of the body, save for the head and a now exposed heart, as well as the cap and stalk of the fungus being coated in a now ever flowing stream of contaminated water, and finally bony protrusions upon the secondary set of limbs are replaced with large toothed maw's. SCP-████-Gamma appears to show intelligence, and is capable of speaking. Several interviews were given to SCP-████-Gamma, but are restricted to C class personnel and higher. SCP-████-Gamma appears to be more calm than others, still capable of being highly dangerous in its own right, but instead is rather docile, acting almost paternally to the other SCP-████ specimens.

The first SCP-████ was gathered on █/██/████ by Taskforce ████████████. During the securement of SCP-████, 5 casualties were reported due to attacks by creatures resembling SCP-████-Alpha. The first, and only, "wild" specimen gathered was caught at the corpse of one of the SCP-████-Alpha.

During the containment breach on site ███ on █/██/████, the facility was almost overrun with SCP-████-Prime and many other SCP were terminated due to this. Those that were have their files now restricted to C class personnel and higher. In the reclamation of site ███, nearly 200 D class personnel were terminated by infestation.