Object Class: Euclid
Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX must be contained in a 40cmx40cm sealed


glass case. personnel must be level 4 or higher to enter SCP-XXXX's containment chamber.When testing with SCP-XXXX test subjects must have a camera hooked up to a live feed tv screen.When not testing on SCP-XXXX all personnel should remain at least 11 meters away from SCP-XXXX at all times.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a brown book about 24x35cm.The cover of SCP-XXXX is feels like leather how ever analysis of the composition of SCP-XXXX's cover shows other wise. The only thing written on the pages of SCP-XXXX are the chinese characters written in ink 自然(zì rán)translating to nature.SCP-XXXX's pages are highly durable all attempts to rip out the pages of SCP-XXXX's pages have proven insurmountable

Subjects with in 10 meters of SCP-XXXX will the feel a need to open SCP-XXXX and will make all attemps to open SCP-XXXX. Subjects in this state do not seem to have any higher brain function. Subjects can run at incomprehensible speeds around 20kph-30kph.And have shown to be highly resilient to pain.
Appon opening SCP-XXXX subjects will report feeling drowsy before falling a sleep. Subject will then see them self in a jungle known as SCP-XXXX-B. All Objects attached to subject will appear with subject when in SCP-XXXX-B. When walking in SCP-XXXX-B subjects will begin to feel anxious and paranoid. Subjects have reported to hear low pitch growls increasing in pitch every 30 seconds, these growls range from 85db-150db. Subjects will then report to see sightings of a dinosaur in their peripheral vision which will hereby known as SCP-XXXX-C.

SCP-XXXX-C is aproximatley 2.8 meters tall and weighs about 907kg. SCP-XXXX-C's structure is like that of a dinosaur of the species dicraeosaurus made entirely out of trees and other foliage. SCP-XXXX-C's teeth are similar to a crocodiles however the teeth are made up entirely of quebracho wood.

SCP-XXXX-C is commonly docile but appears to be highly aggressive to any human within SCP-XXXX-B. SCP-XXXX-C will then stalk the subject getting closer untill the subject can see SCP-XXXX-C in their peripheral vision.When the subject sees SCP-XXXX-C SCP-XXXX-C will begin to charge toward the subject from the front. If the subject does not wake up SCP-XXXX-C will assault the subject. This is usually done by snapping the neck of the subject by biting it this will result in death. After subject has died SCP-XXXX-C will resume to a docile state.