Bottomless Bag of Chips
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a special locked drawer in the first floor break room of Site 17 at all times. SCP-XXX may be accessed only by research staff with Level 2 clearance and higher, and only with the expressed permission of the site director. No potato chips, potato chips bags or containers resembling that of SCP-XXX or SCP-XXX-1 are to be brought on site for any reason at any time. All foods brought on site are to be screened by security personnel and any and all food items may be confiscated by security at any time without warning or explanation. Any violation of these policies is to be immediately reported to the site director or to on-site security.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be an ordinary large bag of crispy potato chips of the █████████ brand. SCP-XXX appears physically identical to any other bag of potato chips of its type, save that it lacks any identifying characteristic to indicate when or where it was manufactured, such as UPC code or expiration date. SCP-XXX is an obstensibly "bottomless" bag of chips and contains an unknown quantity of potato chips (SCP-XXX-1). Upon visual inspection as well as rigorous chemical testing and micro-molecular examination, all instances of SCP-XXX-1 have proven to be exactly identitical in all respects — including size, shape and appearance. Any attempts to dump out the contents of SCP-XXX have proven futile, as SCP-XXX seems to provide an un-ending supply of SCP-XXX-1.

Test subjects presented with SCP-XXX report a strong compulsion to consume SCP-XXX-1, including those who otherwise demonstrated a great degree of self-control and concern for healthy dietary habits. Upon consumption of SCP-XXX-1, all subjects have reported an immediate of feeling of fullness with accompanying lethargy and mild digestive upset. Subjects refused any additional offer of food or drink, including more of SCP-XXX-1. The duration of this effect has been observed to be variable from subject to subject, consistantly lasting no less than three hours and subsiding within eight hours of consumption of SCP-XXX-1.

SCP-XXX was recovered from the home of the █████ family in ████████, ██████ on ██/██/19██. ████ █████, who made the initial purchase of SCP-XXX for $4.99 (plus tax) at their local ██████ grocery chain, claims to have noticed nothing odd about SCP-XXX at the time of its initial procurement. Staff at the ██████ location were interviewed regarding SCP-XXX but were also unable to provide any further information about its origin, as they do not normally carry its brand of potato chip. Amnestics were issued to all individuals who were interviewed by Foundation personnel, including Mr. and Mrs. █████ and their two children, ██████ and █████.