Requires level 4 authorization.

Author's note : The verification of the BGK theory is in progress. If confirmed, the skip is almost certainly explained. Thus, a short presentation of the concept is present in this document.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class : Keter (Possibly explained)

Special Containment Procedures : SCP-XXXX is uncontainable per se. However, given the exceptional conditions under which the SCP appears, tracking major reality bending sources is sufficient to prevent its spread.

Description : SCP-XXXX is the designation for a Reality-affecting effect involving beings with unstable reality levels. Discovery of the SCP followed inquiry on events where Foundation personnel working on Reality Anchors would be teleporting, or suddenly growing injuries, while sleeping. The personnel's explanations always involved events that never happened (or were supposed to happen later in time).

SCP-XXXX appears in subjects1 exposed to highly variable Hume fields2 for long durations3, leading to highly unstable and oscillating Hume levels (see Document BGK-1 for an explanation on Reality Inertia). Concerned individuals perceive the existence of additional days. The days always take place during a sleep cycle, and affected subjects appear to be sleeping to observers.

According to subjects, events during the days are coherent with what could be expected. Some small differences in locations and personnel have been noticed, but nothing unexplainable.

Initial tests have shown no unusual time variations or Hume variations during events. Staying near subjects has no effect. However, the use of PRA4 clocks yielded results coherent with time dilatation in a small radius around the subject (roughly 5 meters).5. PRA Kant counters placed near the subject abruptly fluctuated, before stabilizing to the surrounding level during the sleep cycle. It was thus inferred that SCP-XXXX only affects objects with the exact same reality level than the subject's.

All attempts to map the local reality fields during the events showed no particular divergence from normal results.

The Barring-Gohn-Kae theory (AKA : Inter-Dimensional Reality Resonance Transfer) : Developped Following studies