An introduction of Dr.Tripps.

William Tripps sat in his plush purple swivel chair.He liked his chair even though his requests for a beanbag chair had been repeatedly denied. He sighed in longing for the chair as he flipped through a series of document's on his desk about some lamp that siphoned blood.William was tired but it was his last project of the day and he had dilly-dallied away too much time earlier."Groovy" he would mutter from time time as if something about the document's compelled him to do so.It was a great find in his eyes.To Dr.William R. Tripps the lamp seemed to have potential in a party trick.The whole blood loss triggering euphoria thing.The idea seemed innocent enough that he reached for the phone that lay next to him."This would be great in my office." he said aloud as he picked up the phone.
The doctor stopped when he remembered the beanbag chair.A simple beanbag chair was too much, let alone a parasitic lava lamp.Somewhere inside himself he knew that the lamp would remain in lock up ,far away from the extravagant party life it was created for."Better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all" he spoke as he put down the phone.
Doctor Tripps completed the review of SCP-2569 and found it to have no potential uses.

It was late and Tripps had grown tired.But as was his custom he began to finish the day off with a night cap.He reached into his desk drawer to extract a flask.The flask was black and engraved with symbolism from every major religion.It was his fathers old flask and had been gifted to William on his twenty first birthday.He laughed as he recalled what his father said that day."Where the bloody hell's me Shirt!"
His father had a touch of madness but none the kind William had grown to know.The kind that haunt your dreams,the kind that makes your skin cold,the kind that make your testicles hide in your stomach like some sort of infantile pair of kangaroo's.He used to be normal.. well normal-ish.
Just another teenager growing up in Liverpool England during the late sixties.He had more determination than his peers and did not pick up drugs and alcohol while in school.His acceptance into cambridge university was no different,as he worked diligently to advance in all of his studies.After college a Foundation recruitment agent had met with the young William Tripps and attempted to recruit him.After very little coaxing the young doctor joined the foundation as a low level scientist.The first day of his new found employment would make him different for the rest of his days.
Upon watching the demonstration video on the dangers of Scp's,Doctor Tripps had an overwhelming feeling of not having control.Within 24 hours he found himself with a bottle of brandy and a new attitude on life.No more would he waste away as a lifeless shell,thumbing through outdated textbooks about things he didn't care for.He was going to live! Do it all,see it all,smell it all.After all if a alien worm might jump in your brain and make you kill your friends whats the point in being an uptight 'fuddy duddy'.
Doctor Tripps took a large drink from his flask.He liked his brandy,it helped him to forget about the beanbag chair.