"Holy shit."


The Fukushu personnel transport helicopter hovered in the air as the area that used to be the Kurato Offshore Drilling Station continued to rest at the ocean floor, its previous contents of oil spilling freely to further contaminate the ocean blue.

"One thing did this?" Agent Utemaro leaned over the edge of the open helicopter to peer down into the water shifting from a nice green to a brown-black. Behind his diving helm laid an expression of both fear and heavy concern with a hint of specticality. “One living thing destroyed Kurato? Oh, right, it’s not a big deal. It’s only that a single creature which injured over one-hundred personnel single-handedly destroyed a drilling station that costed eighty-nine billion yen. No big deal.”

Agent Korin decided it would be best to ignore Utemaro’s sarcastic remarks, yet her curiosity couldn’t hold her from peeking over the edge into the depth of the ocean below no matter how hard she may have tried to fight that strong feeling. “Whatever. We have it contained now, alright?”

Agent Utemaro threw his hands into the air dramatically, looking to Korin as his voice changed from one of sarcasm to one of seriousness. “It’s done nothing but killed more people since then.”

“You think it was my idea to contain it? No. But if it was, I still would have done it. If we let that go, it would just damage the ocean, or worse, company property. So quit your bitching and get ready to dive.”

The three agents in the transport helicopter were equipped with diving gear equivalent to that of a Navy SEAL whilst the communications officer sat in the back of the helicopter with a headset much too large for his head, attempting to tune the stationary radio into the correct frequency in order to coordinate the divers. “Is this thing on?”

“We hear you loud and clear, Command,” Agent Takaashi stated. He wasn’t much for conversation, and considering Korin and Utemaro were having a catfight as of this moment, he decided he would be the one to step up.

“Alright. Team Diijee, prepare to breach surface.” The search and rescue team checked their equipment to ensure that they were of operating capacity before scooting to the edge of the helicopter, preparing to slide off into the unknown depths below.

“On your mark, Command.”

“Three. Two. One. Breach.” The diving team ejected themselves from their previous seating off the edge of the helicopter into the disgusting, murky, endless body of liquid that covered Earth. They flipped open their radars and turned on the flashlights on their spearguns, searching the perimeter for any signs of organic lifeforms, or even movement to begin with.

“No movement detected on radar nor viscon on any organic life.”

“Fuck, it’s cold,” Utemaro said, shivering as the contaminated salt water continued to mix in with the rest of Earth’s liquid. The flashlights the agents had been equipped with couldn't see much through the dense blackness, but they had enough vision to defend themselves from whatever danger they may find.

“You're about half a kilo in terms of distance and about 200 meters in depth away from Kurato. Be sure your livefeeds are on and are streaming to corporate.”

“Copy that.” Korin switched on her camera as the other two agents did the same. “Can you see what we see, Command?”

“Affirmative. Begin advancement to the site, over.”

“Copy, we're inbound.” The agents began to swim in the direction they had been informed to, kicking their legs behind them smoothly as they held their spear guns in front of them.

“There are people still alive in Kurato?” Utemaro looked around him, paranoia taking over.

“We don't know.” It was always a surprise when Takaashi would speak. His deep, raspy voice made Utemaro uncomfortable, but Korin liked it. She liked the quiet type. “We're not searching for people anyway. We're looking to see if there are any supplies still scavengable. If there were people trapped in the sinking Kurato, then they're dead, or at the very most, they're dying now.”

Silence filled the water around them as Takaashi’s words still rang in Korin’s and Utemaro's ears. Everyone had died. Sunk with the station. The lucky ones were finished off by UAO-001 before they could drown. The reality of the types of death those people suffered filled Korin with shock.

Rescue Team Diijee continued to swim towards the designated location of where Kurato used to operate peacefully and secretively without having issues like giant unidentified amphibious organisms attacking them.

"Command, estimate distance from descension point?"

"About 50 meters, Takaashi."

"Copy." After about another minute and a half of silence between the rescue team, they began descending towards the sunken oil rig.

"I can't see a fucking thing," Korin stated, holding her radar extremely close to her goggles so she could see if there was any movement. "I've got nothing on the radar, we seem to be in the clear."

"Copy that, Korin. Remain cautious."


"What exactly are we looking for?" Utemaro continued his descent as the top of the facility began to come into view past all of the spilled oil.

"Anything that is still of value." Takaashi maintained his serious manner even though, deep down in his heart, he was scared shitless.

"So, logically, right? There's more than one of them. And I'm sure they didn't venture very far from one another." Korin continued to speak as they were only about 20 meters away from the top of the rig.

"That's right. But, also logically, a rig this expensive shouldn't have fallen to begin with, especially not by a single organism." Takaashi continued to only make the situation worse as he continued to say aloud what everyone else was trying not to think about.

The team made contact with the top of the rig and all quickly got into a back-to-back position, aiming their spear guns in any and all directions they could possibly aim.

"Utemaro, radar?" Takaashi asked, showing the slight bit of anxiety. Utemaro pulled out his radar, staring at it as he zoomed in and out of the scanning areas, only noticing the large blip that consisted of the blips of every agent of the team.

"Nothing," Utemaro replied while he looked back up to continue to scan the area of water and oil surrounding them.

"Everyone, stay within 10 meters of each other. Find an entrance. Let's move," Takaashi stated as the team which were previously back to back dispersed in the directions they were facing. They all stayed within broadly 15 meters of one another, taking their time in an attempt to find any entrance into Kurato.

"I've got one," Korin stated, motioning the other two agents in her direction. The entrance she had found looked like it could have previously been a very secure door, but its titanium reinforcements had been torn open as if they were nothing. "Fuck, this doesn't seem right."

"Don't think about it. We get in, search for anything still of value, and then get out." Takaashi took the lead as he finished his sentence, and Korin followed, and then Utemaro fell in behind her. "Stay quiet."

Diijee moved without a single sound, the only thing being heard was the light creaking of the oil rig continuing to collapse upon itself slowly and the inhales and exhales of the agents.

They continued to swim down a long, narrow hallway with wet papers and things like pens floating around, with the occasional pipe which had burst. The sound of creaking was quickly becoming a comfortable one, and the agents began to relax.

Suddenly, a large bang could be heard directly above them, and then the sound of rushing water is heard afterwards.

"The fu-" Utemaro was cut off by Takaashi turning around and swiftly placing his index finger to his lips. There were no bangs to be heard afterwards, but the sound of rushing water continued. The agents quickly got in a back to back position once more, aiming their spear guns in all possible directions without ruining their tactical triangle.

Suddenly, the steel roof above them is broken through by a large tentacle, wildly flinging itself around in an attempt to grab one of the agents. Korin thought quick and swam away, at which she fired a spear into the tentacle of the yet-to-be-identified beast. A squeal followed the impact of the spear, and then the tentacle retracted itself from the hole it had previously made.

Utemaro just floated idly, unable to even comprehend what happened.

"Let's keep moving. I don't want to run into that again." Takaashi began to swim, and the other two agents hesitantly followed. "This is Takaashi to Command."

"We read you."

"There's more unidentified amphibious organisms down here. I wasn't able to get a full image, but if you rewind through the camera feed you can see what I'm talking about." Takaashi continued to swim down the lengthy maze of halls as he awaited a response from Command.

"Go to Lab Oh-Oh-Six. There's something in there of value. That's all corporate is allowing us to tell you. They said you'll know what it is when you see it."

"Copy." The agents continued down the hall, reading the signs which had begun to rust on the wall. Oh-Oh-Three, Oh-Oh-Four, Oh-Oh-Five, Oh-Oh-Six.

"Stack up. Korin, you're first view." Takaashi and Utemaro leaned themselves on the back of opposite sides of the door, both simultaneously looking at Korin.

"Three. Two. One. Breach." Utemaro slammed the button in the hallway next to him, opening the door. After two seconds, Takaashi entered and Utemaro followed. Korin went in last.

"I don't see anything," Utemaro said curiously. "Command, what are we supposed to be seeing?"

"I'm not even sure. Apologies, Diijee."

"Copy." The agents looked around the room until Korin spotted a large, smashed glass container.

"There." She pointed at the pieces of shattered glass that covered the floor. "Whatever it is, it's gone."

"Shit. Command, it's gone."

"Come again, Takaashi?"

"The object of interest, it's gone."

"Fuck. Alright, corporate will review your feeds. If I'm correct, you guys are running low on air and need to start slowly ascending back up fairly soon."

"That's affirmative, Command. Forty bar."

"Copy. Ascend twenty meters and then take a decompression break for four minutes, and then slowly ascend another twenty until you reach the surface."

"Copy that." The agents hesitantly left the room as Korin took one last look at the destroyed glass.

The agents fled out of Kurato the same way they came, a devastated, used-to-be-reinforced security door. Suddenly, a gunshot rings out, and Utemaro has placed one hand on his neck as the water around him turned blood red.

"Contact!" Takaashi and Korin only had spear guns, so their weaponry was no match for whatever they were going up against. They quickly realized that no matter what they did, Utemaro was going to bleed out, and even at the best scenario, sitting there was only getting them in more danger from their assailants and the sharks they were attracting.

Korin and Takaashi quickly descended back into Kurato, panting from panic, shock, and exhaustion. The next two minutes were all silence; no gunshots, no rushing water, no creaking. At about 2 minutes and ten seconds, more gunshots rang out and faint screams could be heard matched with rushing water and gargling. The agents flinched as they listened to whatever ordeal was happening outside intently.

Ten minutes had past of dead silence, and Takaashi motioned Korin to look out of the security door. She looked back, signalling an all-clear. They double checked their radars; nothing. The two swam out of the door and began their ascent much quicker than what was considered safe, stopping for only brief moments of decompression.

They were about twenty meters from the top, with Korin only slightly behind Takaashi. Suddenly, a large object that was moving much too quickly to be identified snatched Korin, and Takaashi could only rush closer to the surface as he heard Korin's scream slowly fade into gargling, then static, then silence. A tear rolled down his face as he continued to swim in a panicked state up to the surface. He breached the surface with a large breath and began to scream for the helicopter approximately three hundred meters away from him.

"Big Bird, down here! Down here, fuck!" The helicopter stood in place for a couple more moments before rushing over to Takaashi's location whilst slowly lowering itself. Takaashi lifted himself up once the helicopter was close enough, breathing heavily. "Go, move!" The helicopter began to take off once more but was halted as a large tentacle attempted to grab the helicopter's tail. It successfully pulled the helicopter down to the surface of the water before the tail rotor split the head of the tentacle off of its body.

In seconds, the helicopter fully breached the surface of the water and all personnel were slaughtered by a creature of the same species that destroyed Kurato to begin with.

The Fukushu Corporate Council sat in their large oval office, all staring at the large screen presented in front of them. Previously, the screen was filled with what the agents could see. Now, it's just visual static with large white letters reading: "TRANSMISSION LOST."

The C.E.O. stood there, trying to hold back his anger. "They better be glad they're dead. I would have had them killed in a much worse way." He spun himself around to face the rest of the council. The room remained silent for about thirty seconds before the C.E.O. opened his mouth once more, his eyes full of anger and dominance.

"Send in four teams. We're getting at least one more."