The Blank Child
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Item #: SCP-2065

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2065 is to be contained in standard Level 4 Memetic Humanoid Containment Cell at Site 17. Toys, books, games, and other recreational devices are to be provided and rotated every three (3) months. Proper bedding, bathroom, and medical facilities are to be maintained at all times. Food should be provided three (3) times daily, and two (2) snacks are allowed if requested. All request for direct human contact must be denied.

Absolutely no visual or auditory contact can be made for any reason with SCP-2065, except through memetic hazard filters upon approval at O5 Level. Any communication with SCP-2065 must be made only via the provided two way word processing terminals. All physical contact and/or up keep of the room must be made through autonomous drones with no video or auditory recording equipment.

SCP-2065 is to be assessed by a child psychologist at least once a week for mental health issues and or psychological trauma. Requests for contact with other child like humanoid SCP's ANY SCP's has been denied at O5 level.

Description: SCP-2065 resembles a genderless albino child of roughly 8 10 years of age with no hair, finger prints, hand prints, foot prints or a belly button.There are no discernible features on SCP-2065's body.

SCP-2065 Appears at first glance to be as described above. But after a subject is exposed for a minimum of twenty (20) minutes to SCP-2065 the subject begins to believe that they recognize SCP-2065. This affect increases continually whether in SCP-2065's presence or not until the subject believes that SCP-2065 is their own son/daughter. The subject then is driven to do everything in their power to regain and protect SCP-2065. In several incidences foundation staff have been found attempting to fight security and break SCP-2065 from containment.1

Observations have shown that SCP-2065's effect takes hold much faster on childless females, specifically of a child bearing age, especially if they had an abortion or miscarriage at some point. It is unknown by what means SCP-2065 achieves the prevalent memetic effect but it is not controllable, SCP-2065 is a victim of the effect as well, it begins to believe the subject of it's effect is in fact it's parent and both the SCP and the subject gain false collective memories which account for the situation they are in.

When questioning different subjects of SCP-2065's effect about it's appearance they all describe it differently, and as having feature that a child of that parent is likely to have.
The effects can canceled out if given sufficient amnesiacs to forget the encounter with the SCP.

Addendum: As of ██/██/20██ no further testing will be allowed following the testing run by Dr. ████████ resulting in the death of D-71938. The test was to find out what happens when exposed to SCP-2065 for a long period of time. D-Class No.71938 was placed in a mock up apartment in the F wing of site 17 to simulate a home environment. D-71938 was distressed at the sight of SCP-2065 at first but after realizing it essentially acted like a normal child she played with the SCP like it was a normal child. Forty three (43) minutes after entering containment the effect took hold. For the first two days they bonded as was to be expected. Dr. ████████ was considering making this the SCP's containment for a longer period of time.

7 days, 5 hours and 6 minutes after testing began it was noted that D-71938's appearance started to change. Her hair has thinner and lighter in color, the scar on her left arm was gone and her slight olive skin tone was fading. It was also noted that although subtle D-71938 was in fact becoming subservient to SCP-2065 as anything the SCP asked for was given, within the realms of possibility. Despite concerns testing continued 3 days later D-71938's appearance had changed completely and now looked like a slightly younger version of SCP-2065. D-71938 was now entirely subservient but appeared unaware of the situation and seeming perfectly happy.

Dr. ████████ sent a request for guidance on the situation from O5-2 but an hour later D-71938 had expired. Security forces with counter-memetic training and sonar imaging helmets attempted to retrieve the body of D-71938 but was fought off viciously by SCP-2065. Efforts were called off after the third failed attempt at retrieval.It was observed that after SCP-2065 had calmed it embraced D-71938 for around 4 hours during this time the two began to seemingly fuse together, D-71938 began being absorbed and by the end of the 4 hour process SCP-2065 appeared to be roughly 2 years older. SCP-2065 has no recollection of the incident and has since been moved to more secure containment.