DrLucas's Daft Dastardly Drafts
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX can be contained safely in any secure containment locker, provided that it is guarded by a minimum of two (2) security personnel. The item is only to be removed from its locker if written permission is presented from Level 3 personnel or higher.

When undergoing testing, SCP-XXXX should be securely connected to the testing environment by a steel cable no shorter than 5 meters in length. How this is accomplished is up to the testing supervisor's discretion. The area around the tether of SCP-XXXX must be completely clear of all personnel for a minimum of twenty (20) meters, except for one D-class personnel who shall carry out the tests.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a decorative salt shaker, measuring 3.8 cm by 3.8 cm by 10 cm, made of white ceramic and a stainless-steel cap. The item weighs more than its size would suggest, at nearly 68 grams. If shaken, noises coming from inside the object would suggest that it is not empty; however, this cannot be ascertained as no attempts to remove the cap have been successful.

When SCP-XXXX is upended and shaken, the substance that comes out is always something appropriate for the surface directly below the shaker. Testing has shown that the substance that comes out of SCP-XXXX is not only limited to foods, and will not necessarily be the same substance for the same surface.

The substances that SCP-XXXX emits are, as far as limited testing has shown, created from nothing. This breaks the Law of Conservation of Energy. It is possible, however, that SCP-XXXX is grabbing its contents from random places around the word, or even from alternate realities or dimensions, although it is impossible to prove or disprove any of these theories.

SCP-XXXX has so far proven indestructible, but testing of this attribute is disallowed by order of O5-███ due to the irreplaceable nature of the object.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX was recovered on ██/██/20██ from a ██████ ████ pizzeria chain in ██████████, Illinois, by Agent [REDACTED], acting on multiple reports of "spontaneous flaming salt shakers." Apparently, restaurant customers accidentally upended SCP-XXXX over the establishment's wooden tables, and it emitted white-hot embers that set the table on fire. Agent [REDACTED], posing as a police officer, entered the restaurant, identified SCP-XXXX, and pocketed it. The item was later transported to Site-██ without any incident.

The true origin of SCP-XXXX remains unknown; when questioned, the owner of the establishment insisted that the salt shakers had been ordered in bulk and that SCP-XXXX was one of them. The company that the order was placed to, [REDACTED], is a reputable company that manufactures many types of dinnerware, and it is unlikely that it produced SCP-XXXX intentionally, if at all.

Testing Log: