Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in a constant state of insomnia. If personnel who are required to interact with SCP-XXXX begin to experience unusual sleep patterns or are found sleeping on the job, the subject must be taken to immediate psychological counselling and prevented from entering the REM cycle until proven unaffected by SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is never to be interacted with physically. It must be kept in a small, titanium box that is 5x5x5 meters. At all times, the chamber must be flushed with fluctuating amounts of adrenaline agent. If the entity is visibly on the cusp of sleep, it must be awakened via an influx of adrenaline agent or physical prompting.

In the event that SCP-XXXX does fall asleep, all personnel with clearance level (1) one and over must be evacuated, and a D-Class subject must be issued and instructed to neutralize it. No personnel who understand what SCP-XXXX is may be in the same room as the sleeping entity.

Once per month, SCP-XXXX is to be fed. While fed, it must be kept in a small chamber with a sleeping subject. There is no need to remove the subject at any time, and when SCP-XXXX is finished, the subject will have cleaned itself up.

There are special containment requirements for SCP-XXXX-F. Please refer to the April ██, 2███ update.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the appearance of a malnourished human fetus, during its twenty-fourth week of existence. The entity appears to be caucasian, but coated in layers of an unidentifiable substance that resembles soot. Its eyes are always closed, and appear bulbous in comparison to the rest of its body. There are no existing reports of its eyes when open, and all prior attempts to open them manually have resulted in heavy casualties.

SCP-XXXX will attack by latching on to the sleeping subject’s chest. It will sink its inhuman claws into the chest of the subject in order to maintain a firm grip, however there has been no stress reading or any nervous system reaction whatsoever recorded from the subject. The entity then appears to sleep against the subject’s chest, and that is when the stress readings begin. The subject’s heart rate will exceed (175) one-hundred and seventy-five BPM within a maximum of (5) five minutes. An extreme majority of subjects will proceed to enter cardiac arrest, often resulting in fatality. Those who successfully awaken will attempt to make physical contact with their chest.

In the event that this happens, SCP-XXXX will flee down the subject’s chest, crawling along the body until it is out of sight. The living subjects do not appear to have any marks in their chest from the entity’s claws.
There are currently (5) five SCP-XXXX in captivity. They are labelled SCP-XXXX-A through E. SCP-XXXX-E is the most active, and should be the most heavily monitored.

Reports of SCP-XXXX appearing in the wild suggest that there are (2) two to (3) three wild entities who must be contained at all costs.

[Addendum, March 2█, 2███] A sixth SCP-XXXX has been contained. It will be assigned the label “SCP-XXXX-F.”

[Addendum, April ██, 2███] SCP-XXXX-F is unfit for testing. Do not release SCP-XXXX-F from its containment chamber at any point in time without the express permission of Doctor ████. Do not conduct tests on SCP-XXXX-F. Contrary to the others, this entity must be in a constant state of sedation. If SCP-XXXX-F shows signs of waking, evacuate all personnel with clearance level (3) three or higher. Release serum SCP-XXXX-FA. If the serum is empty, blood must be extracted from SCP-XXXX-E and boiled. After boiling for thirty minutes, the blood should appear black and have a tar-like consistency. Add ground poppy seeds, and then feed the serum to SCP-XXXX-F. The serum must be served in a glass container, and it must not make contact with human flesh.