My Skips


  • I'm not much of a writer. I might even give up on some of these guys
  • Some of them are random ideas (SCP's) or streams of thought (tales); sometimes both, sometimes genuine that I wouldn't actually mind trying to write

So these are my skips. As I said above some of them are random ideas, so they may be cool they may not be. Right now they only contain the Item #, Object Class and Special Containment Procedures. They have their descriptions but I am still writing them and are keeping the basic stuff about it here pretty much as back-up (besides Google Docs) because I got a shit computer and I take a long time writing. So… yeah. Not much but freely read them if you want.

(Attempts At) Tales

Don't click on the next tab.
What they will be will be total garbage.


#1 Bacon World

A fast food place which entices bacon lovers all over the world to flock to it. Subjects will then be sent into a very bacon-like dimension (still in the restaurant though) once they enter the restaurant and are supplied with unlimited bacon dishes by the overjoyed hosts and hostess. There would be bacon sandwiches, bacon pizza, bacon ice cream, bacon everything. And it all comes in big doses too. Like four plates stacked with burgers and pizza (while also ignoring the laws of gravity) for every one person. The place would seem virtually endless and exploration logs will tell us that the seats are endless, a counter will be at every corner and the hosts look virtually the same.

Heck, there might even be an exploration log about a group of vegans who want to protest but ended up being sucked in and lost. There bones might be found under a table.

There isn't really nothing bad or cliche about the skip. It won't turn out to be a ruse in which once their senses become clear they find out they were eating human flesh or dead dogs the entire time or someone finds out that they are being fatten up to be eaten by some sort of bacon monster demon.

It just quickly turns average sized people very obese unnaturally quick, make them crave bacon 24/7, and subjects will express withdrawal effects wanting to go back to Bacon World.

Containment takes place by hostile take over by the Foundation and replacing the Bacon World joints with common fast food joints like Steak N Shake, McDonalds, Burger King etc. The Foundation could also probably sabotage there stock value or muddle up the corporations analytics. Eventually there would be a few left throughout the country (Bacon World will mainly take place in the U.S.) and advertisements of Bacon World would be far and few between. Eventually it'll have a sort of feel to White Castle where it is hard to find one and the closest would be miles away (which is always in my case).

Bacon World might also fight back by producing frozen foods similar to their products like how White Castle has their frozen burgers in stores. The Foundation would eventually cease this and shut down wherever Bacon World is distributing there frozen products.

The story would be the exploration logs by those vegans and the vegan whoever that person may be having to survive in bacon world by eating the meat (because there isn't any vegetables whatsoever in this place), Foundation agents who were sent to investigate the burger joint and being lost in the bacon and coming out double their sizes, notes describing how delicious the burgers are by past patrons and how they realized they would die there and maybe a note by the president of Bacon World sent directly to the Foundation about how there story has to survive in order for them to not die or something and how they are extremely weak or something and need to get rid of their product or something along those lines (business related stuff that I can't seem to describe).

But bacon amirite?