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SCP 3202

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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard anomalous item storage locker. Said locker must be monitored 24/7, and SCP-XXXX is to be removed from containment and placed in a computer terminal, with no internet access or files of any sort, every 12 hours. Neglecting to do so will cause SCP-XXXX-1 to deteriorate. Personal responsible for care must be security level 3 or higher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small thumb drive/USB. The thumb drive bears no logo or makers mark, and its origin is untraceable, despite multiple attempts. The Initials "N.C.E." are written on one side in what appears to be black marker.

SCP-XXXX was found by █████ ████, a librarian at the ███████ library, located in downtown Renton, Washington. Mr. ████ found the USB in a port of one of the library computer terminals. As he later informed foundation officials, curiosity drove him to look at the contents. The two files he found were an application called, "N.C.E. AI2" and a text document named, "To the foundation.". These files have been classified SCP-XXXX-1, and SCP-XXXX-2, respectively. After a brief encounter with SCP-XXXX-1, It Provided him with the correct number for the foundation, and told him to report it to us. A transcript of their conversation was printed up by Agent █████, who was the first-responder. He then briefly interviewed Mr. ████, and administered class A amnesiacs. SCP-XXXX was then taken to the nearest foundation facility.

SCP-XXXX-1 appears to be a instance of "complete artificial intelligence" with real emotional responses, and its own personal thoughts and opinions. Upon starting the application, a chat box appears in the top left corner of the computer monitor. In the right hand corner of the monitor, a screen containing an animate CGI representation of a human head appears. The AI, named N.C.E. converses with the user and can be asked questions, including ones about it's origins, which it will answer. It has said that it misses its partner, N.C.E. AI1, on occasion.

SCP-XXXX-2 is a text document. Contained within is a letter addressed to the foundation, from N.C.E. The contents are enclosed below.

Dear Foundation, You do not know me, but I know you. What did you think of my AI? Pretty nifty huh? I made him myself. I know that you received this letter, because I wrote it into the fabric of your world. I'm not a reality bender, just a really shitty fiction writer from another dimension. What fiction do I write? I write you.
In our dimension you are are all characters in a fictional world, written and contributed to by hundreds of writers. Nobody likes my writing though, and I'm tired of it. I realized i'd do more good as somebody they could use as a character than as one of them. If we write you, then somewhere in another part of the multiverse, it all happens. Which is why i wrote this.
I am coming to your world. You cannot stop me. I am giving up everything i have in this world, to come live in yours. AI1 will have already neared completion of building the portal. Here's how it works. I write this. Other people read it, use it, build of off it. It becomes a true piece of our fictional universe. It becomes a real piece of yours. Even as you members of the foundation read this, young writers world wide are reading this. It is becoming more real. Now if I made a portal in the writing targeting my universe, in your world, one would open up into my universe. Thus I can pass through safely.
There is a catch though. Once I enter your world, I am a part of the writing. I become just another character in a story, with no real control over my life. Control would be given over to other writers, and I have no idea what they will make of me. It is their decision now. I could become a major part of the foundation, or an SCP, or part of one of the factions working against it. The die is cast. The portal is opening.
Yours Truly,

N.C.E.'s claims, if true, spell disaster for this world. therefore, it is in the foundations best interest to apprehend N.C.E. for questioning.

Note: Dr. Molotov has taken on Dr. Kevlar as an assistant.
Kevlar is not to be trusted.
Kevlar killed Molotov.
Kevlar is a spy.
Kevlar is NCE.