We are the Foundation. We secure, we contain, we protect.

Even the newest of recruits know those words by heart. The Foundation is Earth's first line of defense against the anomalous. We find the things that should not be and capture them, study them, learn from them. We discover all that we can in order to make the world a safer place.

But if you go through our main list of SCPs, you might notice a strange pattern. Each and every object we have in containment is interesting. Every one has some incredible ability or some captivating story, something that truly makes it special. But what are the chances of that? Why don't we have a twelve-foot-long, acid-spewing turtle? Or what about a sentient plant that enjoys the taste of human flesh? Why don't we have any generic monsters, the kind we read about in bad horror novels?

The truth is, we do. Or at least, that's what they tell us.

A long time ago, we kept these monsters in regular containment. We captured the acid turtle, the flesh-eating plant, and thousands more just like them. We housed them in our sites, in steel-and-concrete cages. We studied them like we would any other object. We devoted countless hours and millions of dollars to keeping them contained.

But at some point, we realized something. Those monsters were far too dangerous, and not nearly interesting enough. We poured in time and money, but we received nothing. Yes, every single one of them broke well-established laws of physics and chemistry and biology. But that was it. None of them were special. They were just a little weirder and a little scarier than what we were used to.

So one day, all the O5s got together for a long and important meeting, and at the end it was decided that these monsters were not worth what we were investing in them. They took far too much and gave back far too little. The Foundation may seem like some supernatural, godly force, but at the end of the day we still have bills to pay, and these creatures simply weren't paying up. So what were we going to do with thousands upon thousands of these things?

Why, destroy them, of course.

Nobody was very happy with this plan. After all, we exist to contain, not kill. We exist to create knowledge, not destroy it. We should be keeping everything in a cage, just in case another one pops up. In fact, the opposition to this plan was so great that after just two months and twelve destroyed SCPs, the entire project was shut down and we went back to the good old days of containing each and every object we found.

But I've done some digging of my own over the past few years, and I've noticed some interesting things. If you go through our site list, we have a few, like 124 and 57 that are listed as being for "containment of dangerous anomalies". When we encounter something too dangerous to contain, but too useless to study, we're supposed to send in a transfer request. Then it goes through some paperwork, and few days later the SCP is gone, sent off to one of these specialized containment facilities. Then after a few months, the file for that SCP mysteriously disappears. And this isn't just a few isolated incidents, either. Within the past five years, at least fifty SCPs that I've been assigned to have been transferred and erased like this.

That got me thinking. What exactly was happening to these SCPs that we had sworn so long ago to secure, contain, and protect? Over the past year, I pulled a few strings and called in some favors, and despite being only a level 3 researcher, I think I've figured this all out.

It turns out that the O5s never stopped destroying SCPs. They just amnesticized everyone who didn't need to know, and wrapped the thing up in so many layers that nobody would ever realize that this project even existed.

These "containment" facilities don't contain anything but a big room with reinforced walls and a lot of weapons. When the SCPs get sent in for "containment", it's really for destruction. They throw the SCPs in, bring out all their big guns, and a few hours later whatever's left get tossed into the incinerator or the acid bath. Then after a while, the containment procedures are "lost", and the SCP fades from existence forever. And when a new one comes in, it's just rinse and repeat.

Now, why am I telling you? Why would I risk my career and my life to send you this message? Why would I dig so deep into one of the Foundation's biggest secrets, and then just throw my findings into the crowd?

Well, I'm really not risking much. By the time you receive this letter, I will have disappeared. I've contacted certain individuals, and paid them to completely wipe me from existence. I no longer exist in any records - government, Foundation, or otherwise. If I'm lucky, they'll never find me. If I'm not, I'll at least be able to hide for five or ten years. But that doesn't quite answer the question of "why".

I'm doing all this because I believe you deserve to know. I believe we all deserve to know. The Foundation is not some deity, it is not some power that has existed since time immemorial. The Foundation is just as human as the hundreds of thousands of people staffing its facilities, and so it is flawed. But if we are flawed, we deserve to know. After all, acceptance the first step on the road to recovery.

Maybe they'll try to amnesticize you. But I've sent this letter to everyone I could, and they can't amnesticize all of them. People know now, and nothing the O5s do will change that. The veil has been torn down, the secrets exposed. And the bell cannot be unrung.

Perhaps after reading this you've lost faith in the Foundation, come to regard them as cruel and secretive, keeping secrets from the very people whose hard work they rely on. But remember that we are an organization dedicated to lying to the world, and so we must inevitably lie to each other as well.

This does not make us evil. We are still the Foundation. We still secure, contain, and protect.

But sometimes, we must destroy.

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Item #: SCP-2088

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A 4km2 area of land centered around SCP-2088 has been established as Provisional Site 2088, and is fenced off from the general public under the guise of a nature preserve for endangered species. The perimeter is to be patrolled by guards, and any civilians who enter are to be evicted. Any civilians who witness a Bardagi Event should be amnesticized and released.

Ten motion-sensor video cameras are to be placed around the perimeter of SCP-2088 to capture footage of Bardagi Events. All recorded footage of Bardagi Events is to be labelled and stored for archival purposes, and notable examples may be used in the training of field agents.

Notice: As of 2/12/2011, all footage of Bardagi Events is to be entered into the face-recognition algorithm, and the results cataloged as according to Document-2088-A.

Description: SCP-2088 is a small area of land located near Karasjok, Norway. It is marked by a stone ring 20m in radius. The area's sole anomalous property is the occasional manifestation of incorporeal entities.

Such manifestations are referred to as Bardagi Events, and always appear as follows:
At random intervals9, two to four entities will manifest inside SCP-2088. These entities are visible but intangible, and do not emit sound or heat.

One of these entities (designated SCP-2088-1) will appear as a soldier from seemingly any era in history10, and will be dressed and armed appropriately. All other entities (designated SCP-2088-2) will appear as decaying corpses, and are equipped with heavily damaged armor and weapons typical of the Vikings. SCP-2088-2 are stronger and more durable than a human of similar size and build would be. Their equipment also seems to be unusually durable. After all entities manifest, SCP-2088-1 will proceed to engage in battle with all instances of SCP-2088-2 until either SCP-2088-1 or all instances of SCP-2088-2 appear to be fatally wounded. All entities present will then disappear, leaving no trace of any activity.

Addendum 1: Face-recognition technology has been utilized on the entities dressed as modern-day soldiers. Current results indicate that each entity strongly resembles a real soldier who has been killed in the line of duty.

Addendum 2: On 12/3/2010, an instance of SCP-2088-1 matching Agent William Jackson's appearance manifested in SCP-2088. Agent Jackson had been killed two weeks prior in the line of duty.

Addendum 3: Facial-recognition technology was employed to catalog each entity that appeared, and the subsequent results were studied in hopes of finding a pattern. See Addendum 4 for further details.

Addendum 4:

Addendum 5: On 7/15/2011, an engineer sent to inspect the cameras noticed an inscription one of the stones in the ring around SCP-2088. Further investigation revealed that the inscription was in Old Norse, and that each stone in the circle has been similarly inscribed. When all the inscriptions are read together, they translate to the following message:

The final day of Ragnarok approaches
And the warriors stand strong in Valhalla
Let us pray that they are ready

The significance of this message in relation to SCP-2088 is currently unknown.