DrOnwen's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Dormant specimens of SCP-xxx are to be kept in a Standard Safe-class Storage Locker. At least 5 such specimens are to be contained at Site #19.
Specimens are not to be exposed to light for longer than 8 hours to prevent activation. Exposure within a controlled environment extending at least 1.5 kilometers from the specimen may be authorized by Level 4 personnel. Additional specimens of SCP-xxx-1 are to be destroyed with pesticides within 24 hours of formation.

Description: Dormant specimens of SCP-xxx appear identical to the seeds of Malus domestica(Apple tree). If exposed to light for more than 8 hours, the specimen will become active. Active specimens will gradually transform int SCP-xxx-1, a mass of human heart tissue 10 centimeters across. Man-made objects in contact with either SCP-xxx-1 or objects already transformed will transform into biological tissues similar to human muscle. Larger structures may be reinforced by a skeletal system. This transformation occurs at an average rate of 5 cubic meters/day, extending equally in all available directions. If all contiguous tissue has been transformed, a weblike keratin structure will extend in all directions from the edge of the transformed material at 100 meters/day until contacting additional transformable tissue.
Materials not easily replicated by biological tissue will be replaced by biological materials accomplishing similar effects. Observed instances of this property include:

  • Doors and other hinged objects: Replaced by large flaps of muscular tissue similar to the epiglottis.
  • Lightbulbs: Replaced by bio-luminescent organs similar to those found in Lampyris noctiluca(Glow worm).
  • Drawers: Replaced by stomach-like sacks capped by a muscular sphincter.
  • Garbage disposal: Replaced by a complete digestive system, including mouth and teeth.
  • Air conditioning system: Replace by sweat glands.
  • Faucet: Replaced by tear ducts.
  • Windows: Replaced by compound eyes.
  • Telephone: Replaced by an ear, mouth, and respiraory system. If multiple such telephones are transformed, audio input into one will be output at all others.
  • Computer: Replaced by a large mass of neural tissue, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED] from telephones followed by [DATA EXPUNGED] of 6 personnel.

Further experiments exposing SCP-xxx to computational devices are not authorized.

Once the mix of keratin web and transformed tissue extends 1 kilometer from SCP-xxx-1, additional instances of SCP-xxx-1 will form. If these specimens are destroyed within 24 hours of formation, the transformation effect will cease at this 1 kilometer border. Specimens of SCP-xxx-1 have been destroyed in the following methods.

  • Gunfire
  • Bisection
  • Repeated blunt trauma
  • Extreme cold
  • Extreme heat
  • Pesticide

Transformed materials left without an instance of SCP-xxx-1 will undergo necrosis over a 5 day period. If additional instances of SCP-xxx-1 form within this time, up to 80% of the tissue may be retained.