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Item #: SCP-2243 (provisional ID number) - The Disc

Object Class: Safe Euclid (Possibly Keter)
Special Containment Procedures: Storage should be in a secure locker at all times unless removed for testing as this object is off limits to all personnel. It is presently stored in a kevlar-lined neoprene sleeve to prevent physical contact with any Foundation staff members. The secure container measuring 1m x 1m x 10cm is manufactured from hardened carbide steel with a precautionary inner lining of "Telekill" Alloy (subsequent weighings of SCP-2243's container have revealed no increase in the mass of the Telekill lining, indicating that while in containment the object is psychically intert). Under no circumstances should staff should come into contact with the artifact with any exposed surface of skin. If testing is to take place gloves and face masks must be worn at all time to prevent accidental contact.

Should any personnel come into contact with the surface of SCP-2243, especially any polished portion, immediate containment using force (up to and including lethal) should be used to subdue them without hestitation. (see incident SCP-2243-G1)

After If the individual has been contained, a class-B Amnesiac should be adminisered, along with extensive debriefing to confirm their dedication to the Foundation and its goals.

Description: SCP-2243 is a slightly concave metal disk approximately one meter in width (detailed measurements showed it to be exactly one yard in diameter when compared to Imperial Measurements). The inner side has been fitted with leather straps, indicating that it's possible intended was as a defensive hand-held shield. It’s composition is unknown and has resisted all analysis attempts, but appears to be made of a highly durable alloy. All attempts at sampling or even damaging the surface of the metal has failed. The leather straps however appear to be made of conventional cowhide, the analysis of which has revealed processing chemicals dating its manufacture to the mid-20th century.

SCP-777 was originally found by a team of construction workers while demolishing a brownstone foundation located in [redacted], New York. Upon breaching the sunken concrete wall evidence was uncovered of a well contained high-energy explosion, with the inner walls heavily scorched and blackened from intense heat.

Investigation of the structure revealed a multi-story underground complex of unknown purpose, the inside of which was nearly obliterated by a high-energy explosion of unknown type.

Nearly all organic material had been carbonized by the heat of the incident, however some metallic objects remained semi-intact, shielded by portions of fractured concrete walls. Recovered objects matched US military rank insignia. Contact with liaisons within the US Government and the UIU have failed to identify the origins or purpose of the facility.

SCP-2243 was found lodged at a depth of .5 meters inside one of the outer walls, itself heavily scorched and coated in ash but apparently undamaged. Several of the internal concrete walls had been breached by SCP-2243 in a straight line from the probable source of the explosion, indicating it had been nearby at the time of the detonation.

The effect of SCP-2243 was first observed shortly after its discovery by the individuals working in the construction site around the facility. After removing the shield from the wall no discernible effect was noticed until one of the workmen ran an ungloved hand along the charred surface of SCP-2243. This apparently brought about an apparent "change in the way he was standing, looking, heck even the look on his face" according to eye-witnesses [DATA EXPUNGED].

While holding SCP-2243 his behavior also reportedly changed. He immediately suggested turning SCP-2243 over to the authorities and reporting the location of the underground facility, a sharp contrast to an earlier statement which indicated his willingness to loot anything valuable found in the facility and list it on the popular online auction websites — or -—-ist.

After local law enforcement became involved their reports regarding the effect of SCP-2243 were automatically routed to the Foundation for analysis. Agent [REDACTED] was sent to interview the construction crew along with a containment team to secure the facility and SCP-2243.

Interview with SCP-2243-1b-A (excerpt)

Agent ████████: Tell me all about what happened when you touched the disk.
SCP-777-1b: It was…strange at first, like almost a tingling sensation. I felt scared for a sec but then I was okay.

Agent ████████: Okay?

SCP-777-1b: Yeah, it was, like, everything was okay. I knew just what to do, I needed to get the shield to the government and tell them what we found. *pause* and put up a barricade so no kids would mess around inside the old testing center. Y'know, rusty metal, tetanus.

Agent ████████: Have you shown such concerns in the past? To "Do The Right Thing"?

SCP-2243-1b: <pause> I…no, I guess not.

Note: Before contact with SCP-2243, SCP-2243-1b was a less than ideal worker, known for sloppy workmanship but not to the point of termination.

SCP-2243-1b: <continues> I just felt like in that moment…everything…*could* be okay, so why not do the right thing?

Agent: A moment ago you referred to the disk as a "shield", why is that?

SCP-2243-1b: <long pause> I don't know.

Agent ████████: You also referred to the underground location you discovered as the "testing center". When did you hear it referred to using that name?

SCP-2243-1b: I…I'm not sure. (befuddled expression) Did someone call it that?

Agent ████████: No, not to my knowledge.

Follow-up interviews with SCP-2243-1b revealed a sporadic collection of memories related to the facility, including the location of the canteen and the first names of some of the “testing center's” personnel. Details about the nature of the experiments being conducted there were more vague, alluding to "winning the war by being better than the enemy".

Followup interviews made one month and six months later showed the same anachronistic knowledge remained in the mind of SCP-2243-1b, however emotional attachment to those memories appeared to decrease over time. There had also been a marked improvement in both the work and personal life of subject SCP-2243-1b, including an improvement in the quality of his workmanship as well as the reversal of a pending divorce.



Rresearch on SCP-2243 involved exposure to D-class personnel via physical contact of varying durations. Time of exposure appeared to be a factor in how much it's influence would impact the test subject.

Experiment #1:
Subject: D-63487
Duration: 23 seconds (originally planned: 1 minute)
The test subject remained motionless for the first 30 seconds after placing his palm on the surface of the shield, and then broke collapsed crying. He began chanting "WHY? WHY DID I DO IT?" (Note: subject D-63487 was incarcerated on a murder-tape charge). He was removed from the room and taken to the infirmary for debriefing. After 6 hours of intermittanly crying he was finally lucid enough to provide an account of what he experienced after coming into physical contact with SCP-777. "I felt it, I felt bad for what I'd done, for the first time. I still feel it. It was like I was being judged by someone, and there was no excuse for my crime." Subsequent to exposure D-63487 became a model prisoner and made no complaints when being called upon to volunteer for testing duty. Termination suspended indefinitely.

Experiment #2:
Subject: D-49243
Duration: 5 minutes
In order to insure that the duration of exposure was not interrupted, a gurney was used with psychiatric restraints and an additional two cross straps were added to secure SCP-777 to the naked chest of the test subject.

After D-49243 was in place on the gurney, the object was then strapped to his chest. After a brief jump (ascribed to the coldness of the blackened metal) he remained motionless for 17 seconds before beginning violent twisting motions. Initially he appeared to want to be free of contact with SCP-2243, but then begant to jerk his arms against the restraints, screaming "IT WASNT MY FAULT!!!" repeatedly (Note: D-49243 was incarcerated for 3 deaths resulting from vehicular homicide while driving under the influence of narcotics).

After 2 minutes the convulsions began to ebb, and at 2:44 they stopped all together. Physician examination showed that he was unconscious and in a dream-like state, exhibiting all the signs of REM sleep.

When the 5 minute mark was reached SCP-2243 was removed and a second physical examination was conducted, showing subject D-49243 to be in a light sleep.

His restraints were removed and he was observed for a further 30 minutes before waking and groggily sitting up on the gurney. After regaining consciousness he seemed unfamiliar with his surroundings as well as the researchers, regarding them suspiciously when they told him of his location, identity, and reason for being there. When asked a battery of standard post-test questions he proceeded to answer them all wrong, for instance believing the year to be 1943 and that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president. The attending researcher managed to hide this and was able to get many details before the subject realized something was wrong, at which point he asked to speak with whomever was in charge of the "new testing center".

Document SCP-2243-2-B (excerpt):

Dr. ████████: Hello, I'm Dr ——. And you are?

SCP-2243-2: I'm not sure if I should tell you.

Dr. ████████: Why not?

SCP-2243-2: Well, I don't recognize anyone, and the testing center is completely different…Have I been kidnapped?

Dr. ████████: <stares at subject silently> No, no you haven't. Tell me, what was the last thing you remember before waking up here.

SCP-2243-2: <pause> Sorry, that's classified.

Dr. ████████: I'm assuming that was the experiment being done at the other testing center?

SCP-2243-2: <shrugs, smiles slightly but makes no response>

Dr. ████████: In 1943?

SCP-2243-2: <no response>

Dr: <reaves into his pocket and produces his personal cellphone. Turns it on. Slides it across the table to SCP-2243-2>

SCP-2243-2: <picks up phone and examines it, shows expression of shock>

SCP-2243-2: I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore huh?

Dr. ████████: <smiles> Nope.

The remainder of the interview involves finding out more about the new personality that has imprinted on the subject and the experiment he was involved in, but politely defers until a superior military officer can give him permission. The Foundation government liaison is contacted and a general with sufficient clearance is asked to come to site R-[], but before he can arrive SCP-2243-2 fell asleep and woke up as D-49243. This was precisely 3 hours and 22 minutes after initial exposure to to SCP-2243.

D-49243 appeared to be completely unaware that any time had passed since he had bee strapped to the guernsey, however his demeanor was much more subdued than before. Unlike subject D-63487, he appeared much more subdued and less remorseful, however the next day he attempted suicide by slashing his wrists, muttering over and over again "fucking righteous asshohe".

Observations seem to indicate a change in the subject after exposure to the object depending on both duration and psychological makeup of the test subject.

Experiment #3:
Subject: N/A
Duration: 10 minutes