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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Owing to its immobility, Site-X has been constructed around SCP-X in order to prevent unauthorized entry. A fence has been built around Site-X's perimeter, and at least two security officers are to be on-site at all times. Flora and fauna recovered from SCP-X are to be brought to the nearest research facility for safekeeping.

Description: SCP-X is a decorative rectangular pool 3 meters wide and 6 meters long, carved into the stone of a backyard in ███████, Newfoundland, Canada. When observed or climbed into, SCP-X is 1.3 meters deep. If any object falls into SCP-X at a velocity greater than 5 meters per second, it will enter SCP-X-1, a circular trench with SCP-X as its exit. SCP-X-1 has an average diameter of 3 meters and an approximate depth of 3.7 km. When a human subject inside of SCP-X-1 loses consciousness or reaches the bottom, they will experience a drastic increase in buoyant force which scales in order to invariably bring them to the surface in ten seconds.

Exploration of SCP-X-1 using deep-sea diving equipment has shown that it harbors a vast and complex ecosystem with a variety of flora and fauna superficially similar to those found in terrestrial oceans.

Exploration Log X-014:

D-8324, hereafter referred to as subject, was lowered into SCP-X-1 via bathyscaphe. Subject was given a waterproof radio, a flashlight, and a diving suit designed to withstand pressures of up to ██ MPa fitted with three hours' worth of oxygen tanks.

T + 4:50: Estimated depth 200 m. Subject has spotted a carnivorous instance of SCP-X-B, 7 cm long with a pronounced dorsal fin and large teeth. Subject is ordered by command to collect the specimen using the bathyscaphe's specimen collection arm; he complies, and the instance is sent to the surface via an airtight floating container for further study.

T + 13:23: Estimated depth 600 m. Subject notes several powerful jolts, thought to be the result of the bathyscaphe colliding with the edges of SCP-X-1. He claims that it is getting narrower, and that soon the bathyscaphe will not fit.
T + 14:00: The bathyscaphe halts movement. SCP-X-1 has tapered to a diameter of two meters. A colony of SCP-X-C attack the lower anterior wall, breaching the hull. Subject ordered to put on diving suit and swim out.
T + 17:00: The bathyscaphe has been raised fully out of SCP-X. Subject cleared to swim the rest of the way.
T + 19:43: SCP-X-1 stops tapering, and is now 1.6 m in diameter. Diameter soon returns to 3 m.
T + 20:12: Subject loses radio contact with command.
T + 21:35: Contact re-established. Estimated depth 750 m. Subject's leg has been ensnared by a group of SCP-X-D, which is attempting to pull him back into its tunnel. The diving suit provides adequate protection against its bite, but the subject still reports extreme pain.
T + 35:23: At this point, subject's vocalizations have been reduced to incoherent screams of agony.
T + 1:23:40: After several requests for his own termination were denied, subject disconnects one of the oxygen tanks from his suit. The tank floats rapidly and violently hits a ridge directly above the tunnel, creating an explosion that renders the subject unconscious.

Subject returned to surface at a speed of approximately 300 kph, with his leg severed above the knee. He reaches a height of 150 m before re-entering SCP-X-1. Subject presumed dead.


Exploration Log X-15:

Following Exploration X-14, an underwater ROV (Remote Observation Vehicle) fitted with a camera was deployed in order to search for remnants of D-8324 and his equipment.
T + 6:00: Depth 612 m. Several fragments of metal can be seen here, likely from the bathyscaphe used during the previous exploration. The colony of SCP-X-C has disappeared, seemingly as a result of predation.
T + 8:13: Depth 730 m. The tunnel that D-8324 was ensnared in is clearly visible, yet lacks any body parts, traces of blood, or signs of a struggle.
T + 9:12: Upon review, the severed part of D-8324's leg was seen resting in a depression in the wall, poised to lean upright against it. Several circular gashes are clearly visible near the knee.
T + 11:03: A beam of light can be seen reflecting off of a small, metallic object.
T + 11:25: D-8324's diving suit can be seen with its head facing the camera. Its hands are grasping objects; there is a flashlight in its right hand and a car key in its left. The flashlight's lens and bulb are broken, having been replaced with a bioluminescent instance of SCP-X-B. The suit's limbs are bent in multiple places, as if many living things are moving inside of it.
T + 11:30: A single instance of SCP-X-D exits the diving suit through a breach in the left leg. The instance observes the ROV briefly before re-entering the suit through another breach in the right forearm.
T + 13:03: After a ~30-second period of stillness, the suit retracts its left arm before driving the car key deep into the ROV's camera, rendering it non-functional.
T + 15:23: All transmissions cease.


Discovery: SCP-X was discovered on January 3rd, 1992 following a call to the Canadian Department of Motor Vehicles. Carl ███████, the owner of the property on which SCP-X resided, had dropped his car keys into SCP-X and promptly jumped into the water to retrieve them, resulting in him entering SCP-X-1. The call was dismissed until ███████ threatened legal action against the landscaping company who created the pool, alerting Foundation assets embedded in a local civil court.

Attempts to contact the landscaping company have been fruitless. A search of government records has revealed a nonexistent headquarters and a single patent titled "OCEAN-LIKE ROCK POOL", numbered ███████: