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A component of SCP-3854. Purpose unknown.

Item #: SCP-3854

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3854's nature, Foundation personnel are not to attempt to locate or enter it under any circumstances. Project Dresden has proven sufficient to keep SCP-3854's loss at a safe level. In the event that SCP-3854 reports a loss greater than 64, all Foundation communications within the countries of Denmark, Iceland, and Canada are to be halted until the situation is resolved.

Description: SCP-3854 is a Foundation site located on the Southeastern coast of Greenland. SCP-3854 was created in order to house various anomalies with memetic, antimemetic, infohazardous, or cognitohazardous properties that would make human containment infeasible. All of the operations of SCP-3854 are handled by specialized AICs and robotic instruments. In order to prevent any breaches, the only contact between the Foundation and SCP-3854 is in the form of a single AIC-controlled ship, the SCPS Argos, which lands at the Foundation-owned ███████ harbor in Iceland every two weeks to be stocked with supplies. The Argos also transmits an integer between 1 and 255, which represents the status of SCP-38541 . This value has been termed "loss" by researchers and technicians. The list of required supplies is maintained by Project DRESDEN.


Engineering and Technical Service Department

Computation Subdivision


Project DRESDEN is a Recurrent Neural Network that generates the list of supplies to load onto the ARGOS in order to effectively maintain SCP-3854. Utilizing the loss function provided by the Argos and the initial list created by the Foundation, it has been able to maintain a loss value below 16 approximately 8█% of the time. When loss exceeds 16, Project DRESDEN will submit a report to this page.