Solo's Workshop

Item #: SCP-3163

Object Class: Neutralized, formerly Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3163 was destroyed in November 2012, and no longer requires containment. Mineral samples from the remnants of SCP-3163 and the body of Entity-3613 are currently stored at Site-63, pending research approval.

Description: The remains of SCP-3163 exist as several thousand tons of non-anomalous submerged cinnabarite at the bottom of a remote cenoteFOOTNOTE]]Known locally as Ah Pukuh.[[/footnote]] roughly 80 km south of Cobán, Guatemala.

Addendum-3163-2: Cinnabarite recovered from SCP-3163 has not displayed any anomalous properties, though samples collected from the outer layers of the sphere contain high levels of chondrule-like structures. The origin of these structures is currently unknown, but research is ongoing.