Item #: SCP-1

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1 is to be secured within a storage locker at Site-11. Experimentation must be approved by written consent of at least 2 (two) Level 3 personnel. One guard is to be posted outside containment of SCP-1. No other extensive containment procedures are necessary. Current approval to use SCP-1AB to handle Euclid & Keter class object is pending review. Instances of SCP-1 are no longer to be used separately as of 00/00/0000

Description: SCP-1 is an ovoid Victorian era sewing kit, measuring 20cm in length and 15cm in diameter and composed of oak. Indications of weathering or degradation not present, scans of object display no abnormalities opened or closed. Supporting 2 (two) clasps made up of gold to close or seal the case. On the rear of the item is a short poem reading: "Your clothes are jaded, frame delicate, wield these tools to best the elements.” Object possesses no identifiable markings, manufacturers or year created. When opened, the object contains 3 (three) items, each designated SCP-1a, SCP-1b, & SCP-1c.

SCP-1A: is described as a modern spiral eye needle measuring 0.1cm at the widest point, with a length of roughly 4cm and is composed of platinum. The object's anomalous properties manifest only when in contact with clothing. If pierced into cloth and not combined with SCP-1B, SCP-1A will begin to sew autonomously swapping thread from the cloth with flesh from the last subject in physical contact with SCP-1A, until the original item is completely threaded flesh. How this takes place is currently unknown. The missing material from the cloth is sewn into the subject’s body replacing what was removed, usually resulting in death or severe trauma to the affected area. No discernible pattern regarding which specific body parts will be substituted when SCP-1A is activated has been found.

SCP-1B: is a spool of flexible golden thread, how this has been achieved is under investigation as the thread is composed of 100% gold. The spool itself is made of oak, having a 4cm base diameter and measuring 5cm in height. It is unknown how this item is able to fit within SCP-1, it is theorized the case holds a pocket dimension to accommodate the size of each object. It contains nearly 1300m of thread, when not in combination with SCP-1A any sewing needle used in conjunction with SCP-1b will behave independently. All thread in the original material will be replaced with SCP-1B, anomalous effects are not obvious prior to subjects wearing the clothing. When worn subjects are able to withstand extensive physical damage when inflicted on the region where the cloth is worn, however, once clothing is removed damage received is re-inflicted upon the wearer after which all instances of SCP-1b leave no trace of its existence. Regardless of the amount of thread used to create these items, SCP-1B will never increase or diminish in length but can be measured if stretched out end to end.

SCP-1C: is a standard pair of scissors nearly 15cm in length, due to the nature of SCP-1C designs or physical aspects of the object cannot be ascertained save for the shape of the object in general. Testing reveals object absorbs more than 99.998% of all visible light, appearing completely black. If SCP-1C is not used in association with an instance of scp-1a&b, any subject cutting solids or liquids will be assertive in the belief that the test item has been cut. No damage will be apparent on said item, however upon removal of SCP-1C, subject will suffer lacerations in the exact number of cuts made to the test object. This has led to severed arms, mutilated torsos; even decapitation.

SCP-1AB: When SCP-1a and SCP-1b are combined the needle will react as described above, however flesh is not taken. The gold thread will be used to recreate the target cloth. When worn force or mass stress applied to the cloth will be transferred to the surrounding environment leaving the wearer unharmed. When clothing is removed no negative effects are obvious and considered non-existent. The only method of removal is if the wearer is using SCP-1C. When SCP-1C is removed, no negative effects are perceived are considered non-existent.